Words & Music Monday with Mandy M Roth

Today’s post is coming from an author that I’ve been peeking at from a distance for quite a while now. Mandy M Roth has quite a list of books in wide variety of genres. With a TBR pile ready to topple and crush me any day now, I haven’t made it to her books yet, but I’d love to hear from those of you you HAVE. I need a suggestion for the first book from Mandy I should read 🙂 [I prefer paranormals, but some contemporary is ok from time to time. I like good action, sweet & smexy romance, humor, and MUST have a HEA :-)]

While you’re mulling that over… here’s a bit about Mandy and music 🙂

Music has always been a huge part of my life. When I was little my father played bass guitar in a classic rock cover band and you’d have been hard pressed to be in our home and not hear music playing. My father passed away suddenly two years ago at the young age of 56.When we went in to the church to select readings for his service I found myself drawn straight to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. No judging, but it’s because I could remember my father playing The Byrds record over and over again and the song Turn, Turn, Turn which actually takes from the bible. I wondered if my extremely Catholic Italian grandmother was going to go along with this. She teared up, patted my leg and said “I remember making him turn that down when he was younger”. This is just one example of how music is deeply imprinted on me.

On a much lighter note, I can vividly remember the day MTV launched. It changed my life. I was totally and completely addicted even though at that tender age I should have been watching Sesame Street, not MTV. Growing up I lost myself in songs, no matter the genre. I loved them all. I still do. I can’t write unless music is playing. I have over sixty playlists each containing over one thousand different songs. I am the proud owner of over 100 gigs of music and I often run contests where I will giveaway iTunes gift cards and Amazon gift cards in hopes readers will get music they love.

Music can mold you and shape you the same way reading a great book can. If you’d like to see examples of what music is on what playlist for my titles you can do so by visiting the following blog posts.

Thanks so much for having me and for letting me talk about music.

Sorry this is posting a bit late today… had some technical difficulties (read: I lost Mandy’s email 🙁 ). As a tip of the hat to Mandy’s history of musical giveaways, and a bit of an apology for the late post… I’ll offer a $10 iTunes gift card to one random commenter!! Just post below with one of these three things:

  • YOUR favorite book from Mandy
  • Which of her books you’re adding to YOUR TBR list
  • Which of her books *I* should start with

Giveaway ends tomorrow night (Tues, Apr 10th) at midnight pacific. Winner will be chosen and notified on Wednesday 🙂 Good luck, everyone… and thanks in advance for your recs!


  1. Comment by Natalia J:

    One of my favortie books would be the Daughter of Darkness series. I loved it all from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down between the love triangle and past life it just was amazing.

  2. Comment by Vicky:

    I would recommend starting with the Immortal Ops series, its fantastic but to be honest you can’t go wrong with any of them, I love so many of them all for different reasons 🙂

  3. Comment by Mandy M Roth (@mandymroth):

    Thanks for the recs and thanks for having me on the blog!

  4. Comment by Tracie Runge:

    My favorite Mandy Roth is The Immortal Ops series I own just about everything of Mandy’s and I love it all but this is my go to series and a great place to start you will be hooked and left wanting more

  5. Comment by Alta Fleming:

    The Immortal Ops series is my absolute most favorite…..I’ve read them all a couple of times. All of Mandy’s stuff is fantastic – but for some reason the characters in this series really clicked with me. It’s a great mix of everything that I love to lose myself in….paranormal, mystery, hot, steamy romance……ahhhhh….
    Read them!!! You’ll be happy you did…. 🙂

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