Fun Book Finds: Writers Gone Wild by Bill Peschel

I saw this book today in my store and AS SOON as I saw the title, my twitter chats with various authors all popped into my head at once!! Can you imagine what people will write about TODAY’S authors?? (All those antics during various conventions will be fodder for future installments.) I think this is going to be another one for my bookshelf, lol.

**As a reminder, books in the Fun Book Finds feature are NOT ones I’ve read myself (yet). They are interesting titles I find while working at my local bookstore.**

Author: Bill Peschel
Original Release Date: November 2, 2010
Pages: 224
Genre: Humor / Fact & Trivia
ISBN #: 978-0-399-53618-2

**Following blurb taken from Bill Peschel’s website.**

If you’ve imagined famous writers to be desk-bound drudges, think again. Writers Gone Wild rips back the (book) covers and reveals the seamy underside of the writing life.

Insightful, intriguing, and irresistibly addictive, Writers Gone Wild reveals such fascinating stories as:

* The night Dashiell Hammett hired a Chinese prostitute to break up S. J. Perelman’s marriage (and ran off with his wife).

* Why Sylvia Plath bit Ted Hughes on the cheek.

* Why Ernest Hemingway fought a book critic, a modernist poet, and his war correspondent/wife Martha Gellhorn (but not at the same time).

* The near-fatal trip Katherine Anne Porter took while high on marijuana in Mexico.

* Why women’s breasts sent Percy Bysshe Shelley screaming from the room.

* The day Virginia Woolf snuck onto a Royal Navy ship disguised as an Abyssinian prince.

Pull up a chair, turn on good reading light, and discover what your favorite writers were up to while away from their desks. Sometimes, they make the wildest characters of all.

So tell me… who do YOU think will end up in a future edition of someone’s Writer’s Gone Wild collection??

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