Review: The Childe (Childe, #1) by C A Kunz

Author: C A Kunz
Original Release Date: February 18, 2011
Format: ebook, TPB
Pages: 410
ISBN: 9780615435749
FTC Disclaimer: Finished copy was provided by the authors for the purpose of an honest review.

Cat Colvin is a lot like most teenagers you know. All night movie marathons with her friendsare her favorite pasttime, and her  close-knit, supportive family is as “All American” as they come. She is tall, beautiful, with a fiery personality to match her flaming red hair. Her nature is to be protective of those she cares for, and she’s not not one to back down when they’re threatened.

She ends up with her hands full when girls start disappearing in her home town of Astoria. The town is in turmoil over the missing girls, and Cat starts to notice strange things about herself. With a little help from an unconventional source, she begins to learn more about what’s happening to her, and uncovers a truth that threatens to rock the foundation of everything she ever believed in. She’s been sheltered from certain truths about society, and about herself, and her growth drives the story. Carol and Adam Kunz have done a terrific job for their debut novel. Cat is one of the most fleshed out heroines I have ever read. The reader really experiences every up and down along with Cat as she discovers more about herself.

The tension between Cat and the main antagonist, Isaac, is almost palpable. And the romantic aspect of the story, between Cat and the hunky football player Ryan, seems to follow the typical pattern of “boy and girl like each other, but odds are stacked against them”. Luckily, for fans of the HEA, our lovebirds manage to beat the odds.

Cat’s journey to self discovery, and her understanding of the world around her, starts in The Childe, and will continue in the follow up (we’re waiting on a title and release date). There’s still a lot to learn about the extent of Cat’s abilities, and how she’ll use them to deal with the ongoing mystery in the town. I have a feeling this series will continue to be full of excitement, danger, romance, and a fantastic story.

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