Review: Night Veil (Indigo Court, #2) by Yasmine Galenorn

Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Other Books In Series: Night Myst (#1, available), Night Seeker (#3, coming 2012)
Format: MMPB, audio, ebook
Pages: 336
Original Release Date: July 5, 2011
ISBN #: 978-0425242049
FTC Disclaimer: Recieved ARC from author for the purpose of an honest review.

Well, ladies and gentlemen… she’s done it again. Somehow Yasmine can write a story darker and more twisted than anything I *think* I’ll enjoy, but manages to glue me to my seat through the whole thing.

Night Veil follows Cicely Waters and her small group of friends as they continue to struggle against the intrusion of Myst, the Queen of Winter and the ruler of the Indigo Court. As with any war, Cicely chooses allies, and indentifies her foes. Unfortunately, things are not black and white, and she comes to realize that some of those nearest to her have plans and agendas of their own.

The twists just keep coming in the story. Cicely’s history in New Forest becomes more clear, and her memories force her to change her perception of herself, and those she trusts. Her new understanding of things also stregthens other bonds, like those with her soulmate, Grieve. In her quest to save Grieve from Myst’s control, Cicely will make choices she never envisioned herself making, and will discover exactly who her true allies are.

Those of you who read my reviews know I’m usually wordier than this. And trust me, I’m DYING to chat with you all about this book, but I’m trying to be spoiler free here, and it’s SOOOO HARD!!! I love this series, I love these characters, and even though some of them make me cringe (um… CRAWL… ewww… heebie-jeebies), they also FORCE you to care about them. I found myself cheering for the small victories, almost in tears for the (very few) larger ones, and absolutely furious with those that betrayed their word.

If you’re looking for a book that will grab you by the collar and drag you along through the trenches in the battle of “mostly good” versus “unimaginable evil”, this is the one. This series is NOT your typical good guys fight the bad guys, the good guys win and all is better at the end kind of story (I like those, too). This is a story about people doing the best they can to protect those they love, making hard choices along the way, and living with the consequences. It’s not pretty, but it’s a fight worth fighting… a journey worth taking… and it’s a story worth reading.

CLICK HERE to check out the first chapter of Night Veil, and see Yasmine’s playlist.

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Put yourself in Cicely’s shoes for just a moment. She’s trying to save her friends, her town, and essentially the human world from the rise of Myst, the Winter Queen, and her army who have captured her soulmate Grieve. Cicely’s most powerful allies have warned her that she cannot save Grieve AND win the battle against Myst, that doing one, will jeopardize the other. If she goes after Grieve, she will put those near to her in peril, but if she focuses on the “big picture”, she’ll lose him to Myst’s control. What do YOU choose?? Do you risk your friends’ lives, and possibly the entire war, to rescue your love? Or do you put all your efforts into bringing down the Queen and hope there’s time to save him when it’s all said and done? It’s not as easy a choice as you might *want* to think it is.

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  1. Comment by -petit:

    Uhm… It’s really a tough choice. If I choose to save my soulmate, everyone die, and if I save the world, I end unhappy, but I think that my thinkabouttheothers vein will win this time, because I couldn’t left everyone to die, just to be happy a few more moments. x_x’

    Thanks for the giveaway! 😀


  2. Comment by Cathy M:

    Your review has me totally jazzed about starting this series, so big thanks for the chance to read Night Myst. As for the question, I would try with every resource and power I could find, to bring down the Queen and hope there would still be time to save Grieve.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  3. Comment by April Walton:

    I would have to save the human world first and then go save my love. Because it wouldn’t do any good to save him first if the world as we know it ends and there is nothing for him to come home to.

  4. Comment by Keisha Talley:

    I might risk everything for love, if it’s true love maybe it will all work out