Review: Dark Days (Childe, #2) by C A Kunz

Author: C A Kunz
Original Release Date: January 14, 2012
Format: ebook, TPB
Pages: 482
ISBN #: 9780615435749
FTC Disclaimer: Finished copy was provided by the authors for the purpose of an honest review.

Cat Colvin returns in Dark Days, Book 2 of The Childe series, by Carol and Adam Kunz. The story picks up just one day after the final events of The Childe. Cat’s world has been completely shattered and nothing is as it seemed. Cat, at first, has a lot of trouble dealing with the new identity that she must assume, now that she knows what she is. She longs for her life to be the way it was, but the more she clings to normalcy the more abnormal her life becomes. With both the Werewolf Counsel trying to eliminate her, and the vampire world up in arms about her very existence, Cat has to learn to accept herself and hone the skills that she was born with.

From page one, the story takes off in a whirlwind and just doesn’t stop. Cat’s teenage temper-tantrums got to be a bit tedious. She acts as though she’s alone against the world, despite family and friends who not only sympathize, but have been in similar situations. Granted, she’s got a reason to be freaked out, but it would have been nice to see her rely on her support system rather than take the moody way out. The pacing was also a little hard to follow in places. I found my self lost and having to go back and re-read the page before, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, as some of the scene changes were unexpected. There were also a couple of scenes between Ryan and Cat, and Cat and her friends that seemed a little forced.

That being said, I LOVE the concept of this series and I LOVE Cat :-). At the same time she’s dealing with the realities of being a human/vampire Childe, she’s also a “typical teenager” with realistic problems. I also loved how comic relief found it’s way into the story. It was just enough to lighten the intensity in all the right places. A couple of parts that I really enjoyed are 1)The snobby girl I love to hate gets her come-uppance (love it when that happens!) and 2) I adore the sweetness between Ryan and Cat, even though the chemistry was inconsistent. Their relationship seems real and I enjoy the fact that sex isn’t really playing a big part in their relationship (YET! I do wonder if it will happen later in the series though!). I really got invested in the story. With every page I just got more and more curious to know what would happen next. Adam and Carol are BRILLIANT storytellers and I can’t wait for book three. As amazing as these two are they are masters of the OMG AAARRRRHHHH cliffhangers!

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  1. Comment by Tina #GFYSBelle (@Twlightgrandma):

    Awesome review,love the tour n all the bloggers,Love The Childe,now I’ll soon be readin’ Dark Days!Carol n Adam are wonderful authors!!

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