TWednesday: 1/25/12

Happy mid-week, everyone!!

This week’s twitterverse was all aflutter with ALA Awards and Oscar noms… here are some things that caught my eye or made me smile…

1/24/12 – @i heart quotes Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. via @ankitgoyalacto

1/24/12 – @Michael Moore “We are starting a financial crimes unit.” Occupy Wall Street, take a bow. #ows

1/24/12 – @imdominating Twitter breaks with “POLOS” RT @NathanFillion: Marco.

1/24/12 – @KarenMMoning About FeverCon and the ICED book launch 2012

1/24/12 – @FelicityDisco We can now write the phrase “the Oscar-nominated Real Steel.” I’m just saying.

1/24/12 – @noele6277 15. I love to read especially Dean Koontz. When the book gets too scary I put it in the freezer #30thingsaboutme

1/24/12 – @Karina Cooper @HappyTwilighter [giggle] It says “The Booths”. It’s part of my legend. Dark purple = Mr. or Mrs. Booth.

1/24/12 – @amymaclane “When Washington gets its prostate checked, it tickles YOU!”  John Stewart about Newt Gingrich  #purefuckingawesome

1/23/12 – @booktopia When I grow old I will sit on my porch and sell tickets to those who wish to walk through a house still filled with books. #wonderofwonders

1/23/12 – @LawrenceBlockI wish Oliver Stone would direct the debates. They could just shout Fuck You at each other over a pile of white powder.

1/23/12 – @RL_Stine Creepier than Robert Pattinson? The 1st pix of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows:

1/23/12 – @BWBooks 20 books you should read before they are turned into 2012 films. Shop BWB, we’re #BookforBook! (via @BuzzSugar)

1/23/12 – @mandymrothasked my hubby once to show me how to work the universal remote for tv, cable, all that, he said no. He calls it job security 🙂

1/23/12 – @JeffreyWestI live in a world where authors are rockstars, nerds are celebrities, and scientists are gods. I love this living in this century.

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q:”Her birthday is Valentine’s Day. One gift or two?” #DHhelpsUA: If you stop at one, you won’t have to worry about it, ever again. Ever.

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q: “How do you go from being just friends to more than friends?”  A: Blind courage, sudden kiss, risk everything, good luck. #DHhelpsU

1/23/12 – @HuffPostBooks Q: My partner wants me to talk dirty to him, but I don’t want to.   A: Do it badly, once.  “Darling, I want your scrotum.” #DHhelpsU

1/23/12 – @Rob_Thurmanmajor accomplishment of yesterday: I ate a cake. Not a piece of cake–an *entire* cake. And it was goooooooooood.

1/23/12 – @maureenjohnsonJust heard this line in a commercial for tutoring: “Math was hard when you were in school. It’s only gotten harder.”  . . . what?

1/23/12 – @ShelfAwareness Full list of the ALA awards and honors:

1/22/12  – @donnajherrenIt’s always fun to have occasion for a heroine to utter this line:  “You have two seconds to get up before I kick your face in.”

1/22/12 – @girlsinthestackJohn Green says that he wrote Looking for Alaska as Christian fiction. Who knew!?!?

1/22/12 – @PatriotsThe Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

1/21/12 – @halseanderson I hope this isn’t TMI. The blog post that explains what happened in Chicago & why I’ve been AWOL:

1/21/12 – @zero6artnmess Bones Brigade – Stacy Peralta – Trailer

1/21/12 – @heatherbrewer In which Auntie Heather reveals her Big Secret: (Please share this with the world!)

1/21/12 – dannymarksyaForced to defriend an author on Goodreads who kept recommending I “like” his personal quotes. Also I killed him. Defriending was too gentle.

1/21/12 – @lisamantchevTime to stop shopping online when you read “Gossamer Mesh Fairy Top” as “Gossamer Mesh Fairy Trollop” and still click the link. *ahem*

1/20/12 – @andrewtshafferDivorce isn’t finalized these days until both parties unfollow/unfriend each across all social networks.

1/20/12 – @Jess_Haines @HappyTwilighter Here’s all the Friday Funnies so you can catch up.  xD

1/19/12 – @deidraalexanderAt Starbucks they asked my name for my cup. I said Voldemort. When my tea was ready they called ‘he who shall not be named’ cracked me up

1/19/12 – @jsmithready *emails to self* RT @mstiefvater: Okay, whether you want them or not, my top 15 music recommendations from 2011:

1/11/12 – @TXbookjunkie RT @Comic_Con: Interested in buying a badge for Comic-Con 2012? Start by signing up for official Comic-Con Member ID!

Okee Dokee… that’ll do it for this week (and YES, I have my Comic-Con member ID!!) See ya in the twitterverse!! 🙂

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