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Valentine’s Day *Books With Love* Blog Hop Giveaway!!

Posted February 14, 2011 By Jennifer

Hello there!! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Well, one thing I love is books. And even more than that… I love good books… and even more than THAT… I love FREE GOOD BOOKS!! So when I saw that the lovely ladies at Good Choice Reading were teaming up with Once Upon A Twilight to host a Valentine’s Day Blog Hop / Giveaway, how could I NOT be a part of it?

For my part, I struggled with what prize I should give away. Then, the day came, the sky opened and the heavens sang “Jennifer… this shall be your offering.” Sarah Addison Allen’s third book The Girl Who Chased The Moon was just released in trade paperback with all kinds of goodies at the end, including a sneak peek at her March new release, The Peach Keeper.

Trust me, you WANT this book. I can’t even find the words to adequately describe how much I love Sarah Addison Allen’s books. They’re lyrical, and magical, and they wrap you up and take you along into the story. What’s more, they are all filled with love. Familial love, romantic love, desperate love, comfortable love, honest love, confused love, misplaced love, lost love, and found love. I love her books.

There are 74 blogs participating as of the time I’m typing this. SEVENTY FOUR!! That’s a ton of cool places to visit, and enough chances to win free stuff to keep people smiling for a very long time. My fellow bloggers are giving away books, gift cards, and all kinds of cool swag. Click the graphic below to go to Good Choice Reading’s blog to see the other participants. Check them all out… enter everywhere!

So… for a chance to win the newly released trade paperback of Sarah Addison Allen’s The Girl Who Chased The Moon from me, comment below with something you love that YOU’VE had to chase. A cat, a kid, your new figure, a boyfriend, a job, a bird. Anything. Also include your first name and an email address for notification if you win. The giveaway for all the blogs goes from today (the 14th) until the 16th. Sometime early on the 17th, I’ll choose a random winner and send out an email. Remember to click the graphic after you enter here to see the rest of the blogs participating. Good luck everyone!! And Happy Valentine’s Day.

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“BLANK” Makes Me Happy – Yasmine Galenorn

Posted February 3, 2011 By Jennifer

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It’s time for another check in with one of our favorite authors to see what’s making them smile these days. Today we’re being joined by the New York Time Bestselling author of the Sisters of the Moon (Otherworld) Series, and the new Indigo Court Series, Yasmine Galenorn.

Even while Yasmine is entrenched in combination deadline / release day stress, she’s got a list of things that get her though. Her list includes spending time with her husband and close friends, her cats, watching movies, listening to music, trivia, dinosaurs and volcanoes. That’s quite a list!! Here are a few questions I asked her to get us started for the day…

1) You’ve made it very clear that you love your cats. They’ve all got distinct personalities and get up to nonsense as often as they can. What’s the strangest / funniest misadventure you’ve had with any of your cats. What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for them?
Meerclar went skiing down the Yule tree one year, which is where I got the idea for Delilah’s misadventure. And all I could do was stand there and watch as she took a good quarter of the ornaments with her. Luckily, she was unharmed, but I was traumatized. LOL, she did leave the tree standing, however. What’s the most unusual thing we’ve done for them? I suppose the Kitty Birthday parties we occasionally throw? Maybe the fact that we bought Meerclar a stuffed penguin when she was longing for her own toy and I wouldn’t let her knead the stuffing out of my Gund bears? To us, nothing we do for our gurls is unusual—it’s all just love.
2) You also say you “delight in volcanoes and dinosaurs”, among other things. Both have a very primal, very “larger than life” kind of feeling. What is it about these two that first drew your interest. I think I remember you used to live in Hawai’i, were you able to visit many volcanoes? Have you seen many dinosaur exhibits?
 I think I’m enchanted by the vast, by the primal, by the things in this world humankind cannot tame. I love the sense that we do not own this world, we merely borrow it for our time here, and that at any moment Big Mama could wipe us off the face of the Earth and we would be gone. I love the sense of being part of a vast network of life, where we are merely one point along the chain.
Actually, it’s my husband who lived in Hawai’i. I would love to live on the Big Island—I love sitting on the edge of the lava down on the Chain of Craters road, watching it pour into the sea, watching creation in action. There’s something very…cosmic about it—a feeling like all my problems, all our lives, are just dust specks and really, nothing matters that much. It’s a very freeing feeling. And no, I’ve never had the luck to go visit an actual dinosaur exhibit. I would love to at some point. But it still wouldn’t be quite the same as having a real, live dinosaur of my very own. LOL
3) You’ve said you can relate to Camille the best of the three sisters from your Sisters of the Moon series, that she speaks the clearest. Which character do you have the hardest time relating to? Who gives you the most trouble expressing clearly?
Of the three sisters? Delilah. Though she’s becoming easier now that she’s growing less naïve and becoming a stronger woman. I could not relate to her relationship with Chase at all. He was so not my type, even though I like him, and it was hard for me not to want to shake her and say “Wake up and find someone who’s right for you!” And the same for him, too! As far as expressing clearly…in the Otherworld Series, I think I have the most trouble expressing Iris clearly—I know so much about her background but until the novella is out in June, I can’t let her secrets out and it frustrates me when people see her as a grandmother (it’s clearly stated she’s “milkmaid pretty” and still young enough to have children) or just as the Sisters’ maid. She’s far, far more than that, she’s powerful and strong and sexy. She’s just not as ‘out there’ with her sexuality as the Sisters are, and she’s got good reasons for reining in some of her powers—as you will see when Ice Shards comes out in the HEXED anthology.
 4) The word is that Menolly’s going to end up a little “in over her head” in Blood Wyne, and will need some help to keep the vampire world from tearing itself apart. Of course, this help will come with a substantial pricetag. How do you decide what a “reasonable” give and take will be, how much to put a character through without it being too much? I understand the story comes and you write what you see, but is there some kind of buffering you do on behalf of the characters?
No, I do no buffering. When something uncomfortable comes up that they have to deal with (and there are several such moments in BLOOD WYNE, not only for Menolly but for Camille as well), then I usually dance around it for a few days until I realize I have to just grit my teeth and write the truth of what the story is telling me. I don’t cushion things, I don’t mute the action in hopes of sparing either the characters or myself. It wouldn’t ring true and my readers would feel it and not believe the story then. There’s just this internal sensor of when enough is enough…it’s showing up more and more in the Indigo Court world, where—in a sense—life is harsher for the main characters and can be much more vicious.

Aaahhhh!!! Looks like things are gonna get a little (ok, maybe a lot) ugly for Menolly with this newest installment of the Sisters of the Moon (Otherworld) Series. Each book focuses in turn on one of the three sisters, Camille, Delilah, or Menolly, as the story progresses. If you haven’t started reading this series, trust me… you’re missing some incredible action, amazing world building, touching, and sometimes hilarious family bonding, and some droolworthy sexy times! (Did I mention the yummilicious dragon shifter?) Run, do not walk, to your bookstore of choice and check out the first book in the series, Witchling.  Or if you’re all caught up, book 9, Blood Wyne, was released yesterday!!!

Yasmine has been kind enough to agree to answer some questions about her books, both the Sisters of the Moon Series, or her new Indigo Court Series, or anything on her list of things that make her happy! AND… she’s giving away a $10 Online Gift Certificate (the perfect gift if you haven’t gotten your copy of Blood Wyne yet… just saying) to one lucky commenter!! I also just happen to have an extra copy of Witchling to give to someone who hasn’t started the series yet.


  • 1) Must be 18 or over, and say so in your comment.
  • 2) Must list your country.
  • 3) Must list your email address (for contact if you win).
  • 4) Must include why you want to / like to read Yasmine’s books.

The 4 things above are MUSTS if you want to enter the contests. You can also include your questions in your post, and Yasmine will answer them during her visits today, so check back :-). Careful, though, we all know that she likes to tease… so beware if your questions contain spoilers! (And remember not everyone posting will have read all the books.)

So… Yasmine will be by a few times today to answer questions. The rules to enter to win the gift certificate and the book are above. The winners will be chosen at midnight pacific time, notified by email, and will have one week to reply via email. Good luck everyone! Now… what do YOU want to know???

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