Dear Mr. Potter – a letter from me

Dear Mr. Potter,

Yes, it’s a little strange that you should be the receiver of this letter, and letters like it, considering you’re not a living being. However, we (all of us who are writing such letters) are more than willing to suspend disbelief and embrace the strange from time to time, aren’t we?

For my part, I want to thank you for being a little spark of brilliance that would not fade from Jo’s amazingly creative mind. I want to thank you for sharing your friendships and fears with me and my friends. I want to thank you for not being the perfect, flawless hero. Instead you were the boy who did his best, every day, to accomplish something incredible and important, despite his imperfections.

Your story also created a path for so many others to tell fascinating, inspiring stories. Stories of bravery and a little bit of luck. Stories about the importance of friendship and family. And stories about doing what’s right, even when it’s not easy. The feats of wizards and witches, faeries and elves, the basic battle of good vs. evil… these are all timeless tales. But somehow you shared your story in such a way that it became new again. The lovely, lovely thing is that it will remain new, even for those of us who’ve been on the journey with you, as we share it with others.

Because of the Harry Potter series, I have things in my life that are real, and invaluable. I have The HPA, and the knowledge of all that can be accomplished through the sheer determination of people with love in their hearts. I have wizard rock, and the chance to dance around my house singing about nargles and teenage werewolves when I need to step away from the crazy of the “real world” for a while. I have my Hogwarts house tie.

I’ve also got some amazing, amazing people in my life who, like me, grew with you and your story, and who found common ground in the experience. Some I knew from the start, and some I met at conventions or online. People who are now very dear friends, who make my life so much better because of the things we’ve shared, and the way we support and encourage each other.

I can’t say that your story “changed” my life, I was already in my mid 20′s when your adventures began, but I can say that it enriched it. It gave me something that was at the same time very familiar and comforting, and completely extraordinary. Your story stretched my imagination. I can say, without a doubt, that I am better for knowing you.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Potter. Thank you for being that spark of brilliance in Jo’s mind, and for becoming a spark to cherish and share in my life.

Jennifer M. ~ 37 ~ Gryffindor

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