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Hello there, all my lovely bookish type peoples!


It’s now 4 hours and 12 minutes into 2012, [edit: that’s when I started… and then I went unconscious… it’s now much later, lol] and I thought I’d share some of the things you can expect from this blog this year. I’ve spent the last *almost* two years playing around with this whole book blog universe. I’ve seen some really fantastic blogs… I’ve chatted with some really amazing authors and fellow bloggers… and I’d like to think I’ve learned a lot about books and blogging and how to make this thing I love something we can all really enjoy.

One of the major things that will be changing (for the better) this year will be the addition of consistent, weekly and monthly features. I’m a procrastinator. A horrible, HORRIBLE, procrastinator. One of my goals is to get (and stay) on a schedule that will become habit. The new features you can look forward to will be…

“Words & Music Monday” – I love music. I love books. What better way to combine the two, than to find out how music plays into the writing habits of authors, and even into the storylines of our favorite books. I’ll feature guest authors each Monday discussing how music influences them in their work.

Each “TWednesday” I’ll post some memorable offerings from the Twitterverse. Funny comments, author announcements, news & gossip, funny pictures, causes and contests. I may also post links to blog posts from other bloggers that I particularly enjoy. You never know what in my timeline will catch my attention!

“Fun & Funky Friday Book Finds” – I work in a bookstore. Have you SEEN some of the random stuff you find on the shelves in a bookstore!!??!! Here’s where I’ll share some of the interesting, crazy, useful, useless, wonderful things I find wandering the racks.

I’ll also be doing a “Series Starter” giveaway at the beginning of each month. This will be my way of sharing some of my favorite series, or a series that I’ve been waiting to start. I’ll be giving away the first book to get the winner started. And periodically, when I have an author willing to play along, I’m planning to have “Sneak Peek Saturday” posts. This will give us a tiny hint at what’s to come from some of our favorite authors’ WIPs!!

So… That’s what I’ve got in mind. I’ll still be doing some of the same features my readers are familiar with. “BLANK” Makes Me Happy, and my “Get To Know You” Questionnaire will still make appearances, and I’m really hoping to have more “MAD about _____” features (turning story passages into Mad Libs… sooo much fun!). I hope that will give you all plenty of diversity, and enough to keep you coming back day after day!!

I’m always open for suggestions, as well. If there’s an author you’d like me to feature, or something you’d like me to try… feel free to comment here, or email me with your ideas. This is something I love to do (even though my non-blog life keeps getting in the way, lol), but it’s more fun when you all come along for the wild ride!!

Thanks for sticking with me this far… hope we have a fantastic 2012!!!

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  1. Comment by Lisa Kessler:

    Happy New Year Jennifer!!! 🙂

    Sounds like it’s going to be a fun blog year!


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