Words & Music Monday with Linda Robertson

This week we get some insight from an author that not only LOVES music, but MAKES music!! Linda Robertson, author of the Persephone Alcmedi series (book 5, Wicked Circle was just released), joins us to share a little about her relationship with music.

Music is a big part of my life. I’ve played piano since I was eight. I’ve played guitar since I was fifteen. When I was sixteen and seventeen I was the lead guitarist in a heavy metal cover band. Mostly, I play by ear. I love writing music, and I have a keyboard with over 700 different ‘voices’ and a built in 16-track recording. I’ve even scored one of my (as yet unpublished) books. Currently, I play guitar with HAGATHAS BLUFF a rock band with covers and originals. When I write, however, I listen to movie scores.

I totally go fan girl over Hans Zimmer. *sigh* Gladiator. Last Samurai.  DaVinci Code. Angels and Demons. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. Pirates of the Caribbean/2-4. Inception. Crimson Tide. The Rock. Mission Impossible 2. Much more.

I know. It’s geekery of an uncommon variety.

And it’s contagious. Or at the very least its genetic

My kids have this…disease…as well. When we get in the car, I may plug my phone into the jack and play one of my favorite rock bands like VOLBEAT or HALESTORM from my ipod. They tolerate it, but usually there comes appoint where they groan. I hit the cd player. Here is what is in my cd player in my car right now:

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead Man’s Chest
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. Transformers 2
  4. Judas Priest/Defenders of the Faith
  5. Music from the video game HALO/ODST
  6. Lord of the Rings/Two Towers

Yeah, um #4 is totally for me. The rest is for them.

We’ve all heard a car near us at a traffic light that was just buzzing from the bass beats, right? You could feel what they were listening to, and you might not even like the kind of music they were playing. Kinda makes you grumble, doesn’t it?

Well. Last week, the boys and I were on our way to the adjacent city, a brisk 20 minute drive. There’s this song on disc one… track #2. It’s called The Kraken.

The boys LOVE this one.

I LOVE this one. It’s bass-heavy and dramatic and melodic and awesome. Here’s the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN5ExwsXUiQ  Right about the 1:50 mark it gets intense. It quiets down then picks back up about 2:50. From the 6:10 marker on is the best though.

So naturally I just absolutely had to crank it. I mean we were having fun and it’s our favorite song.

Um… did I mention I have Bose speakers in my car?

My rearview mirror was vibrating with each thump of the upright bass.


Yeah, I was THAT car as we made our way through the city. I doubt anyone that we annoyed would have believed it was an orchestra we had cranked up that loud inside the vehicle.

Linda’s fifth book, the latest installment in the Persephone Alcmedi series, WICKED CIRCLE, was just released Dec. 27th, 2011. She is the mother of four boys, is followed around by one big dog, and writes and rocks in Northeast Ohio.


She blogs on Wednesdays at www.word-whores.blogspot.com

Her website is: www.authorlindarobertson.com




Twitter: @authorlinda

So… my lovely readers… I have to ask… what song/band makes YOU be THAT car?? What song do you just HAVE to blast when it starts pumping through your car?? *Mine is either This is War, or The Fantasy, both by 30 Seconds To Mars*

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