Fun & Funky Friday Book Finds: The World According to Twitter by David Pogue

This week’s fun book find started as one book, and (to my wonder and joy) has grown to an entire LIST of fun books!! I’m a twitterholic. I’ve learned a tremendous amount, and gotten to know (as well as you can through cyberspace) some really amazing people through the beauty that is “the twitterverse”.

What I have discovered is that there is SO MUCH MORE TO KNOW about my favorite “hang out”. So much more, in fact, that there are a MULTITUDE of books about the subject!! This is the book that first got my attention:

Author: David Pogue (and his 500,000 followers)

Original Release Date: September 1, 2009

Pages: 304

ISBN #: 9781579128272


The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often useful collection of hand-picked tweets.

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half-million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought-provoking question every night. The questions ranged from the earnest (“What’s your greatest regret?”) to the creative (“Make up a concept for a doomed TV show”) to the curious (“What’s your great idea to improve the cell phone?”). Out of 25,000 tweets, Pogue has gathered the very best 2,524 into this irresistible, clever, laugh-out-loud funny book. The World According to Twitteris truly a grand social networking experiment, in which thousands of voices have come together to produce a unique and wonderful record of shared human experience.

Some samples:

Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don’t want to open.

To my former sexual partners, as required by law (@markowitz)

RE: What seems to have been your car (@pumpkinshirt)

From: Your Publisher. Subject: Ha, good one! Could you send the real chapter now, please? (@ Lookshelves)

Make up a prequel to a famous movie.

Mr. Smith MapQuests Washington (michaelbuckman)

Snakes in the Terminal (@justinchambers)

We’re Running Low on Mohicans (@rllewis)

There Goes Private Ryan…I Hope He’ll Be OK (@slightly99)

Describe your 15 minutes of fame.

My stepfather was “The agony of defeat” guy on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, before the ski jumper (he was the car spinning out at Daytona 500). (@BigDaddy978)

I juggled for Clinton’s inauguration. 20 minutes of FBI pat-downs, and then I wound up throwing knives around the president anyway. (@McEuen)

I’m on a Girl Scout cookie box (have been for 9 years, so it’s longer than 15 minutes)! (@libbyfish)

Add 1 letter to a famous person’s name.

Yo Yo Mad: Angry violinist (@eboychik)

Gringo Starr: Best drummer north of the border (@eboychik)

Tronto: Sidekick of the Canadian Lone Ranger (@pumpkinshirt)<P>Thomas Hobbies: Life is just a bunch of nasty, brutish and short weekend projects (@louielu12)

After finding this book, I got curious. I’d heard of the fiction romance, Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Madieros, but had NO IDEA the wealth of Twitter material in the printed world. I found 11 titles referencing Twitter in my store’s business, humor, and fiction sections. A simple search for “Twitter” brings up many, MANY others.

So, my lovelies. It looks as though I’m not the ONLY one who finds those 140 character messages both entertaining, and useful. I’m curious… what’s YOUR take on the value of Twitter? And are you surprised to find so many books about it?

If you don’t already… you can come chat with me in my little corner of the twitterverse… @HappyTwilighter. 🙂


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