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Hello again, my lovelies 🙂 Today we’re welcoming debut author and blues enthusiast, James R Tuck. His first full length novel, Blood And Bullets, will be hitting the shelves on February 7th. (Keep an eye out for my review on February 2nd, my date to host James on his blog tour!) He’s also got a prequel novella, That Thing At The Zoo, available January 27th.

So, without further adieu…

Blues With A Feelin’

By James R. Tuck

Hello, hello Loyals and True Believers. Thank you for having me. Let’s chat a minute about music. Not just any old music, but some of the best music in the world. I am talking about the Blues.

Now there is one thing writers love to do. We love to put pieces of ourselves in our characters. One of the things that I share with my main character Deacon Chalk is a love for Blues music.

Now, I love the Blues because it is awesome. In the Blues you can find the entire depth and breadth of human emotion. If you are sad of course you can find a Blues song to sing you through to the otherside. Your woman done you wrong? There is a song for that. Loved one died? There is a song for that. Lost your job? There is a song for that.

But it’s not all bad news in the Blues. The Blues is also happy music. Party music. Good time music. Especially when you start moving into Chicago blues like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf or out toward Texas with the rockin’ blues of bands like ZZ Top. Hell, you may not know this, but Led Zepplin is a Blues band. So are the Allman Brothers in my opinion.

Deacon Chalk does listen to the Blues from a place of sorrow. He has a deep pit in his heart where he lost his family. Since they were taken from him five years ago by a monster he has lived a blues song. Lonely and damaged he drives through the night in his vintage 1966 Mercury Comet, Desert Eagle .357 loaded with silver jacketed hollow-points, and the Blues wailing from the stereo. He hunts monsters and the Blues is his soundtrack.

As you read my book, BLOOD AND BULLETS, you will find songs in there. Those are real songs. You can find them on Itunes or wherever it is you get your music from and listen to what Deacon is listening to as the action unfolds. It will give you one more layer of the book to enjoy.

And if you aren’t a Blues fan it’s because you haven’t listened to enough of the Blues. Trust me on this.

So, ladies and gentlemen… there you have it. The blues. Who’s got a favorite blues artist to share?? Who’s gonna try listening to a bit of blues to get ready for Deacon Chalk’s adventures?? Here are a couple to get you started…

Hurt So Bad – Susan Tedeschi

I Thought I Heard The Devil – Walter Trout


  1. Comment by Antonio Jones:

    I will have to check thses out!

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    I’ve been listening to Walter Trout all morning, lol… You’re gonna love them 🙂 Make sure you let me know what you think when you do!

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