A Question For Readers — How Old Is Too Old?

After taking “inventory”, if you will, of all my books TBR on by bookshelves, on my computer, and in my NetGalley account, I have one burning question for you, my lovely readers… How Old Is Too Old?

I understand the draw of reviews that post BEFORE a release… increasing the excitement for a book. I understand the necessity of reviews AT release time, for those who want a “majority opinion” of reviewers before deciding to read a new title. My question comes about books that have been out for 2-3 months or longer. Do people still want to know what I thought of it at this point? I, personally, read reviews for older books because there are just sooooooo many out there that I’ve missed. I’ve found some really great books long after they were released. Am I a minority in this, though? Do you all go trolling blogs for things you missed, or are you primarily looking for the brand new titles?

If you would, please… take my little poll below… I’m curious what YOU all think. (And it will help me schedule all these books on my bookshelf, on my computer, and in my NetGalley account, lol.) Thank you. :-)  If you have additional thoughts, I’d love to hear them in the comments below.


  1. Comment by Marie:

    Took the poll but wanted to comment, too. Because I read so many books and because I can’t afford to buy books right now, a lot of my books are older (I keep forgetting about NetGalley, I need to start taking advantage of it!). I love to know what people think of books, whether they were released yesterday or a decade ago. Yeah, there are a lot of great new books, but I think it’s sad if people only concentrate on those – you gotta spread the book love around! lol

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    I agree… I really like to check out reviews for older books to see things that I may have missed. Not to mention that sometimes I can’t get to a book the first few weeks it’s out. I’m just hoping that we’re not alone in this, lol. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. Comment by Lynn:

    I don’t think it matters when a book comes out. If you discover a great book that was written in the 90’s by all means…..read it!!

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