BLANK Makes Me Happy with Kira Brady (ARC Contest!)

Hello all!!

I’m so excited about today’s post. Kira Brady is a debut author who’s first full length novel HEARTS OF DARKNESS will be out August 7th, with a prequel novella, HEARTS OF FIRE, releasing in July. Full of action, intreague, and sexy shifters… this is one new series you should ALL be keeping an eye out for!! *Check below for a cool way to do just that!!*

Here’s a little bit about what makes this new voice in UF/PNR tick.

TEA makes me happy

In the dreary Pacific Northwest, nothing chases away the chill from one’s bones quite like a mug of steaming assam. I start every morning with the ceremony of boiling water, spooning loose tea leaves into a strainer, pouring the water over the leaves into a cup just the right size to wrap my hands around, and steeping my brew to a perfect, caramel brown. At the first sip, the tension leaves my shoulders. By the fifth, I’ve woken. I am one step closer to calm, an apprentice Jedi ready to take on the Empire…or at least the piles of dirty laundry, legos underfoot, and blank pages waiting to be written.

Celebrations are also never complete without a full afternoon tea, and since tea makes me happy, there are always reasons to celebrate. Finished books, successful pitch sessions, rejections, requests, contest finals, contest wins, more rejections, more requests, writing retreats…until at last…First Sale! The Call! And then more novels written, starred Publisher Weekly reviews, future novels written. And those are only the celebrations related to writing!  You can see how tea is now, through practice, associated with happiness in my mind, so that every morning when I sip my first cup, I think to myself, “This could be a day to celebrate.”

I couldn’t write a book without tea in it, even set in Seattle, coffee snob of a city that it is. One of the settings in The Deadglass Trilogy that the mercenaries and dragon shifters frequent is a historic, haunted mortuary in Pike Place Market called Butterworth’s. The building in real life has been host to many failed restaurants over the years (all rumored to be sabotaged by ghosts). The building in my alternate Seattle is the site of Butterworth’s Opium Parlour and Tea House, which the villain owns. The hero likes to hang out there and listen to dead Seattle musicians play beneath the glittering gaslights. He drinks Darjeeling.

What’s your tea of choice? Favorite Tea Room? I’ve had tea all over the world, but my favorite still is the Queen Mary Tea Room here in Seattle. Throw out your favorite teas and tea places, and I’ll give away a signed ARC of HEARTS OF DARKNESS, book 1 in the Deadglass Trilogy to one random commenter. (US only, print.)

So… I KNOW there are a lot of you tea drinkers out there… I’m not one, but I’ve been told all about the wonderful flavors and aromas. Let’s talk tea, and you can win HEART OF DARKNESS straight from Kira!! Contest will be open until midnight pacific on Friday, May 18th. Winner will be chosen at random and notified by email on Saturday, May 19th. GOOD LUCK!!


  1. Comment by Shadow:

    Im a tea drinker. 🙂 Im more the plain old sweet tea type of gal. Though i do drink hot tea in different flavors. Im up for trying any of them! Well, almost all! lol Great post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Comment by Dina James (@dinajames):

    Favorite tea: Irish Cream (Metropolitan Tea Company)

    Favorite Tea Room: No longer in existence. It used to be the Windsor House of Tea here in Astoria, OR. There’s on in Vancouver, WA called Downtown Tea Bar that I want to visit. The proprietor blends her own teas and visits farmer’s markets on the weekends. She knows me on sight and has my weekly fix.

    What? It’s called “tea junkie” for a reason!

  3. Comment by Jennifer Wilson:

    I am a huge tea drinker! If my mom is to be believed, I used to drink tea out of my bottle. I am on a Chai tea kick. I look for all different blends to try out. Your book looks great Kira!

  4. Comment by VanillaOrchids:

    I don’t like coffee at all, so I thought I would give tea a try. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one that I like. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the idea of putting sugar in it, and I definitely wouldn’t put milk in it thus I end up with it tasting awful. LOL Any suggestions??


  5. Comment by Kate:

    I am a Yorkshire Gold girl all the way through. I was thrilled when they came out with a hard water version since you can practically see the minerals in my water.

    (Out of country commenter…no need to enter. Plus I want to *buy* these books. Way to go, Kira!)

  6. Comment by kirabrady:

    Thanks Shadow! Seattle rarely gets hot enough for sweet tea. We like to shiver our way to August, complain about a couple sunny days, and then get right back to rain. 😉

  7. Comment by Molly:

    I also love tea. Earl Grey with lemon is my favorite, though is on hiatus for a while since I’m putting caffeine away during my pregnancy. There is nothing like the armona of steaming bergamot.

    Favorite tea room is Infini-tea about an hour from me. Hoping to finally indulge in afternoon or high tea when we are on our UK vacation in a few weeks. 🙂

  8. Comment by kirabrady:

    I will have to try out the Downtown Tea Bar next time I’m down south. My Critique Partner and I have taken two writing get-away trips to PDX this year and had tea at the historic Heathman Hotel to celebrate various writing adventures. Have you been there? It’s got a pretty good tea, and it’s haunted too!

  9. Comment by kirabrady:

    Thanks Jennifer! Who can resist spiced tea with a copious amount of milk and sugar? Chai is excellent.

  10. Comment by kirabrady:

    I actually take mine black, unless I’m having a fancy afternoon tea. If you want something sweet without sugar and milk, I would look for a vanilla blended tea or a holiday blend with cinnamon and cloves. For the best taste, try loose leaf and watch a timer carefully to make sure you don’t over steep it. Good luck!

  11. Comment by kirabrady:

    Thanks Kate! I’ve never tried Yorkshire Gold–I’ll have to look for it! Is it an assam or a blended breakfast tea?

  12. Comment by kirabrady:

    When I was pregnant, the only thing I really missed was tea. My friend is drinking a lot of rooibis (an African root, not really a tea) during her pregnancy, but it gives me a stomach ache. Have so much fun taking tea in England!!! I’m looking forward to taking tea at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh this summer. I hear it’s where JK Rowling wrote the 7th Harry Potter. 😀 Maybe I’ll be inspired!

  13. Comment by Sherida Stewart (@SheridaStewart):

    Classic Earl Grey, Lady Londonderry and Strawberry Pepper…oops, that is three favorite teas! Queen Mary-Seattle, Brown Palace-Denver and St. James-Albuquerque…oops, three favorite tea shops! But I don’t think there can be too many favorites when we are talking tea! I won’t enter the contest since I have preordered Kira Brady’s books and am looking forward to having them autographed. Very exciting!

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  15. Comment by April Kirkland:

    Being from the south of course I love iced sweet tea. But I also love hot flavored teas. Some of my favorites are fruit flavored or spearmint. A hot cup of tea and a good book are my favorite way to spend my me time after a busy day.


  16. Comment by VanillaOrchids:

    Thanks for the suggestions Kira! I’ll have to give those a try. 🙂

  17. Comment by Van Pham:

    I’m not much of a tea drinker, but some teas that I tried and enjoy are raspberry flavored tea, peach tea and milk tea.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  18. Comment by Ames:

    I love chrysanthemum tea ^_^

    I can’t wait to read Hearts of Darkness. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. Comment by Janet Bowlin:

    Sun tea makes me happy! A tall glass with lots of ice is heaven on a warm day. There’s not much of a ritual involved, but after waiting patiently for it to brew, it’s very rewarding nonetheless! But, please – no sugar: I can’t stand any sweetener in either hot or iced tea. My favorite hot tea is orange pekoe. The aroma is so comforting.
    I live in Wyoming where we have bars, not tea rooms : ( so my only “tea room memory” is from many, many years ago in Portland, OR. When I was in junior high, my sister and I would take the bus from Vancouver, WA, to downtown Portland to shop. There was a multi-storied department store with a tea room on the fourth floor. The oh-so-grown-up highlight of our excursion was to have tea with dessert: a meringue “bowl” filled with fresh fruit. Amazingly good…. (sigh!) I can’t remember the name of the store: I know it started with an “L”. Lipman’s, maybe? I keep thinking “Lipton’s”, but that’s probably just a result of all this tea-talk!
    Best of luck with your novels, Kira! I’m sure they will be fantastic – and will go quite nicely with a refreshing tumbler of sun tea….

  20. Comment by kirabrady:

    Thanks Sherida! We have to go to the St James together sometime.

  21. Comment by kirabrady:

    Kindred spirits! A perfect afternoon involves a mug of tea and a great book.

  22. Comment by kirabrady:

    I love herbal teas in the afternoon. Have you tried lemon zinger? Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Comment by kirabrady:

    Have you had the chrysanthemum tea that’s a flower that blooms when you drop it in the hot water? It’s such a fun way to flavor the tea. Thanks for joining me!

  24. Comment by kirabrady:

    What is this “sun” of which you speak? Next time you visit our fair state, you’ll have to try the Queen Mary.

  25. Comment by Kimberly S:

    My new favorite tea is Summertime Earl Grey a wonderful mix of Earl Grey and Peach black teas. I found it online at Simpson & Vails and knew I had to try it. This mix is wonderful both hot and cold.

    Good luck with your new trilogy!


  26. Comment by Ames:

    I have tried the chrysanthemum tea that’s a flower that blooms in hot water and it is indeed quite a fun way to flower tea! And I really love chrysanthemum tea juice boxes (when refrigerated) by Vitasoy ^_^

  27. Comment by kirabrady:

    Thanks Kimberly! Earl Grey with Peach sounds like it would make a fabulous iced tea.

  28. Comment by Jennifer:

    Thank you all for stopping by and chatting with Kira!! And big thanks to Kira for her time and her awesome prize offering!!

    The winner of the autographed ARC of HEARTS OF DARKNESS is:


    Congratulations!! You’ll be receiving an email shortly 🙂

  29. Comment by Ames:

    Thanks so much, Kira and Jennifer for this giveaway!!! I’m so happy that I don’t have to wait until August to read Hearts of Darkness (and SCORE on it being signed by Kira!) ^_^

    I should go drink some tea after this post… heh

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