TWednesday: 1/18/12 (delayed)

Hello, my lovelies. Well, I didn’t even make it a whole month before I ran off schedule. *hangs head* Please disregard it’s lateness, and enjoy this week’s crop of twitterfied goodness 🙂

1/18/12 – @ClumpsOfMascara In case you missed it, this article helps break SOPA down #SOPASTRIKE

1/18/12 – @jodywallace I think I’ll write a book about vampires who are happy and use their long lives to help people. Also, they’re ugly. Would anyone read that?

1/17/12 – @shannonstacey Okay. ONE packet of Splenda equals TWO tsps of sugar. Ptew. I have to start reading boxes.

1/17/12 – @neilhimself   @LKHamilton Out here, nothing but cold. What I wouldn’t give for a nice Tornado Warning. xx

1/15/12 – @LadyHawkins Claire Danes, my love for you knows no bounds. My So Called Life basically earned you a Lifetime Pass, Crudup Incident aside. #GoldenGlobes

1/15/12 – @tommysalami Ok Physics wasn’t a wasted class, I just calculated the force necessary to tear a human head off. 1258lbs or 5600 Newtons 🙂

1/14/12 – @JackieMorseKess @HappyTwilighter I will TOTALLY write that into a book. #poisoncase

1/14/12 – @HappyTwilighter AAAAHHHHHHH… it’s so preeettttyyyyy!!!! NIGHT SEEKER (Indigo Court, #3) by @YasmineGalenorn #LOVES

1/13/12 – @HappyTwilighter ATTN Author Friends… someone PLEASE write this into a story… A 17th century secret poison case

1/12/12 – @TXbookjunkie RT @LisaHendrix: Girl Scout Cookies: There’s an app for that! (iPhone, Android, other smart phones)

1/12/12 – @MTVact The charity @30SECONDSTOMARS#Echelon built, @TheEchelonHouse, has built 28 homes around the world. TWENTY-EIGHT!

1/12/12 – @LadyHawkins (Spoiler Alert: BOOBIES AND DRAGONS is actually the title of the fantasy novel I am currently writing. NYT list, here I COME!) 😉

1/12/12 – @ThisIsRobThomas life: that thing that happens in between the tweets.

1/12/12 – @gailcarriger Ha, brilliant. David Tennant in places he shouldn’t be.

1/12/12 – @LAGilman #WiP: Current & electricity didn’t play well together, in proximity. Electricity tended to get mad & go home. Or stop working. Or blow up.

1/12/12 – @Limecello Oh. Dear. There is so so so so so much difference between “heroine” and “heroin” just… that “e” really matters. Honest.

1/12/12 – @AlexCarpenter It just got totally silent on the bus, but everyone started just tweeting at each other. My Whedon.  We are frakking nerds.

1/11/12 – @TwiFans Target to have FIRST MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY EVER for the Breaking Dawn DVD

1/11/12 – @Gallery_Books Attention book lovers: be a volunteer book giver on World Book Night, April 23, 2012. Sign up at   by Feb. 1.

1/11/12 – @TXbookjunkie RT @Comic_Con: Interested in buying a badge for Comic-Con 2012? Start by signing up for official Comic-Con Member ID!

****cleaning out some of my older twitter favorites… as a bonus for the late post :-)****

1/8/12 – @KasyNewMoon IF Jace from @cassieclare and Dimitri from @RichelleMead had a conversation

1/6/12 – @FrostFiction Preview of ALL THAT FALLS (Etherlin 2) cover! Bare-chested archangel in leather pants? That’s gotta work 4 some peeps

1/6/12 – @maureenjohnson It’s a monocle-popper if I ever read one!

1/3/12 – @EpicEmmy  @K_Teen @jennifer_estep I’m pretty sure there’s an entrance exam for #MythosAcademy–like fight a herd of Nemean Lions with your bare hands.

12/20/11 – @vintageortacky What I hate most about Twitter: finishing a good tweet, having -1 characters left, and then having to decide which grammar crime to commit.

12/19/11 – @changinghands Buy ebooks from indie bookstores for the same price as Amazon. Download the app now:

12/15/11 – @gr8philosophers “I have discovered that alcohol taken in sufficient quantity produces all the effects of drunkenness.” – Oscar Wilde

12/2/11 – @RT_Magazine Time magazine video of a romance cover photo shoot. There is a whole lot of bare chest here ladies!,32068,1292273354001_2100414,00.html

11/29/11 – @psynde RT @paulgoatallen: You Know That You’re Reading Too Much Paranormal Fantasy When…

11/29/11 – @realjohngreen Matt Maggiacomo’s AMAZING new album, which is like a YA novel except with music, can now be preordered at DFTBA!

11/6/11 – @wetaworkshop Find out your Hobbit Name on this translation site and tell us the result !

** mine is Marigold Tighfield of Tookbank ** ** my elvish name is Nerwen Lúinwë **

11/5/11 – @amandapalmer anyone got a moose? RT @queerviolet You can cross into Canada w/out passport if you are traveling mounted on mooseback. Old law, still valid

10/29/11 – @JustJared Tom Felton Covers ‘Fault Men’ Fall 2011: Tom Felton takes the cover of Fault Men’s Fall…

12/8/11 – @HappyTwilighter @JenniferAHR LOOK AT THIS!!!! I haz da goosey bumps!!! #HarryPotter #30SecondsToMars #love

9/11/11 – @doubledaypub 11 Literary Holidays That Every Book Lover Should Know – vintageanchor:

7/22/11 – @AntonioKingz Rearrange the letters in these words: 1) PNEIS 2) HTIELR 3) NGGERI 4) BUTTSXE… Did you read: Spine, lither, ginger and subtext? Naughty Naughty.

6/9/11 – @ComicsisPeople Periodic Table of Storytelling – ComputerSherpa’s incredible “Periodic Table of Storytelling.” I, for one,…

3/14/11 – @denisleary Irish History Timeline: potatoes whisky poetry potatoes whisky music fistfights whisky NO POTATOES! potatoes whisky JFK whisky potatoes U2.

1/23/11 – @allison_pang Hey look! It’s a naked man clock!

OK… That’s all for this week!!! Hope you liked the oldies 🙂 Next week’s post WILL go up on time 🙂 Until then, twitterpeeps 🙂

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