Review: Close Your Eyes by Amanda Eyre Ward

Author: Amanda Eyre Ward
Release Date: July 26, 2011
Formats: Hardcover, ebook, audio
Pages: 272
ISBN #: 978-0345494481
FTC Disclaimer: Finished copy was received from publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

My Thoughts:

Wow. This one was pretty heavy.

The book is divided into three sections, with chapters in each, switching between viewpoints. What started out as a fairly common “child crisis-angst” type novel pretty quickly turned into a murder mystery, family bonding, personal growth story. (Can you tell I’m having a hard time compartmentalizing it?)

I didn’t particularly like the main character. I don’t think she was really written to be likeable in the first place, but I could empathize with her enough to care what happened to her. It was also kind of refreshing to see a main character that was, bluntly, a quivering pile of neuroses.

The supporting characters really stole the show for me, though. Her boyfriend, brother, and a couple of other characters who (for the sake of not spoiling you) shall remain unnamed were really fun and broke up the unending misery of her narration.

I would definitely recommend this book as it was a quick read (less than 2 days) and the resolution was overall satisfying.

Oh, and there may have been a part where I cried. Possibly. 😉


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