A “Grimm” Happy Ever After with Shiloh Walker

It’s here… It’s here… Grimm Circle #5, LOCKED IN SILENCE, by Shiloh Walker, released today in ebook format. Here’s a look at what you can expect from the newest addition to the series… (copied with permission from ShilohWalker.com)

At first, Vanya thought she might still be dreaming.

Not a nightmare this time, though.

Or maybe she had died…died and gone to heaven. Or some sort of way station. It made sense.

Because there was somebody not too far away who looked too perfect to be real.

He stood by the window, staring outside, giving her a look at his profile, and what a pretty, pretty profile…carved cheekbones, nice nose, a rather biteable-looking mouth.

His hair was pulled back, leaving her view of that face unobstructed.

She could have happily looked at him for another ten, twenty minutes.

Hell, another ten, twenty hours. Weeks…months. Even years.

But he noticed her attention, and his eyes, the pale, pale blue of a Siberian Husky’s, cut her way.

Vanya tensed, bracing herself for the typical reaction she got from most men. The way they’d looked her over in that appraising sort of way, right up until they saw her scars.

But he only stared into her eyes.

Slowly, her heart pounding in her chest, she sat up.

Her mouth was dry, too dry. Spying an unopened bottle of water on the bedside table, she grabbed it and opened it. Her hand shook uncontrollably as she lifted it, though, splattering it all over her clothes. Blood rushed to her face.

A shadow fell across her and she looked up, her breath freezing in her lungs as she realized he was there.

He…who was he?


His hand closed over hers, steadying it and guiding it to her lips.

Gratitude flooded her, even as the blush deepened.

So weak, she couldn’t even manage to a drink on her own.

The water rushed down her parched throat and she drained the bottle in seconds.

“Ahhh…thank you.”

He nodded and backed away, taking the bottle with him and tossing it away.

Studying him, acutely aware of the damp shirt clinging to her, she shifted on the bed. “So…are you…um…”

He gave her his back for a moment, and she fell silent, staring at him as he crouched down, rummaging around for something. When he stood, she saw that he held a laptop and little velvet pouch.

The pouch he held out to her.

The laptop he held in one big hand.

Still feeling as weak as a kitten, Vanya reached for the pouch and watched as he sat on the bed across from hers. Waiting, it seemed.

She opened the pouch and poured what it held into her hand.


It heated in her hand, pulsed…throbbed, like it held a life of its own.

She caught the disc it held in her hand, rubbed her thumb over it. Her breath hitched in her chest as the wings etched into the silver glowed.

“Whoa,” she whispered.

Shiloh’s Grimm have been tearing apart conventional fairy tales and putting the pieces back together with a special brand of sexy, kickass attitude. I chuckle every time I see a new write-up for the Grimm series because they have lines like THIS at the end:

 Warning:  This book contains sex-starved demons, lonely angels, demon-angel sandwiches, blood, violence, death and a happy-ever-after.

It’s the “happy-ever-after” part that always makes me smile (although the demon-angel sandwiches sound yummy). Who doesn’t need a littl blood, violence, and death along with their HEAs, lol??

After this last time seeing that disclaimer, I decided to ask the lovely author why having a “happy-ever-after” was so important for her stories. Was it simply because they were loose recreations of classic fairy tales, which tend to have some sort of HEA? Or was there something else? (As you all know, many urban fantasies and other paranormal stories either prolong the intended HEA, or simply don’t have one at all. Sometimes we lose the happy-ever-after in favor of staying true to the author’s vision of the story.)

Here’s what she said:

Why the happy ever after?

My characters talk to me. It’s not necessarily that I hear ‘voices’ so to speak in my head.  Although sometimes I get that, too. But they talk to me…I think their story unfolds kind of like a movie—sometimes it’s silent, sometimes it’s in fast-forward, sometimes it’s slow-motion…and sometimes, it’s just the trailer, but I can see it happening in my head.  That’s how I learn mycharacters, and their stories. Then I have to put the story down on paper.  Or computer screen, whichever.

And their stories are usually rough.  They tend to go through hell.  Usually a lot of it.  I don’t know why, but it just works out that way.  For some reason, the road to happiness with my people is long. And bumpy. And marked with lots and lots of potholes.  Usually I make them get lost afew times along the way, too.

As I said, I usually put them through hell.  Somewhere not quite close to the end, I start to realize that I’m beating them upagain.

It’s right around thatpoint that I see the end up ahead…and how it’s supposed to smooth out.  How it’s supposed to end.  And it always has to end in a certain way.  They have to be together—and they have to be together in a way that I can close the book on their story.

I need to see them happy, together, inside my head before I can end their story…that’s why that happy ever after is important in my stories.

So… now I’m asking all of YOU. How important is the “happy ever after” to you. Can you enjoy a story that doesn’t have one, as long as there’s resolution of the storyline? Do you get upset or disappointed when stories don’t end with the main couple together and happy?

To celebrate LOCKED IN SILENCE’S release today, we’re giving away one ebook copy to one random commenter! Tell us how YOU feel about happy ever afters, and you could win this one from Shilow Walker! Please rememeber to include your first name and email address in your comment so you can be notified if you win. Contest starts NOW and ends tonight at midnight pacific time. Good Luck!!!


  1. Comment by Sandra Harlow:

    Happy ever afters are the icing on the cake. By itself, the cake is good, but add the icing and it’s heaven on earth. Add a happy ending to good book & it takes you from an enjoyable experience to one that leaves a smile in your heart.

  2. Comment by Leagh:

    I NEED a HEA, i just don’t feel satisfied if there isn’t one

  3. Comment by Vanessa N.:

    I do love happy ever afters. When you read a story and connect with the characters you want them to be happy in the end, especially if they face hardships during the story.


  4. Comment by Viki S.:

    I really like the happy ever but am okay as long as there is resolution. I may be upset but will still enjoy the story. Congratulations Shiloh!

  5. Comment by Kathy Miller:

    I don’t have to have a HEA at the end of the book, (although I prefer it) but I do need to feel that there is a chance of a HEA somewhere down the line. While I would absolutely love to when a copy of Locked In Silence, I haven’t gone the e-reader route yet. But it is stories like this one that has me seriously considering that it is time to do so.

  6. Comment by Kathryn Anne Merkel:

    Congrats Shiloh, it seems like I’ve been waiting for the next Grimm story forever.

    I’m realistic enough to know that not every non-villan character can have a HEA, but if there is no hope of a HEA somewhere down the line, I lose interest in the series.

  7. Comment by Eva / TXBookjunkie:

    HEA are essential to me. It’s why I read romance. Yes, there are great stories out there that don’t have HEA, but I want that exelerating feeling that comes with love conquers all (or at least provides you someone to endure the bad times in order to reach the good times in the next chapter).

    TXBookjunkie (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Comment by Eva Perez:

    I do love happy endings for my stories, ones that give you warm fuzzies at the end, makes you sigh and smile.

    Congrats on the new release Shiloh!

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