“BLANK” Makes Me Happy – Sarah Addison Allen

Hi there!

This month’s feature is with one of my very favorite authors. I discovered Sarah’s books early last year and she immediately moved to my “must read everything she ever wrote right this minute… now… now… now” list. I think I would love to live next door to her, and have lunch with her once a week just to see what amazing things she’s come up with.

Here’s a list she sent me with some things that made her happy on a day not long ago…

Five Things that Made Me Happy Today:

  • Hitting three green lights in a row. It’s like they knew.
  • Overhearing a kid in the grocery store say, “I can hear the chocolate from here. It’s calling me.”
  • Having my cat greet me when I came in the door. You have no idea how rare this is. Most of the time he doesn’t even know I’m gone. I think this had something to do with the fact that I was carrying his food.
  • The ding my computer makes when I have a new e-mail.
  • The Olive and Cocoa (www.oliveandcocoa.com) candy care package a friend just sent me. Grapefruit jellies and pink gumballs. How could that not make you happy?

**Can I just say that I LOVE she sent a list! When you read The Peach Keeper, you’ll know why that tickles me, lol.**

After I got the list, and read the new book… I had a few questions for her…

1) Did you blow at the lights to make them change (a la Whoopie Goldberg in the movie Corrina, Corrina)?

  • No, but I did hold my breath.  Maybe that helped.

 2) Do you have a standard “ding” when you get email, or have you customized your sounds so a sexy-man-voice (or other lovely sound) introduces your incoming correspondence?

  • I had no idea you could customize the sound!  I just switched computers from PC to Mac.  There’s nothing like trying to learn a new computer to make you feel about a hundred years old.

3) If you were to visit Au Natural Sporting Goods and Cafe, what drink would you order from Rachel, and what would she think your order said about you?

  • Rachel would have a field day with me.  I don’t actually like coffee.

 4) There seems to be a good ending point for The Peach Keeper two chapters before the book actually ends. (Not to say I don’t appreciate the last two chapters, because I absolutely do. Just that it would have kept the secret a secret.) Was there ever a chance you would end the story WITHOUT the details in chapter eighteen?

  • The only trouble I had with that secret was where to put it in the story — reveal it early or leave it until the end?  But there was never a question of leaving it out.  I thought it was too important.

 5) I literally clapped a little when Claire Waverley showed up at Moira’s event. This is the first time, I think, that you’ve crossed a character over from another story. Was this something you intended to do, or did Claire just “appear” in the story? If it was planned, will we see more crossovers in future books?

  • I didn’t plan it, but as soon as that party scene appeared, I knew who catered it.  It was so much fun writing those characters from Garden Spells into The Peach Keeper.  I don’t know if there will be more crossovers in future books, but if the opportunity presents itself, it could happen!

 7) Can you give us a one sentence teaser from your WIP?

  • “Never underestimate the power of scent.  Just a whiff of something has the power to change someone’s mind.”

OOOHHHH… I love sneak peeks 🙂 Not a lot to go on, but I know whatever Sarah’s got up her sleeve is going to be fantastic!

Before we get to the part where you can WIN SOMETHING FROM ME… here are a few awesome things Sarah has to offer…

And in case you missed them…

Now is when I get to share this incredible story with one of YOU!! The major theme of The Peach Keeper is friendship. So… to win a brand new, hard cover copy of the book, tell me something about your best friend that makes you happy. Please also include your first name and email address so I can notify you if you win. Winner will be chosen by random drawing among all qualifying commenters. Deadline to comment is Thursday, March 24th, at midnight. Winner will have one week to respond or another will be randomly chosen.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think about Sarah’s books, and especially about The Peach Keeper! Be sure to come back after you’ve read it. Happy reading… and GOOD LUCK!


  1. Comment by Mona Garg:

    My best friend is hubby. Something about him that makes me happy is that he :

    . Always makes me laugh
    . Orders food at lunch/dinner meetings according to my taste and brings it home
    . Indulges my addictions

  2. Comment by Lolawid:

    My best friend is my cousin. She is 2 weeks younger than me and lives in a different state than I do. There are so many things about her that make me happy, but I think that the one that stands out is that she is the only person that I can totally be myself around. She knows every good and bad thing about me, still loves me, and she puts me in line when I need to be. She is my hero.

  3. Comment by Jillyustar:

    My best friend is my 14 yr old daughter. We have the best times together watching our favorite shows together at night after her younger siblings go to bed. We laugh until we cry over the silliest things, it tickles me when people say we are just alike. Im so happy she is starting to love reading like me too…..finally!!!

  4. Comment by Amy:

    My best friend sort of snuck up on me. I have been horribly disappointed by many, many people in my life during the past ten years. My parents have both passed on (and that’s still abandonment, believe me!), my two older brothers got ugly over estate business and my best friend since my early teens (who has gotten pregnant by sharing a soda with a guy! Not really…but ya know what I mean!) referenced my miscarriage after three years of trying to get pregnant by saying “but you were barely even pregnant.” I have since adopted a beautiful little girl who is so much like me it’s frightening!
    I spent a good five years keeping my distance from people, with good reason. I had many acquaintances and a few friends but nobody I’d call my best friend. I didn’t want one. And then a new ESE teacher got hired at my school: a gay man born well after I graduated high school. We ended up at a few of the same social events and were drawn together like two horribly loud magnets with terribly dirty minds. I attended his wedding last year in Vermont and my daughter refers to his partner as “Jack’s wife who doesn’t look like a wife.” We can usually be caught ogling the latest Hollywood hottie online during our break (which happens to coincide) and arguing over whose “team” they play for. And when I recently confided in him that, although I love my daughter to pieces, I still feel like a failure because I was unable to maintain a pregnancy, he empathized by saying “I know. I can’t ever concieve either.” At which we both roared with laughter!

  5. Comment by Cara:

    My BFF and Margaritas on the deck after a long day makes me happy!

  6. Comment by Logan Collins:

    My best friend is my boyfriend:
    He encourages me in every aspect of my life. He is my greatest supporter. He loves me even when I mess up and when I get way too stressed out over little things. He picks me up and holds me when I can’t find the strength to put one foot in front of the other. He inspires me to be a better person because he is constantly improving himself. I am constantly smiling when I am around him. I never thought I would love and trust anyone as much as I do with him. I am so thrilled that I still feel this way even after a year and a half and after living with him. I am so lucky!

  7. Comment by Hannah Marie:

    I love my best friend Jessica! We always go to rock and roll shows together! We are 22 years old but still sleep in her twin bed when I go home to MN to visit her. We always have Candle Club and tea tastings together when we visit!

  8. Comment by Diane:

    My BFF is a Taurus, very practical and grounded. She once surprised me with a whimsical story about me, The Girl Who Could Talk to the Waves. Whenever I think about it, it makes me happy–not just the story itself, but that she would move outside her comfort zone in such a way. I love that I could bring that out in her and that she would respond in such a way.

  9. Comment by Amanda:

    My best friend is my boyfriend of 8 years. Here are some things about him that make me happy:

    -His dimples
    -His unfailingly kind and patient demeanor
    -The way he accepts me for who I am!

  10. Comment by Darcie:

    My best friend makes me happy in the worst of situations with her humor. I remember being crushed when a guy broke up with me and a few days later had an ex-girlfriend living with him. Within 30 minutes she had me rolling on the floor laughing about putting a ad in the newspaper about the guy! Who would have thought she could have me laughing when my heart was broken! There are many more ways…like no matter what she sticks up for me, she loves me, etc. 🙂

  11. Comment by Candace Pfau:

    My best friend is Helen since sixth grade. She is still my best friend. I told her secrets I never told anyone. She told me how babies are made. (not my favorite information she shared) I wish a best friend for everyone and that they live as long as you do.

  12. Comment by Lydia Presley:

    My best friend is Staci, since we were both about 8 years old. I love how upbeat she is and how she is always laughing.

  13. Comment by Colleen Turner:

    My number one best friend is my husband, and he makes me happy just being him and making me laugh every day. My best friend (other than him :)) makes me happy by always being there when I need her and knowing the exact right thing to say to make me laugh and bring me out of any funk I might be in. We have known each other FOREVER so she knows just what to say!

  14. Comment by Amy Matovina:

    My best friend is my husband. We got married on Oct 10, 2010 and are very much in love. We are currently on our honeymoon in AZ and enjoying every second of our time together. My husband is also an avid reader.
    Thank you

  15. Comment by Gina Dixon:

    My best friend is Karen. I love that she is so excepting of everyone’s viewpoint and genuinely tries to look at it from their point of view. I also call her my hearty wildflower…it does not matter where you plop her, she grows and blossoms! She is a lovely soul that gets me and is forever loyal. Love ya K! G G

  16. Comment by Lanette:

    I am a military wife, so my best friend is usually at least a thousand miles away back ‘home’ in Massachusetts. What makes me happy about her is that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked or seen each other, we pick up exactly where we left off as if the miles (and years) have never separated us. I’ve met a lot of amazing women through this military life, but none of them will ever take the place of my Stace-Face.

  17. Comment by Lisa:

    My best friend always seems to know when I need a laugh! I will get a cute picture or funny story emailed to me just when I need it most! I too LOVE Sarah’s books! Read the first 3 straight through and have been so excited about this one! I cannot wait to read it with the cross over characters!!! Thanks for offering this give away my best friend really needs to read her books!!

  18. Comment by Tracy:

    My husband is my best friend. We’ve been married almost 21 years, and he still surprises me with trivial facts that he knows. But, probably the best thing about him is he still makes me laugh.

  19. Comment by Alice Hunter:

    My best friend is the one who makes me smile just thinking of them. I hear a smile in their voice when they call or I call them.. so I guess my best friend is the smile I get when I see or hear from a friend..

  20. Comment by Krissy Vickery:

    I live 2000 miles away from my best friend Kim and we only get to see each once a year, so marking off the days till I can see her again makes me very happy. (Only 22 more days!!!) Besides the fact that she totally gets my weirdo sense of humor and she makes me laugh till I’m crying! I love her like my sister. 🙂

  21. Comment by Meredith Bowermeister:

    I love that I have been *bestest* friends with Jessica since we were 9 years old and we are now 30. We’ve never – ever stopped being friends. We can go weeks without talking to each other and months without seeing each other (and we live 15 miles apart), but I know in my heart that she is just a text/call away if I need her and she’ll drop everything for me and vice versa. I also find it amusing that we could blackmail the devil out of each other if one ever tried to leave our friendship. 🙂

  22. Comment by Jennifer Acomb:

    My best friend is without a doubt my husband of 10 years. He is the most kind and caring person I know. He always knows how to bring a smile to face when I need it and he gives the best pep talks! We’re both disabled vets so we don’t work outside the home. Which means we spend ALL our time together. Other couples might think that’s crazy but we couldn’t be happier. We’re going through a very trying time in our lives right now with many drastic life changes happening but because we have each other, we know that we will come through this stronger than ever. Being in love with my best friend is the greatest gift I could have ever been given and I am grateful for him every second of every day!

  23. Comment by Tracy Nored:

    My best friend is my sister! Growing up we fought like most siblings do but my sister has always been there for me no matter what! Things that my best friend/sister does to make me happy…
    1. Listens when I need to talk
    2. She sends random cards in the mail that always make me smile
    3. She reads a book to find out anything that she wants to know (this makes me giggle!)
    4. She has helped me out in raising my twins more than anyone!
    5. She thanks me everyday for having “her” children because my twins are exactly how she was when she was little and frankly, I don’t know how she survived lol
    I love my sister!!!!!!

  24. Comment by Nicole Brown:

    My best friend is my cousin Kelley. She is my oldest friend (she is only 4 months and a few days older than me), and my Dearest. We spent our youngest years growing up together, getting to play together almost every day. Lots of fusses ensued, and we managed to find ourselves in a bit of trouble together more than once…(She eventually forgave me for hiding her stuffed Fozzie the Bear.) But the good & funtimes more than outweighed the petty squabbles and missing stuffed animals. My grandmother was brave enough to let us invade her kitchen and create recipes- some quite delicious. We don’t get to spend as much time together anymore -with work & our children keeping us quite busy – but the times that we Do get to spend together I Cherish more than ever. I love Kelley because she is the sister I never had– she is part of some of my most happiest of memories, and when we’re together, there is a sense of Comfort, Security, and Familiar that I just don’t feel with any other friend. No matter where life takes us, she is my Anchor– and I hope that I am hers.

  25. Comment by Laura:

    There are so many things about my best friend that make me happy (and quite a few that I find exasperating…) but I think the best part of our friendship is the ability to completely make fun of ourselves and not care. Anytime one of us does something particularly stupid, we pick up the phone or send an email just to tell the story. Yesterday, for example, I got an email titled “No, really.” With a note that she’d been working from home, taken a lunch break and took a shower without doing anything to her naturally curly hair and later on when she caught herself in the mirror, she almost gave herself a heart attack. Attached was a picture of her, looking like Zeppo Marx with a picture of Zeppo for comparison. We have a lot of fun….

  26. Comment by Shalot:

    Unconditional love. There is nothing that doesnt make me happy about my best friend. We’re almost extensions of the same self. Thank you Linda.

  27. Comment by Rachael:

    I’ve got three best friends. One of which is my boyfriend whom I love to death. The other two are guys I’ve known since high school. We are a really tight knit group. After being friends for so long, we know everything about each other. I can talk to them about anything, even awkward subjects like sex. It’s always great to have someone to talk to about anything, and I feel special to have three someones. They are all like older brothers to me. I know that if anything ever happened to me, they would always be there for me.

  28. Comment by Sue Scott:

    My best friend is my husband of 37 years. He keeps me grounded. I can share anything with him and he gives advice without placing judgment. He is the kindest person I know.

  29. Comment by Mandy:

    My best friend is my sister Tiffani. And yes we’ve had our crazy sister fights that didn’t stop at hair pulling, but she’s always there when I need someone to talk to and definitely there with a laugh.

  30. Comment by jennifer:

    My best friend lives across the country from me, but no matter what’s going on in my life or how crazy I may sound while I try to explain it to her I know that she is going to support me and be there for me, even when she might not completely understand.

  31. Comment by Marquita Valentine:

    My best friend is my sister. I don’t think she knows it at times. And right now, with her fighting in Afghanistan, it’s hard to convey how much she means to mean in an email or a package.

    I miss her.

    I want her to come home safe and sound. But she has a few months left. And I want to make her laugh so hard that milk squirts out of her nose…just like she did when we were little.

    I love her. Lots! 🙂

  32. Comment by Heather:

    My BFF make me happy because:
    1. we share fantastic childhood memories
    2. no one can make me laugh harder
    3. an hour chatting with her seems like five minutes
    4. she isn’t afraid to try new things and has a way of convincing me to do them too.

  33. Comment by Louise Carol:

    To be honest I am lucky because my husband, Daniel, is my best friend. I know it sounds corny, but it is still true. He makes me happy in many ways, but the one that comes to mind at the moment is his ability to listen to me prattle on about whatever passing fancy the day has brought. He patiently sits, makes the appropriate responses, and actually listens to me go on and on about whatever it happens to be. My other friends are fairly specialized, but my Daniel takes an intrest in any opinion or subject that I desire to discuss. For a long winded girl like me he is a godsend!

  34. Comment by Hey, I want to read that:

    Not very original but my best friend is my husband. But really, don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with your best friend? And what makes me happy my best friend makes me happy? Easy, he makes me feel safe and secure and that no matter what, everything will be okay. He get’s my jokes, doesn’t judge my love for crappy reality shows, he cooks me dinner, and gave me the two best kids on girl could ever ask for. Oh, and if that’s not enough he cracks me up, I swear no one on the planet can make me laugh the way this guy can.

    And as for my love of Sarah’s books. Well, let’s just say she’s been the cause of many a night’s poor sleep. It’s not an exaggeration to say I stayed up till 2:00, 3:00, and 1:30 am with each of her books There was no way I could put them down. I already have a nap planned for when I start reading The Peach Keeper so staying up late shouldn’t be a problem.

    Oh, and my best friend totally gets me staying up late to read a good book and makes sure the house is up and running so I can sleep in a little on those days.

  35. Comment by Renee:

    So funny you should ask! I just mailed my bff “10 things I love about her” to brighten up her week.

    I love that she knows everything! When I’m talking to her about someone from our past or a family member, I don’t have to say, “Flo, my aunt on my dad’s side…”or stuff like that. I also love that every hilarious, senseless, mischevious experience I’ve had, she was right there next to me. I love that she laughs at my corny jokes or when I’m “trying” to be funny…

    I just love her! I call her my “biffle” – best friend for life…

    I hope I get a chance to win the book – then after I read it, I can give it to her!

  36. Comment by Melanie:

    My bf makes me happy because she comes running in disaster, knows the power of a hug or the right words or a silent smile, and knows that no good time or hard time can be faced without chocolate.

  37. Comment by Jonna Lee:

    I have two bffs that I met during college and I love them so much. They make me happy because they accept me for who I am and they have never left me during my saddest moments. 🙂

  38. Comment by Diane Krause:

    I would have to tell you about my beautiful daughter, Sweet Caroline. Not only is she incredibly smart (gets her brains from her Daddy), beautiful and talented, but she has such a beautiful spirit, and she loves purely. I’ve always described her as the “ray of sunshine” in our house. She’s now 22, about to be married, but we still have quality one-on-one time. She and I find the same things humorous, are annoyed by the same types of people, share a deep love of chocolate, and have a passionate love for books. All those things make for some awesomely meaningful and entertaining conversation! I’m blessed with many other wonderful friends, but my Sweet Caroline is most dear to me.

  39. Comment by Sarah:

    My best friend is my fiance. I swear, even if we were trapped in the same room for a week he’d still make me die laughing again and again. He makes me happy with big, squishy hugs, and by making me feel that I don’t have to take myself so seriously. And every time I freak out about the impending wedding, I just remind myself – there’s no one in the world I would rather be with.

    And I LOVE Sarah Addison Allen’s books! I stumbled upon Garden Spells by chance, and then went out and hunted down her other books. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Peach Keeper!

  40. Comment by Debbie:

    My BFF makes me happy when …
    1. we laugh together …
    2. I know she has my back …
    3. my phone calls are answered with “I was waiting for you to call …”
    4. chocolate is involved
    5. we can finish each others sentences
    6. she notices my roots are showing but says she loves my hairdo anyway …
    7. she calls to “check in” even on a slow day …
    8. we laugh more together ….
    9. etc., etc

  41. Comment by Quensuchnsuch:

    My BFF and I have a special bond over beverages. I introduced her to Starbucks back in the day when are kids were babies but now our special ritual that we only do together is have extra dirty vodka martinis, preferably at martins tavern in georgetown dc. While we have martinis we laugh so hard we both have sore tummies the next day. We call it our pimento core workout. Always makes me happy

  42. Comment by Nancy Adams:

    My bes friend is my husband- he totally accepts me for the quirky person that I am and loves me anyhow!

  43. Comment by Cari:

    My best friends (I can’t pick just one) are the people in my life who love me even at my worst, who tell me the truth even when it hurts, who I can call on anytime for support, prayer, advice, or just to laugh. They are my inspiration, my role models, and truly my best friends! I am so very blessed to have these women in my life!

  44. Comment by Robin in NC:

    His positive outlook on life!!! 😉

  45. Comment by Liz:

    I have known my best friend since grade school. We are now 30 years old and have children and live in different states. Even though we have lived apart for the past decade we are always with each other in spirit. She is the one person I can go weeks without talking and pick up like we saw each other yesterday. We have such a strong bond and I may even say that we are more like sisters than friends.

  46. Comment by Kimber Lowe:

    Let me tell you about my best friend. He magically entered my life one day, knowing full well he belonged there. He warmed my cold heart and gave me a smile. His smile brightened the darkest places of my soul, his laughter planted hope and passion. His love for me is unconditional and everlasting. When he enters a room, my heart still flutters and I am sixteen all over again. Our love is of one mind, body and spirit. He is my very best friend, my lover, my husband, my Tony. He completes me. He makes me happy in so many ways; when he makes me coffee every morning, when he sings in the car, when he dances in the grocery aisle. I delight in his stories of nonsense and of his youth. I giggle with glee when he thinks he is being funny and I bust a gut when he really is. Happiness is being his wife and sharing this beautiful thing called life together, hand in hand, heart to heart, and soul to soul.

  47. Comment by tishelle:

    My best friend is my grandmother. She is always supportive and proud of me even when I feel I don’t deserve it. I love her very much, she is 73 and I have wishful thinking that she is going to live forever.

  48. Comment by Kate J:

    I have a few women in my life that I consider my best friends, and I think the thing that makes me the happiest about them is all the times we have shared together, whether having fun together or being there for each other during hard times.

  49. Comment by Lisa V:

    My husband AND my son are my best friends. They are there though everything…good, bad and ugly.

  50. Comment by Linda:

    Thank you Shalot, I feel the same way.

  51. Comment by Staci:

    My best friend “gets me”. She always knows just the right thing to say and when to say it, she finishes my thoughts, and we seem to be in sync – we have similar experiences at the same time even though we are hundreds of miles and several states away. I <3 my bestest friend!

  52. Comment by Angie:

    My favorite thing about my best friend is even if we haven’t spoken to each other in a month, we pick up right where we left off.

  53. Comment by Donna Ippoliti:

    My bestie and ex boyfriend, JD, makes me happy because he has been there with me through it all. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We have been friends for over 30 years.

  54. Comment by Christy:

    One day I said that I didn’t like pina coladas because they taste like suntan lotion. Everyone else who heard that asked me how I know what suntan lotion tastes like. My best friend, on the other hand, knew exactly what I was talking about.

  55. Comment by debbie haupt:

    Wow, great article and great review. I love all of Sarah’s novels and in fact also reviewed The Peach Keeper.
    My best friend is my hubby of 35 years and when he isn’t available it’s my 31 year old daughter. My favorite thing about them is that they are always there for me.


  56. Comment by Jennifer Miller:

    My best friend is Madalyn and we have been best friends for 25 years. My favortien thing about her is that I don’t even have to use words to explain how I feel. Sometimes just a look and a gesture, even a type of sound and she gets it. It is so freeing.

  57. Comment by Greta:

    Chuck is always there no matter what, He is awesome always lets me vent he is a great friend..he also introduced me to my other best friend Sydney. I love her very much ..

  58. Comment by Ann:

    What I love about my best friend is that even if I am quiet as a church mouse and leave him snoring in bed, he always notices I’m missing and knows to find me in the garden–in love with night sky.

  59. Comment by Sandy Dryman:

    My best friend makes me happy because no matter what is going on or long it’s been since we’ve talked she still loves me & it’s like we just hung up. She is wonderful & I love her very much

  60. Comment by Helene Saucedo:

    My best friend is my black lab, Alexis. If I ever cry, she sits on top of me and licks my face, which instantly makes everything all better. That’s pure love and happiness.

  61. Comment by Fallen from Grace:

    Whoa! I`m a book addict, and this website is book galore! **drools** love it! xxx.

    Now, to the question at hand i will say one BIG “makes me happy” is when i spend time with children. Specially at work, (i work with autistic kids) I spend most of my day observing their antics, they way they percieve our world. I always strive to be a child again, and be let into their world rather than make them fit into ours. And i speak as any children`s world in general…there is no better, honest,and grounding place where we are often reminded about one of the most important things. Our dreams.

    i think about this quite often…

    We had so many dreams as children. Where do they go when we grow? Are they swallowed up by the mundane things of everyday life? Or do we lose them, leave them behind us in the dust, for new children to find and take up.

    And,so i go in a merry round to dreamland where I`m happy once again.

  62. Comment by Melanie Brinker:

    My bff is Brandie. Things about her that make me happy: she will drop everything to help me find a new hairdo, she likes to read almost as much as I do, and she is a superwoman!

  63. Comment by Charissa Lang:

    My best friend makes me happy because she just is. We can talk for hours about nothing, and my heart is always happy when the conversation happens to end. She makes me happy just being around, when there is nothing between us but silence, my heart still sings a song, because I know she is near. She loves me at my worst and celebrates me at my best.

  64. Comment by Meg Miller:

    My best friend is my husband and often we laugh so hard we cry. It makes me happy that we have so much fun. We have even more fun now that we have a daughter, a toddler and she also makes us very happy.

  65. Comment by Rachelle (Bibliobabe):

    My best friend is my Mom. We chat at least twice a day and try to get together at least once a month (she lives 5 hours away now). I don’t know what I would do without my Mom…she is my life. I tell her secrets, ask for etiquette advice on everything, look for affirmation on all my opinions, and I love to hear all of her’s and my Dad’s goings -on in retirement. We have such a wonderful relationship.

  66. Comment by Yahaira L.:

    I love that my best friend makes me laugh. We live further apart now that we both have families, but just hearing her voice on the phone makes me feel better.

  67. Comment by Betty Savage:

    My friend makes me laugh and likes the same things that I like. She is always honest with me and I can be honest with her. She makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel like I’m special to her. Our friendship isn’t always about her. She is a wonderful person and special friend.

  68. Comment by Mary Randall:

    My best friend in the world, even after 31 years, is my hubby. Terry’s love is and always has been unconditional! Together we’ve taught that principle to our two children (ages 30 and 12!) Our home is a place I love to be, because I can be with all my best friends. 🙂

  69. Comment by Jennifer:

    I have known my best friend for about 25 years and the thing that makes me happiest about her is that even though we now live on seperate coasts, she can always tell what my mood is before I have spoken 3 words. She knows when I am sad or excited without me having to say anything (and before she moved she was always the very first person to notice if I had lost weight, always a nice thing)

  70. Comment by vanessa:

    My best friend is my husband who was first my first friend at college, then a best friend, then my boyfriend and so it goes.

  71. Comment by Laurie:

    My best friend moved across the Gulf. We still manage to talk everyday. I think best friends know each others moods, and tone of voice to know when there is a problem.
    Best friends and true friends are such a gift!
    My Mom has been best friends with Carole for over 80 years. They still get together at least once a year. What a treasure!

  72. Comment by Rita Bessman:

    My best friend is my mom ! When I was in the recovery room after having surgery to remove a tumor and my mom came in and they told her I wouldn’t wake up. So she called my name and my eyes fluttered open and everybody was amazed . We’re so bonded. 🙂

  73. Comment by Jessica:

    My best friend and I have been besties since the 5th grade and we’ve had 20 years of great memories. I love that it doesn’t matter if I spoke to her everyday for the last month or if it has been a couple of months since we spoke it’s like we’ve not skipped a beat. She’s been my partner in crime, adventure sister, secret keeper, and been one of the most precious people in my life. She has always been a constant in my life and one that I do not take for granted or would give up for anything/anyone. She has been a blessing to me.

  74. Comment by Cathryn:

    It makes me happy that my best friend and I both love our children and grandchildren so much, and can share so much about them with each other.

  75. Comment by Diana:

    I don’t open up to people very easily, so my best friend is the only “best friend” I’ve ever had. She has been my life line in times of need, my adventure guide in times of travel, and my partner in crime in times of silly mischief. She has been a source of empowerment in my life and I appreciate her for all she is.

  76. Comment by Tiffany D.:

    My best friend and I have been friends since we were ten (20 years!) and I love her to death. We have the complete opposite personalities, I am extremely shy and she is very outgoing. I have always loved this about her. She has an amazing way of cheering up anyone who is down and can talk to anyone about anything naturally. She is always been there for me, for the bad times and the good times. We also share a birthday, so every year we treat eachother to lunch! She makes me happy because I can act like a complete idiot with her and I know that she will be right there with me acting the same )

  77. Comment by Ana:

    My best friend is my sister. We are very far apart in age so we did not really know each other until I got older and she turned out to be the best friend I always wanted. I love her because even though we live far away from each other she always finds a way to “be there” for me. I could go on and on but I’ll just sum things up by saying she is the best.

  78. Comment by Christie King:

    My twin sister is my best friend, she makes me happy because at any stage of life we are going through similar stuff together and you always have someone that is there for you and vice versa. We have been through some big stuff, she had Leukaemia when we were 18, my partner died when I was 19 and I just don’t know how we’d have got through any of that stuff without eachother. Funny though, even though we share EVERYTHING, we still have to buy our own Sarah Addison Allen books for our bookshelves, and buy them as soon as they hit the shelves! They are such a refreshing lovely breath of fresh air and written with such wit, charm and beauty.

  79. Comment by Diana:

    My best friend is my first cousin. Talk about keeping friendship in the family! She is 7 years older than me and we have been friends since we were children. I wore her wedding veil at my wedding (my something borrowed). She still has the wedding veil, but my husband is long gone! She has been my friend through good times and bad times. She knows all my secrets and I know all her secrets. She is there when I need her. I thank the Lord above for her.

  80. Comment by bluishlights:

    My bestfriend is my little sister, Elaine. She always knows how to make my day bright, sometimes even by just being her sweet little self. (Even though she is taller than me! :P) There was a time when we had opposite work schedules and I always smile whenever I find a colored sticky note on the fridge, table, TV wishing me a good day at work and a kiddy drawing of herself cheering me on!

  81. Comment by Phyllis Slawter:

    My best friend’s perfect timing makes me happy. Perfect timing with a call or text, perfect timing for a lunch date or coffee, and perfect timing go come into my life.

  82. Comment by Carrie:

    My best friend is my husband. We were both so nervous the day of our wedding, we called each other’s cellphones probably a dozen times before the event. We met briefly in our wedding garb in a secluded area just before all the ceremony craziness began, and the first thing he said to me was “you’re beautiful, like Princess Leia.” He gave me a smile, and both our nerves dissipated. From a Star Wars fan, that is the highest compliment, one I treasure now, a year and a half later. He always knows just what to say to calm me.

  83. Comment by Susan Crispell:

    I’m cheating a bit and talking about best friends, plural. What I love about them is that they’re not afraid to be silly. And they obsess over fantastic books with me.

  84. Comment by Wendy:

    I’m lucky to have some incredible friends. Obviously, my Hubby is my vbf, but I think in terms of the friendships that are spun in my favorite author’s books, I’ll go to my ladies. What I love most about my bf is our unconditional love and support. We’ve got each other’s backs. We are in our 30+s and 40s now and we’re beyond the petty, we trust each other and we share he confidence that we would do whatever would need to be done for each other, act first, questions later…over a margarita! 🙂

  85. Comment by Heather Medlin:

    My bff is the best, and absolute sweetest person…as long as you don’t cross her or her bff. 🙂 I just lover that about her.

  86. Comment by Heather Medlin:

    make that love*

  87. Comment by Steph:

    My bff lives right next door. Friday nights with her are awesome. We get together, have a few drinks, listen to music and dance. Nothing like knowing, when you’re tired you can just walk home.

  88. Comment by Steph:

    My BFF lives right next door. She makes my fridays awesome. We get together drink, listen to music and dance. Nothing like knowing you can walk home when you are tired. She also always cheers me up when I am sad

  89. Comment by Cynthia:

    My best friend is the most loyal and genuine person. She is more like family and I always feel like I can be my goofy self around her and not only will she accept me, she actually likes me for it:) I always know she has my back and I adore her.

  90. Comment by Darla:

    I have 2 best friends: Lori and I became best friends 35 years ago and just to hear her voice makes me smile. She is so brillant and talented, but no common sense. She sings and I called her a few years ago and ask her why every time I listen to Me and Bobby McGee did I hear her voice and not Janis Joplins. My second best friend lives closer and I see him every day. He has helped me pick up the pieces of my life when I shattered into a million pieces and put me back together, and he holds me when I begin to come undone. He brings me sweet tea everyday and if he knows it’s a bad day he comes by at lunch. He makes me laugh every single day.

  91. Comment by Gail:

    I can totally be myself with my best friend Pam. We talk about stuff that I can’t talk to anyone else about. She has to stay my best friend cause she knows too much!

  92. Comment by Marcia:

    I have to speak in plurals also. I would be lost without my girlfriends! We are there for each other in good times and bad times. One of the greatest thing about them is traveling together (sometimes we even take our husbands)!

  93. Comment by Francheska Cox:

    My sister Tess,
    For being the blonde in the room that leans over and whispers ,” I don’t get it?” after a blonde joke.
    For always knowing the perfect gift to give anyone for any event.
    For answering the phone nearly every morning and listening or entertaining me on my hour drive to work.
    …and finally for being my best friend since the day she was born.

  94. Comment by Denise:

    My best friend is a little (she’s barely 5 ft tall), whimsical, Wiccan, lady named Lisa. Her company is what makes me happy. She listens to all my joys and woe’s, shares her coffee and dessert with me at our usual bookstore/cafe, and loved that I returned from my vacation In Asheville with a copy of Garden Spells. She read it immediately and has now added all of Sarah Addison Allen’s books to her Goodread’s “books to read” que. I truly love her…

  95. Comment by Darcy:

    I met my best friend in the first grade. I had just moved and she immediately took me under her wing. One of our favorites things to do was sing the Olympic theme song to each other. Roberta now lives in China and I haven’t seen her in more than 14 years but every now and then I’ll get the message on my answering machine with Roberta humming the Olympic theme and I know instantly that she’s okay and safe.

  96. Comment by Kristin:

    My girl Jilly is the best.
    -can drive home from the movies with me, both of us belting showtunes until we pull into my driveway on the last note.
    -is always willing to help me jump out of my comfort zone and try something new.
    -had completely different taste in music but we don’t let that stand in the way of a dance party in the living room.
    -will let me scream and yell and she’ll just sit next to me and hold my hand and say “yep”.
    -is just the best bestie ever to be my best friend!

  97. Comment by Marie:

    Great post! I love Sarah’s books…like you, once I discovered her, I had to read everything she wrote and I always wait impatiently for her next release and my next fix of awesomeness! I’m dying to read The Peach Keeper!

    My best friend is my mum. She makes me happy just by being herself – her smile, her laugh, her sense of humour, the way she’s always been there for me, no matter what, she’s never ever let me down, and she loves me unconditionally. She’s one of the only people who really understands and ‘gets’ me and I love her so much for that. I can’t imagine a better friend in the entire world, and I’m so, so lucky to have her!

  98. Comment by Christine:

    I feel in love with Sarah’s writing several years ago when Garden Spells first came out and the book was a top pick of new authors. After the first chapter I was hooked and ended up sharing my book with half my Company and turned them into fans! It was funny when Sugar Queen came out it was marked on all our calendars and at lunch a caravan all headed to the local bookstore.

    I’d have to say that my best friend is probably my son…
    ~love the fact that we are now past the parent/child phase and can be friends (teenager)
    ~ love his wicked sense of humor!!
    ~ love his since of style
    ~ love the fact that he is comfortable being himself and not someone who bends to peer-pressure
    ~ knows when I’ve had a rough day at the office and will have dinner in the oven or on the table when I arrive home after my long commute.
    ~ love being able to spend this time with him before he moves on.

  99. Comment by Erin Edwards:

    My best friend makes me happy because we both are avid readers and when a new book comes out that we both are so excited for we wait till midnight for it to download onto our Nooks then go to ihop, order breakfast and coffee and start reading! We are there usually till we finish!

  100. Comment by Amy:

    There are just too many good things about my best friend, how do I choose…..
    I will try
    – She seems to have a sixth sense and knows when I need a call and then gives me a pep talk ; )
    – She is a great listener
    – She laughs at my jokes
    – She in turn makes me laugh ; )
    – She shares her books with me!!!!!
    – no matter what she knows about me, she is still my friend!

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