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Words & Music Monday with Linda Robertson

Posted January 30, 2012 By Jennifer

This week we get some insight from an author that not only LOVES music, but MAKES music!! Linda Robertson, author of the Persephone Alcmedi series (book 5, Wicked Circle was just released), joins us to share a little about her relationship with music.

Music is a big part of my life. I’ve played piano since I was eight. I’ve played guitar since I was fifteen. When I was sixteen and seventeen I was the lead guitarist in a heavy metal cover band. Mostly, I play by ear. I love writing music, and I have a keyboard with over 700 different ‘voices’ and a built in 16-track recording. I’ve even scored one of my (as yet unpublished) books. Currently, I play guitar with HAGATHAS BLUFF a rock band with covers and originals. When I write, however, I listen to movie scores.

I totally go fan girl over Hans Zimmer. *sigh* Gladiator. Last Samurai.  DaVinci Code. Angels and Demons. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. Pirates of the Caribbean/2-4. Inception. Crimson Tide. The Rock. Mission Impossible 2. Much more.

I know. It’s geekery of an uncommon variety.

And it’s contagious. Or at the very least its genetic

My kids have this…disease…as well. When we get in the car, I may plug my phone into the jack and play one of my favorite rock bands like VOLBEAT or HALESTORM from my ipod. They tolerate it, but usually there comes appoint where they groan. I hit the cd player. Here is what is in my cd player in my car right now:

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead Man’s Chest
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. Transformers 2
  4. Judas Priest/Defenders of the Faith
  5. Music from the video game HALO/ODST
  6. Lord of the Rings/Two Towers

Yeah, um #4 is totally for me. The rest is for them.

We’ve all heard a car near us at a traffic light that was just buzzing from the bass beats, right? You could feel what they were listening to, and you might not even like the kind of music they were playing. Kinda makes you grumble, doesn’t it?

Well. Last week, the boys and I were on our way to the adjacent city, a brisk 20 minute drive. There’s this song on disc one… track #2. It’s called The Kraken.

The boys LOVE this one.

I LOVE this one. It’s bass-heavy and dramatic and melodic and awesome. Here’s the youtube link:  Right about the 1:50 mark it gets intense. It quiets down then picks back up about 2:50. From the 6:10 marker on is the best though.

So naturally I just absolutely had to crank it. I mean we were having fun and it’s our favorite song.

Um… did I mention I have Bose speakers in my car?

My rearview mirror was vibrating with each thump of the upright bass.


Yeah, I was THAT car as we made our way through the city. I doubt anyone that we annoyed would have believed it was an orchestra we had cranked up that loud inside the vehicle.

Linda’s fifth book, the latest installment in the Persephone Alcmedi series, WICKED CIRCLE, was just released Dec. 27th, 2011. She is the mother of four boys, is followed around by one big dog, and writes and rocks in Northeast Ohio.


She blogs on Wednesdays at

Her website is:

Twitter: @authorlinda

So… my lovely readers… I have to ask… what song/band makes YOU be THAT car?? What song do you just HAVE to blast when it starts pumping through your car?? *Mine is either This is War, or The Fantasy, both by 30 Seconds To Mars*

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This book literally caused me to stop and do a double take while walking down an aisle in my store. Apparently we’ve carried it for a while, I’ve just managed to miss it until now. With the number of online friends involved in this hobby, I couldn’t pass up the chance to share. I give you…

Not your mother’s knitting book, DomiKNITrix is all about bringing discipline to knitting and then using that discipline to create funky and hip projects that knitters want to wear, use, and give away with pride. Based on the popular Web site of the same name, this book will show hip crafters fun ways to tweak designs and give them a unique edge.

More than just a collection of projects, this book gives you all the information you need to become an accomplished knitter in terms of tips, techniques, things to avoid—all in a fun and useful package.

So… my lovely knitter-type friends… what do you think of this?? Something you’d like? Something you’d use? Something you’d give as a gift? It made me smile. I hope it makes you smile as well.

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TWednesday: 1/25/12

Posted January 25, 2012 By Jennifer

Happy mid-week, everyone!!

This week’s twitterverse was all aflutter with ALA Awards and Oscar noms… here are some things that caught my eye or made me smile…

1/24/12 – @i heart quotes Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. via @ankitgoyalacto

1/24/12 – @Michael Moore “We are starting a financial crimes unit.” Occupy Wall Street, take a bow. #ows

1/24/12 – @imdominating Twitter breaks with “POLOS” RT @NathanFillion: Marco.

1/24/12 – @KarenMMoning About FeverCon and the ICED book launch 2012

1/24/12 – @FelicityDisco We can now write the phrase “the Oscar-nominated Real Steel.” I’m just saying.

1/24/12 – @noele6277 15. I love to read especially Dean Koontz. When the book gets too scary I put it in the freezer #30thingsaboutme

1/24/12 – @Karina Cooper @HappyTwilighter [giggle] It says “The Booths”. It’s part of my legend. Dark purple = Mr. or Mrs. Booth.

1/24/12 – @amymaclane “When Washington gets its prostate checked, it tickles YOU!”  John Stewart about Newt Gingrich  #purefuckingawesome

1/23/12 – @booktopia When I grow old I will sit on my porch and sell tickets to those who wish to walk through a house still filled with books. #wonderofwonders

1/23/12 – @LawrenceBlockI wish Oliver Stone would direct the debates. They could just shout Fuck You at each other over a pile of white powder.

1/23/12 – @RL_Stine Creepier than Robert Pattinson? The 1st pix of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows:

1/23/12 – @BWBooks 20 books you should read before they are turned into 2012 films. Shop BWB, we’re #BookforBook! (via @BuzzSugar)

1/23/12 – @mandymrothasked my hubby once to show me how to work the universal remote for tv, cable, all that, he said no. He calls it job security 🙂

1/23/12 – @JeffreyWestI live in a world where authors are rockstars, nerds are celebrities, and scientists are gods. I love this living in this century.

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q:”Her birthday is Valentine’s Day. One gift or two?” #DHhelpsUA: If you stop at one, you won’t have to worry about it, ever again. Ever.

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q: “How do you go from being just friends to more than friends?”  A: Blind courage, sudden kiss, risk everything, good luck. #DHhelpsU

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q: My partner wants me to talk dirty to him, but I don’t want to.   A: Do it badly, once.  “Darling, I want your scrotum.” #DHhelpsU

1/23/12 – @Rob_Thurmanmajor accomplishment of yesterday: I ate a cake. Not a piece of cake–an *entire* cake. And it was goooooooooood.

1/23/12 – @maureenjohnsonJust heard this line in a commercial for tutoring: “Math was hard when you were in school. It’s only gotten harder.”  . . . what?

1/23/12 – @ShelfAwareness Full list of the ALA awards and honors:

1/22/12  – @donnajherrenIt’s always fun to have occasion for a heroine to utter this line:  “You have two seconds to get up before I kick your face in.”

1/22/12 – @girlsinthestackJohn Green says that he wrote Looking for Alaska as Christian fiction. Who knew!?!?

1/22/12 – @PatriotsThe Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

1/21/12 – @halseanderson I hope this isn’t TMI. The blog post that explains what happened in Chicago & why I’ve been AWOL:

1/21/12 – @zero6artnmess Bones Brigade – Stacy Peralta – Trailer

1/21/12 – @heatherbrewer In which Auntie Heather reveals her Big Secret: (Please share this with the world!)

1/21/12 – dannymarksyaForced to defriend an author on Goodreads who kept recommending I “like” his personal quotes. Also I killed him. Defriending was too gentle.

1/21/12 – @lisamantchevTime to stop shopping online when you read “Gossamer Mesh Fairy Top” as “Gossamer Mesh Fairy Trollop” and still click the link. *ahem*

1/20/12 – @andrewtshafferDivorce isn’t finalized these days until both parties unfollow/unfriend each across all social networks.

1/20/12 – @Jess_Haines @HappyTwilighter Here’s all the Friday Funnies so you can catch up.  xD

1/19/12 – @deidraalexanderAt Starbucks they asked my name for my cup. I said Voldemort. When my tea was ready they called ‘he who shall not be named’ cracked me up

1/19/12 – @jsmithready *emails to self* RT @mstiefvater: Okay, whether you want them or not, my top 15 music recommendations from 2011:

1/11/12 – @TXbookjunkie RT @Comic_Con: Interested in buying a badge for Comic-Con 2012? Start by signing up for official Comic-Con Member ID!

Okee Dokee… that’ll do it for this week (and YES, I have my Comic-Con member ID!!) See ya in the twitterverse!! 🙂

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Words & Music Monday with James R Tuck

Posted January 23, 2012 By Jennifer

Hello again, my lovelies 🙂 Today we’re welcoming debut author and blues enthusiast, James R Tuck. His first full length novel, Blood And Bullets, will be hitting the shelves on February 7th. (Keep an eye out for my review on February 2nd, my date to host James on his blog tour!) He’s also got a prequel novella, That Thing At The Zoo, available January 27th.

So, without further adieu…

Blues With A Feelin’

By James R. Tuck

Hello, hello Loyals and True Believers. Thank you for having me. Let’s chat a minute about music. Not just any old music, but some of the best music in the world. I am talking about the Blues.

Now there is one thing writers love to do. We love to put pieces of ourselves in our characters. One of the things that I share with my main character Deacon Chalk is a love for Blues music.

Now, I love the Blues because it is awesome. In the Blues you can find the entire depth and breadth of human emotion. If you are sad of course you can find a Blues song to sing you through to the otherside. Your woman done you wrong? There is a song for that. Loved one died? There is a song for that. Lost your job? There is a song for that.

But it’s not all bad news in the Blues. The Blues is also happy music. Party music. Good time music. Especially when you start moving into Chicago blues like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf or out toward Texas with the rockin’ blues of bands like ZZ Top. Hell, you may not know this, but Led Zepplin is a Blues band. So are the Allman Brothers in my opinion.

Deacon Chalk does listen to the Blues from a place of sorrow. He has a deep pit in his heart where he lost his family. Since they were taken from him five years ago by a monster he has lived a blues song. Lonely and damaged he drives through the night in his vintage 1966 Mercury Comet, Desert Eagle .357 loaded with silver jacketed hollow-points, and the Blues wailing from the stereo. He hunts monsters and the Blues is his soundtrack.

As you read my book, BLOOD AND BULLETS, you will find songs in there. Those are real songs. You can find them on Itunes or wherever it is you get your music from and listen to what Deacon is listening to as the action unfolds. It will give you one more layer of the book to enjoy.

And if you aren’t a Blues fan it’s because you haven’t listened to enough of the Blues. Trust me on this.

So, ladies and gentlemen… there you have it. The blues. Who’s got a favorite blues artist to share?? Who’s gonna try listening to a bit of blues to get ready for Deacon Chalk’s adventures?? Here are a couple to get you started…

Hurt So Bad – Susan Tedeschi

I Thought I Heard The Devil – Walter Trout

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Fun & Funky Friday Book Finds: Literary Cookbooks

Posted January 22, 2012 By Jennifer

This is the second post THIS WEEK that’s coming to you lovely people late. *hangs head* I’ll try to make up for it by offering LITERARY FOOD! That’s right… some very popular fiction authors have delved into the very popular non-fiction genre of COOKBOOKS, lol. I’ve also seen a few that are themed for a popular series (while not written by the series’ author). I saw the first one of these a while back, but I’m noticing more and more these days.

Soooo… how cool is THAT!!! Eat like your favorite authors or literary characters!! I’m a cookbook junkie, anyway, so you can imagine my delight when I went from the few books I’d found in my store, to a simple search to see what else what out there. Needless to say, I’ve added a few to my “need to buy” list, lol. (And I have to confess that I OWN two of the above titles, lol. Can you guess which two??)

That’s it for this week. Next week I’ll be back on track with a Friday post of funness 🙂

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