When you love books… like I do, and like you all do… you find yourself loving book STUFF. Stuff like t-shirts with the best quotes on them. Stuff like bookmarks and posters with favorite characters on them. Stuff like AMAZING jewelry based on the themes and ideas from some of our favorite series. is having a contest based on, you guessed it, Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. Their site is fantastic for anyone looking for Richelle news, VA news, or the NEW series, BLOODLINES! Right now, their contest is up and running, and the prize is beautiful!! A bracelet, based on the series and approved by Richelle, designed by artisan Psynde:

So… all of you Vampire Academy fans (and I know there are LOTS of you out there) run… do not walk… to and enter. (CLICK HERE TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE CONTEST POST) It’s a multi-day contest, so pay attention to the rules. 🙂 I’m entering, as well… so good luck to us all!!

🙂 Jennifer

 Too bad there aren’t enough bracelets for everyone, right? Or… wait… there ARE!  If you aren’t the lucky winner of the contest… you can STILL get your hands on some incredible, artistic jewelry from the series. Psynde’s Vampire Academy designs are sanctioned by Richelle Mead. She’s also got other pieces based on other book series, and approved by the authors. Check out her online store, Cemetary Cat Designs.

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    Thanks so much for doing this post Jennifer!
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