Pre-Release Party: DOUBLETAKE by Rob Thurman

Hello my lovelies!!! Today, we’re starting the party early for the release of DOUBLETAKE, book number 7 in Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros urban fantasy series. This series is crazy awesome, and full of kickass characters that keep the story moving. The twists and turns will keep you guessing, and you’ll fall in love with the witty Leandros brothers, Cal and Niko.

Our party is gonna cover 4 days, give away 4 prizes, and tie in with Rob’s own contest to create a playlist for the series! Here’s how this is gonna work:

  • Reavers (established, diehard fans of the series) will have 2 chances to win a copy of DOUBLETAKE. To enter, you MUST GOT TO ROB’S SITE BY CLICKING THE LINK PROVIDED, and leave a suggestion for what song you think should be on the “soundtrack” if the books were made into movies. It can be a character theme, or a song that reminds you of a particular scene. Either way, leave the song/artist/why in a comment on HER SITE, then, come back here and let me know you posted. I will be checking, so play nice. 🙂 Two random commenters who suggests a song on ROB’S SITE , then comment below, will win a copy of DOUBLETAKE. (Winners will be notified on Monday night, so you have Sat/Sun/Mon to enter if you want DOUBLETAKE.)
  • Future Reavers (those who haven’t read the series yet, but want to get started) will have 2 chances to win the first book in this awesome series, NIGHTLIFE. I’m telling you, you WANT this book!! It’s fast paced, full of action, drama, and hilarious one-liners. The phrase “Half-human, half-monster, ALL attitude” says it all! Leave me a comment below telling me that you want to start the series, and on Tuesday, two random commenters will win a copy of book 1. (You can enter for NIGHTLIFE until midnight on Tuesday, pacific.)

There you have it… 4 days… 4 books to win… 4 chances to join the Leandros boys and their merry band of misfits as they rid the world of creatures that suck. (If you’re a fan of the TV show Supernatural, you’re gonna LOVE these guys!!)

Remember, if you want to win DOUBLETAKE, leave your soundtrack suggestions on ROB’S SITE, then come back and let me know you did it. 2 winners will be notified on Monday night. If you want to win NIGHTLIFE, just comment below that you’re ready to start this incredible series! 2 winners will be notified on Tuesday night. **AND** If you have any questions or comments about the books, or just want to tell Rob how much she rocks… she’ll be checking is as she’s able (with dial-up, it’ll be hit and miss) to respond. 🙂



  1. Comment by Leonie:

    Crawling by Linkin Park

  2. Comment by Lizard:

    I posted a couple of songs on her site! Really looking forward to reading Doubletake!

  3. Comment by Kitana:

    Oh, I’m all over this one! My music selections are already in. I just adore all of Rob’s books, but the Cal Leandros series has a special place in my heart. God, I LOVE them!

  4. Comment by Angela B.:

    I commented on Rob’s website. I love this series!

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