TWednesday: 2/22/12

Hello there! It’s Wednesday… and I’m posting… *gasp*… ON TIME!!! I knew I’d get this “days of the week” thing down eventually, lol. Now… let’s see how long I can keep it going, lol. Also… I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on this feature. Is it something you all like? Do you follow the same peeps I do, so you’ve already seen all this? Is it fun/interesting? Should I continue this feature, or maybe come up with something else for Wednesdays?? Lemme know what you think. I really shouldn’t be the only one reading this, lol. For now… another collection of good stuff from this week’s timeline 🙂

2/22/12 – @amymaclane Zoomboy says:  “If you can’t fight fire with fire, fight fire with guinea pigs!”  I have no idea what it means…

2/22/12 – @DelilahSDawson me: Steampunk monkey? Etsy: Waterproof menstrual pad with monkey print? me: Um… no. Etsy: YOU ASKED FOR A MONKEY, CAP’N PICKYPANTS.

2/22/12 – @TheRock“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Lincoln

2/22/12 – @moirarogersbree The words, “I did a small amount of Web-based research” are possibly the scariest ones any politician can say.

2/22/12 – @LKHamilton Perhaps no decisions too important should be made today. *laughs* Oooh . . . shiny, no wait . . . bird! *giggles*

2/22/12 – @Rob_Thurman DOUBLETAKE: Pucks in the Garden of Eden: “*Eat it*! Come on, you apple-hating nudist!*Eat* it!”

2/22/12 – @SavvySource Ten places to take our children to teach them about US history And six books and games, in case those are too far away.

2/21/12 – @veschwab One day, when I am broke and have to live in a hut made of books I shall take comfort from the fact they are SO PRETTY.

2/21/12 – @TrevorProject “Promise me that no matter how hopeless or alone u feel, you’ll try your best to imagine all the amazing experiences u have ahead of you.”

2/21/12 – @laurenwick You guys, let’s just deal with the facts. The floor is the biggest shelf in your home. #Fact.

2/21/12 – @TwilightFB ICYMI: ‘The Host’ filming underway in New Orleans:  On Monday, The Host, based on the novel by Twi… @Twilightish

2/21/12 – @DepressedDarth Another Kardashian show is starting. That’s it, we’ve warned you, the Death Star will now turn Earth into an asteroid field.

2/20/12 – @funnyorfact Internet minutes: 5 – Actual minutes: 105.

2/20/12 – @drgordis BRAVO CHRIS! 🙂 ROCK ON… “I Will Always Love You” (Live) – Chris Cornell – San Francisco, Masonic…: via @youtube

2/20/12 – @Discovery For Every President, a Drink: A Cocktail Tour of American History Happy Presidents Day!

2/20/12 – @CraigyFerg The rage that my Hellboy/XMen tweet generated has taught me we are a nation divided. Let’s all just agree Nazis are ghastly.#calmthefuckdown

2/20/12 – @CraigyFerg Hellboy > XMen There I said it Let the chips fall as they may.

2/19/12 – @heatherbrewer Dear Jareth, It is time, my love, for our rendezvous. I’ll bring the potato chips. You bring the tights. Love, Me #labyrinth

2/19/12 – @JolleySezStuff Yup, it’s the future now RT @warrenellis: DARPA sets aside $7 million for semi-autonomous bipedal robot drone soldier –

2/18/12 – @AnneRiceAuthor My signing at B&N at the Grove in Los Angeles began with an enormous surprise.  My son Christopher had promised…

2/17/12 – @genejm29 LOL & no blue pill in sight – RT @diffinleslie: “Electile Dysfunction:The inability to become aroused by any of the choices for President”

2/17/12 – @Jess_Haines I am filled with mental pain and anguish. Especially after using Google-fu to see the cover. But I can’t stop reading.

2/17/12 – @maureenjohnsonI don’t mind bigots. You’re allowed to be bigoted, if that makes you happy. Just do it at home. And not around the children.

2/17/12 – @NekroXIII Skeleton Key work in progress capture!

2/17/12 – @LifeAsWillSmithGrammar is the difference between “knowing your shit” and “knowing you’re shit”.

2/17/12 – @aeroplanegirl Awesome. Images created using law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters.

2/16/12 – @lillie_80 While I appreciate the m/m, m/f/m, bdsm, etc warnings on books, what I really need is a “hero is a douchebag” warning.

2/16/12 – @theoneringnet Well, so, this is new, the Middle-earth Beer Festival!

2/15/12 – @jayewellsCalled upstairs. “What you doing, buddy?” Small voice responds, “An experiment.” Words sure to incite terror in a parent’s heart.

2/15/12 – @kellyslater@mauriciopcastro: @kellyslater why people always talk about you retiring, is anything wrong with your tires?”I know. They still work.

2/15/12 – @GreatestQuotes“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

2/15/12 – @jenlam26 ‘Beautiful Creatures’ film gets a release date: Last week we learned who would be playing Ethan and Lena as well…

Ok… that’s it for this week… hopefully you all found something to giggle at, or check out 🙂 Lemme know if this is something you’d like me to continue. Thanks!

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