TWednesday: 1/11/12

Welcome to another TWednesday!!

Lots of strange and wonderful things in my twitter stream the week. Here are some of the highlights 🙂

1/11/12 – @Rob_Thurman DOUBLETAKE Cal & Niko 7 out 3/6. Preorder on Amazon if you’re an Amazonian. Check out for cover and excerpts.

1/11/12 – @entangledpub Press Release: Entangled Publishing signs with Publishers Group West for mass distribution of print and digital titl…

1/11/12 – @melissa_marr Morning: a time of day when decreased caffeine levels resulting from sleeping must be promptly corrected. See also: “the light, it burns.”

1/10/12 – @karinacooper If the primary quality you look for in a candidate is “the ability to defeat [current guy]”, you’re doing it wrong. #politicalapathysetsin

1/10/12 – @antonstrout Just typed for a working book title:  Alchemystic 2, Gargoyle Boogaloo #lordhelpme

1/10/12 – @penguinusa: Did you hear!? Warner Bros. to adapt ‘Discovery of Witches’ by @DebHarkness!!!!

1/10/12 – @GarethAveyard They said: “Follow your dreams”, so here I am, on top of the town hall, dressed as big bird, screaming haikus at people in Latin.

1/09/12 – @Quotingswag Wouldn’t it be a smart idea? To make the sticky part on envelopes taste like chocolate?

1/09/12 – @HappyTwilighter Interesting update from Charlaine Harris’ Facebook page

1/09/12 – @HappyTwilighter just saw this video (my sister posted days ago) when this kid grows up, i’m totally voting for her, lol

1/08/12 – @KasyNewMoon IF Jace from @cassieclare and Dimitri from @RichelleMead had a conversation

1/08/12 – @cassieclare Jace’s POV on the greenhouse scene in City of Bones; an extra.

1/08/12 – @maureenjohnson If you read only ONE thing today, read about @TheBloggess and the #travelingRedDress. I love her so much.

1/07/12 – @Jess_Haines Tell me I am not the only one with a dirty mind here who sees something that could be taken as naughty? LOL

1/07/12 – @melissa_marr Start of a letter I rec’d: “Dear Melissa, You’re wrong that the series is over. I will explain” & then she does. I support fanfic so I am fine w folks coming up w new plots in my world. I didn’t end WL bc I ran out of ideas, but bc I reached the conclusion. Thx! 🙂

1/07/12 – @jimnduncan This is cool! RT @jafurtado: Nintendo Set To Enter Realm of e-Readers, By Mike Gwilliam /Forget The Box thx 2

1/07/12 – @MMRomance Favorite All Time M/M Author:  1st place Josh Lanyon; 2nd place Amy Lane; 3rd place Mary Calmes

1/07/12 – @LAGilman This may be the best, most joyful thing you see all day.  Maybe all year.  // Rare Gorilla Encounter | The Scientist

1/07/12 – @TaherehMafi whenever a book topples over, i go running like i think i can save it or something. my brain is all MAN DOWN MAN DOWN #thesearemyfriends

1/06/12 – @FrostFiction Preview of ALL THAT FALLS (Etherlin 2) cover! Bare-chested archangel in leather pants? That’s gotta work 4 some peeps

1/05/12 – @RollingStone Van Halen also announced Feb. 7 release of a new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, and a U.S. tour kicking off Feb 18 in Louisville.

1/04/12 – @TheDailyLove Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hrs to become a master at a craft. Find what u love & then throw yourself into it. Patience.#TDL

1/04/12 – @VampBookClub CITY OF LOST SOULS cover art is online: @CassieClare

Ok… my lovelies… those are just SOME of the MANY fantastical things I’ve found this week. Be sure to follow the people who make you smile here 🙂 Have a lovely week!!


  1. Comment by Jackie:

    The news that Nintendo may be releasing an e-reader was very interesting! Two of my favorite worlds combined- books and videos games in one console! Plus, wouldn’t it be amazing to read a magazine like National Geographic on the TV? Think of how amazing those photographs would look!

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    I’m not much of a gamer anymore, so I’m not quite as excited as a lot of people, but it’s still a really cool idea 🙂

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