Blog Tour: MAD about A SLIVER OF SHADOW by Allison Pang

Hello everyone!!!

Today we’re hosting a blog tour stop for the crazy awesome new release from Allison Pang, A SLIVER OF SHADOW. It’s the follow up to a A BRUSH OF DARKNESS, and I LOVED it!!

To celebrate, I thought we’d play a little and give away a big prize!. I’m a Mad Libs geek, I think they’re hilarious. I’ve taken a short passage from A SLIVER OF SHADOW and removed a few of the words. Below is the list of the parts of speech for YOU to fill in. Please post your word choices in the comments below (numbered, so I don’t get them mixed up).

Tonight (after midnight, pacific) I’ll reply to each comment with the passage using YOUR words to fill in the blanks. You guys, if you’re not familiar with Mad Libs, trust me when I tell you that this can sometimes make you cry from laughing. Those of you who love Mad Libs like I do know how much fun this can be. I’ll also post the passage, as written in the book, for you to compare to your creations, lol.

One commenter will be chosen at random to win a copy of A SLIVER OF SHADOW *and* a set of stunningly beautiful trading cards designed by Darchala for the series.

If you have any questions about how to play, please ask. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!! Have fun, and good luck!!

  • 1) verb
  • 2) noun (plural)
  • 3) verb (-ing)
  • 4) noun
  • 5) noun
  • 6) verb (-ed)
  • 7) body part
  • 8) noun (plural)
  • 9) verb
  • 10) adjective


Now that the contest is over, here’s the ACTUAL passage from the book. I loved this scene, so I was excited to see how the Mad Libs fit into it. So funny.

“I’ll stuff you full of pancakes tomorrow,” he said, capturing my mouth fiercely again. “And bacon,” he added, before turning out the light. His head settled on the pillow next to mine, one hand draped over my hip. “And when things slow down enough, I’ll make you a very happy woman.”


  1. Comment by DJ Librarian:

    Oh, I loved Mad Libs! Here’s my selections for the blanks:

    1) dance
    2) books
    3) leap (ing)
    4) coffee
    5) mug
    6) organize (d)
    7) elbow
    8) pictures
    9) fly
    10) voluminous

  2. Comment by Allison Pang:

    Hmmm. Let’s see, let’s see.

    1) levitate
    2) marshmallows
    3) vibrating
    4) cattail
    5) mouthwash
    6) buttered
    7) kneecap
    8) bees
    9) shimmy
    10) radiant

    I do love me some mad libs. 😉

  3. Comment by Gerri R:

    1. Slurp
    2. Wings
    3. Cracking
    4. Baton
    5. Crystal
    6. Wedged
    7. Big toe
    8. Bottles
    9. Bounce
    10. Stupid

  4. Comment by Angelya:

    Aw yeah, I love madlibs! Here we go:

    1) fly
    2) apples
    3) laughing
    4) pencil
    5) camera
    6) slapped
    7) ear
    8) stones
    9) sneeze
    10) enormous

  5. Comment by Jennifer:

    “I’ll dance you full of books tomorrow,” he said, leaping my mouth fiercely again.
    “And coffee,” he added, before turning out the mug. His head organized on the pillow next to mine, one elbow draped over my hip. “And when pictures slow down enough, I’ll fly you a very voluminous woman.”

  6. Comment by Jennifer:

    “I’ll levitate you full of marshmallows tomorrow,” he said, vibrating my mouth fiercely again. “And cattail,” he added, before turning out the mouthwash. His head buttered on the pillow next to mine, one kneecap draped over my hip. “And when bees slow down enough, I’ll shimmy you a very radiant woman.”

  7. Comment by Jennifer:

    “I’ll slurp you full of wings tomorrow,” he said, cracking my mouth fiercely again.
    “And baton,” he added, before turning out the crystal. His head wedged on the pillow next to mine, one big toe draped over my hip. “And when bottles slow down enough, I’ll bounce you a very stupid woman.”

  8. Comment by Jennifer:

    “I’ll fly you full of apples tomorrow,” he said, laughing my mouth fiercely again.
    “And pencils,” he added, before turning out the camera. His head slapped on the pillow next to mine, one ear draped over my hip. “And when stones slow down enough, I’ll sneeze you a very enormous woman.”

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