Fun & Funky Friday Book Finds: Books Make A Home by Damian Thompson

Hello there. Today’s book find is one that distracted me over and over again at work the other day. It’s a coffee table book for book lovers. How many of you have drooled over a fantastic bookshelf pic online? Reposted a beautiful room, with beautiful book displays? Added a board on Pinterest for what your dream “home library” would look like? Well, my lovelies… here’s more fodder for your dreams…

(from BookPage Reviews…)

A HOUSE FIT FOR A BIBLIOPHILE Since everyone at BookPage is a booklover, most of us have the same problem: where to stash all the evidence of our addiction. Damian Thompson turns book accumulation into an art form in Books Make a Home, a dream of a guide for any devoted reader. Learn how to store your books more effectively (so you’ll have room to buy more!); how to arrange your books in artful displays; how to organize your collection; and even how to care for your books. (Rule number one: Do not allow them to lean!) Are you cohabitating for the first time and need a solution for combining two libraries? Having guests come to stay and want advice on how to thoughtfully provide reading material? You’ll find plenty of ideas here. Not surprisingly, the stars of the stunning photographs in Books Make a Home are books—stored in sleek kitchens, cozy bedrooms, corridors, office nooks, living rooms and even “loos” (Thompson lives in East London). In a chapter about arranging books in children’s rooms, the author quotes education reformer Horace Mann, writing: “A house without books is like a room without windows.” Any bibliophile would surely agree, and Thompson’s book provides show-stopping ideas for what to do with your beloved tomes.

I saw this book in my store, and literally STOOD there, in the aisle, looking at it for about 15 minutes (sorry BAM), drooling over pages and chatting with customers who walked by about the pictures. So many fantastic ideas… so many EASY to do projects to make books a functional, beautiful part of your home (instead of just a pile on your *read: my* desk). I would love to hear from any of YOU with fun ideas for book storage! Did you see something in a book like this?? How do you show off your favorites? I’m still stuck in plain bookshelf and desk storage, but I have BIG DREAMS, lol!!

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