Review: Being (Green’s Hill Werewolves, #6) by Amy Lane

Author: Amy Lane
Original Release Date: December 7, 2011
Format: e-novella
Pages: 113
Others In Series: Yearning, Waiting, Reaching, Changing, Becoming (Green’s Hill Werewolves novellas, #1-5), Vulnerable, Wounded, Bound, Rampant (Little Goddes series, #1-4)
ISBN #: 9781610407342
FTC Disclaimer: This book was purchased by me.

I have to say, I had a lot of expectations for this installment of Teague, Jack, and Katy’s story. There was so much I felt still had to be accomplished with these three to give them the kind of relationship they all deserved. Teague’s self-deprication, while explained and understandable from an overall story standpoint, was really bothering me. Jack’s jealousy and immaturity was just as bothersome. And poor Katy just seemed to be hanging on for scraps. I could see the potential, I could feel the WANT to be right together, and there were so many hints and “almost there’s” that I had faith Amy could pull it off. I was not disappointed.

Teague being out-of-commission was the best thing that could have happened at this point in their story. Giving Jack and Katy some time to deal with each other, without their “center”, helped them build a little something for themselves. Is it as powerful as what they feel for Teague, no… but that’s ok. They don’t expect it to be, and neither do I, I just really wanted them to feel for each other, as well, and now I believe they do.

The other big issue… Teague’s bonding. All I can say is “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it”. *happy dances* I like Jack, I really do, but until he pulled up his big-boy-pants and realized that he can’t have all the toys to himself, there was always going to be a problem in the relationship. Once the shiznit started to hit the fan, and Jacky FINALLY understood the nature of Teague’s loyalty to Green, and more importantly, to Lady Cory, all the puzzle pieces sliding into place was a beautiful thing. My goosebump moment?? When the two of them, in wolf form, realized Cory’s “situation” and stood in front of her during the battle. Woo to tha hoo, and all that jazz!!

I love the way these novellas were done. I generally have a problem with novellas, because I ALWAYS want more story. Having the six of these flow from one to another solved that problem for me. And as a whole, they’re a fantastic companion to the original Little Goddess series. I really like the way this side story has been told, and how it fits into the grand scheme of things. Amy has a way of bringing things together that I really love. The story may not always travel the road I imagined, but it’s always a ride worth taking!

**The Green’s Hill Werewolves series is a collection of novellas that accompany Amy’s LITTLE GODDESS series of novels. I *strongly* suggest you read the first three of those books (Vulnerable, Wounded, Bound) BEFORE you read the first 5 of these novellas. Being should be read after the fourth book, Rampant. They’re incredible, and wonderful, and fun, and full of action and romance, and… and… and… JUST GO READ THEM!! :-)**

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