BLANK Makes Me Happy with Jeannie Holmes

Hello, Hello, Hello. Today I’d like to introduce you to a “new to a lot of you” author to chat with today. Jeannie Holmes is the creator of the Alexandra Sabian series. She has one fantastic book out now, Blood Law (I’m almost finished with it, and trust me… you WANT to read this!), and the second in the series, Blood Secrets, comes out on July 5th. It’s a very smart, action packed, yummilicious vampire series that you don’t want to miss. (I’ll have my review of Blood Secrets up in a few days… but more about that in a minute.)

You can click on the cover pics below to see the book trailers for both books, hosted on Jeannie’s website.


So… to get the ball rolling… here are a few things that are making our lovely Jeannie smile these days…

When Jennifer invited me to submit a “BLANK Makes Me Happy” guest blog, my first thought was this: “Piece of cake!” But then I stared actually thinking about what makes me happy, and I can honestly say “BLANK” was my answer.

It’s easier for me to say what doesn’t make me happy—blatant stupidity and the colors pink and yellow come to mind—but that’s really not the point of this blog. So…what makes me happy? Well, I like to think I’m a fairly logical person, and it shouldn’t be that difficult to think of a few things that give me irrepressible warm fuzzies.

Yeah. Right.

Several cups of coffee and a few head banging fits later, here are my top five happy happy joy joys:

5. Art – I love to look at art. I love to create it. Before turning to writing full-time, I studied art in college. Drawing, painting, sculpture, and more recently, photography are endless sources of inspiration for me.

4. Friends and family – They both support me through the craziness that is my life.

3. My four cats: Chaos, Panic, Disorder, and Nugget – Yes, the first three live up to their names. They came as a set and are siblings. Nugget came along a year later when Hurricane Ivan blew through Mobile. His mother abandoned him for some reason. I found him and raised him from a tiny “kitten nugget,” which is how he got his name. They’re incredibly entertaining and have been the source of my inspiration for Alex’s cat, Dweezil, in the series.

2. Researching and writing my next book – This really should be a given. Ideas form in my head like crystals inside of a geode, all sparkly and shiny and with multiple facets. I truly love exploring each angle and discovering new worlds and learning all sorts of cool new stuff—and then writing about them!

1. My husband – I didn’t include him with my friends and family because he’s more than both. He supports me and is often in the trenches with me when I’m facing deadlines. Plus he turned his Smart car into a rolling billboard/tour bus for my first book! How can I not give him the Number One spot?

There you have it—five things that make me happy. It’s a pretty simple list but I believe the simplest things can also bring the greatest joy.

Yay for the simple things in life!! So now we know a little more about Jeannie. She’ll be stopping in throughout the day today to answer your questions and respond to your comments. Ask her anything… About the Alexandra Sabian series, about her cats, about her research/writing technique, whatever.

One thing I’VE discovered about Jeannie (thanks to spending entirely too much time on Twitter) is that she and I share a love of LOLCat pics!! It’s silly, and random, and provides no meaningful purpose. But it makes us happy, and that’s what we’re all about here today. With that in mind… we’re having a wee little LOL contest. I’ll be posting my review of Jeannie’s new release Blood Secrets on July 4th. You all have from today, until midnight eastern on July 3rd to share your favorite LOL cat picture. You can post the pic directly, or post a link to where the picture is hosted. For EACH PIC YOU POST IN A SEPARATE COMMENT, you’ll get one entry. Jeannie and I will be giving away one copy of Blood Law, and one copy of her new Blood Secrets to random LOLers on July 4th when I post my review! Please remember to include your first name and your email address in EACH POST so you can be contacted if you win.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have fun chatting with Jeannie today!! I can’t wait to see all the funness you find to share!! Good Luck, everyone!

**** contest has ended… Congratulations to Theresa! ****

Thank you all for entering!


  1. Comment by Jeannie Holmes:

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for hosting me today. I would say “I’m sorry” for the fact you stayed up all night reading Blood Law, but it would be a lie. 🙂 Hmm… Can we add that to the list? Knowing people lose sleep because they can’t put down my book makes me insanely happy. *insert evil laughter*

    (Just kidding… or am I?)


  2. Comment by ailishsmom:

    Here’s one I made for one of my daughter’s friends whose favorite book is Jane Eyre.

  3. Comment by ailishsmom:

    OK, I guess I fail at embedding. Let’s try this:

  4. Comment by Jeannie Holmes:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love it!

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