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Words & Music Monday with Elisabeth Staab

Posted June 25, 2012 By Jennifer

Hello, my lovelies! Today’s guest, Elisabeth Staab, has some fantastic music to share, music that inspired the characters of her bestselling debut paranormal romance, KING OF DARKNESS.

Songs in the Key of King of Darkness by Elisabeth Staab

Music has always been my first love. There are songs that just…connect me, you know? To a memory, to a place, to an emotion. If it’s an old song, a popular song, it might be to a myriad of things. Vintage Springsteen reminds me of a road trip with friends, my favorite deep-dish pizza, and a silly crush on someone who once made me feel special, all at the same time. A thank-you-Jesus rarely played anymore one-hit wonder may forever and ever bring me back to one of the worst days of my life. Song is magical and powerful like that. They say that music may predate language. Certainly, it predates the written word.

Is it any wonder?

When I write, music connects me to my characters. A particular lyric, or a song’s instrumental tone may help tell me who a character is. What drives them. I’m fond of working the occasional mood music into a scene, so that my readers can come along with my characters for the ride.

In my debut novel, King of Darkness, King Thad is searching for his queen. A century-old prophecy has foretold of a mate for him, and it has been said that he won’t be able to lead properly until he has her at his side. When the book opens, his search has led him to a techno club, of all unlikely places. The Crystal Method is performing “The Name of the Game” for a throng of party kids:

The thing about prophecies, and “fated mates,” is you gotta have free will. Otherwise, there’s no tension. Isabel, Thad’s intended queen, she’s not exactly down having been tapped by the universe as part of the vampire ruling class. Still, when Thad sees Isabel, in his gut he knows she’s “the one.” The song I associate with their first encounter is “Rapture” by IIO. Here it is, being sung by the gorgeous Nadia Ali:

But the piece of music that I most often associate in my head with Thad and Isabel, is the music that plays when they first make love. They get to the smexing pretty fast–they think it’s going to be just a one night stand, but they connect on a much deeper level than either of them realize at the time. Thanks in part to some heady house music spun by Anthony Pappa

…Intense tribal beats sucked Thad back in time about a thousand years to the most feral part of his inner nature, spurring him to fuck her harder. Isabel’s head dropped onto her shoulders, hands planted on his upper thighs. Nails dug into his skin, and he hissed at the pain and the pleasure of it. Hopefully they would leave a mark, at least for a little while.

She rode him faster, rising and falling in time with a primitive rhythm that seemed to take them on a journey, to lift them higher and higher, both panting and gasping as the sounds of skin against skin joined the claps and thumps and crashes that filled the air around them…

The rest of the soundtrack for King of Darkness is a little more eclectic, and in most cases ties either to a mood, or an aspect of a particular character’s personality. Isabel’s difficulty opening up to Thad’s love for her, Thad’s panic when Isabel is kidnapped by their enemies… his despair when he believes that he’s lost her forever.

I hope you enjoy.

Songs in the key of King of Darkness:

Frozen – Madonna

Show Me How to Live – Audioslave

Your Decision – Alice in Chains

Brick – Ben Folds Five

Believe – The Bravery

We Might As Well Be Strangers – Keane

Panic Switch – SilverSun Pickups

Sometimes I hear a piece of music and I think “Oh yes, that’s their song.” In the sequel for King of Darkness, Prince of Power, that would be Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” for Tyra and Anton. It totally fits.  You’ll see what I mean.




Scorned by the vampire community for her lack of power, Isabel Anthony lives a carefree existence masquerading as human—although drifting through the debauched human nightlife, she prefers the patrons’ blood to other indulgences. But when she meets the sexy, arrogant king of the vampires, this party-girl’s life turns dark and dangerous.


Dead-set on finding the prophesied mate who will unlock his fiery powers, Thad Morgan must find his queen before their race is destroyed. Their enemies are gaining ground, and Thad needs his powers to unite his subjects. But when his search leads him to the defiant Isabel, he wonders if fate had gotten it seriously wrong…

About the Author

Elisabeth Staab still lives with her nose in a book and at least one foot in a fantasy world. Her bestselling paranormal romance novel, KingofDarkness, is available now. Her second book, PrinceofPower, releases in January. Find out more at

**Alright ladies and gentlemen, now’s your chance to WIN a copy of KING OF DARKNESS!! Elisabeth will send one lucky commenter a *signed* copy of KING OF DARKNESS. All you have to do to enter is comment below. Which of the songs on the playlist touches you? Which song is your “aaahhhh, this is gonna be good” song?? Let Elisabeth and I know which gets YOU in the groove for this book for your chance to win it. Contest is open until next Sunday night, and winner will be notified next Monday by email.** GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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Blog Tour: ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS by Tigris Eden

Posted June 21, 2012 By Jennifer

Yeah, I know… it’s not Monday… but the lovely (and very busy) Tigris Eden couldn’t be here on Monday. So we’re rearranging the days of the week, just for her, and her fantastic debut, ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS Blog Tour!!!

When writing I tend to listen to a lot of music. My tastes are eclectic and run to the extreme. It really depends on the mood I’m in. Music and writing have always been a part of my life. Before I even realized how vital it was to me I was in my room banging on pots and then trying to mimic what I created on paper.  The inspiration comes from a thought and then the music pushes me forward.  Often times that can be in the reverse as well, I could hear a song and then get an idea.  It’s a constant motion that goes around and around. There are literally millions of thoughts in my head, some have made it to paper, and others have died in my brain.

When writing Enslaved In Shadows I listened to a select group of musicians. It ranged from Jay Z and Kanye to Chevelle. But my muse would be Fink. There is something about the man and his words that are so powerful and moving you can’t help but get inspired. The idea of Enslaved came from Maroon 5’s Secret. I was in the car when the song came on and I got this idea of writing about a one night stand that turns into something more. That was thought at the time and from there spun the story of Draven and Jesminda.  Originally there were no paranormal aspects to it, but as the story progressed it just seemed like the right thing to do.

After I heard Secret I only listened to it one more time and then when on to compile my list of music that would get me through the journey. And what a journey it was. There was a lot personally happening outside of the writing and that as well contributed. My father was in the hospital, my day job sucked and it felt as if nothing normal would ever go right.  But every night I came home and sat at my computer and wrote. That was my therapy. I sat one book aside and then started and completed this one. All the while listening to my tunes, I think iTunes thinks I’m their biggest fan. I spent hundreds of dollars on some of the items and that includes Fink. I heard one of his songs… This Is The Thing. I was completely hooked.  Normally when you hear one song it’s usually one or maybe even two I like on the entire album. This was not the case with Fink. I bought the album that This Is The Thing was on and was completely blown away! So I bought all his albums the next day. LL was not happy about that, but he quickly stopped the tongue lashing when I explained how moved I was by the artist. LL who some of the bloggers know as Latin Lover is my Hubs. And when I say he loves the nerd in me I am so not joking. I was literally clapping and smiling ear to ear as I explained why I had to have all of the albums from Fink.  Just for the record he is also my muse for the upcoming book of Burned. You will see why at the end of that story. (I LOVE FINK).

Writing and music is my therapy and it helps me deal with some of the day to day hustle and bustle of real life. The two together cannot be broken apart. Well not for me anyway!  Here is a list of music I listened to while writing. Some of it relates to the story others are just fuel for my fingers. You will also note that there are some songs mentioned in the story. I didn’t listen to them all but some of them did make it to my play list. It’s a long as playlist and I hope the links below work if you’re interested.

For every copy of Enslaved In Shadows sold during the first two weeks of release 50% of sales will go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Fiona Apple – Sleep To Dream
Doris Day – Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Fiona Apple – Sullen Girl
Fiona Apple – Shadowboxer
Fiona Apple – Criminal
Fiona Apple – Slow Like Honey
Fiona Apple – The First Taste
Fiona Apple – Never Is A Promise
Fiona Apple – The Child Is Gone
Fiona Apple – Pale September
Fiona Apple – Carrion
Fiona Apple – Love Ridden
Fiona Apple – I Know
Fiona Apple – Waltz (Better Than Fine)
Fiona Apple – Why Try to Change Me Now
The Pierces – Secret
Natalie Imbruglia – Pineapple Head
Damien Rice – Volcano
Fink – So Many Roads
Fink – Who Says
Fink – Nothing Is Ever Finished
Déjà Vu – Uninvited
Seal – Fast Changes
Seal – Dreaming In Metaphors
Seal – Don’t Cry
Seal – If I Could
Seal – Kiss From A Rose
Seal – Crazy
Seal – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
U2 – With Or Without You
U2 – Beautiful Day
U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
U2 – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Sting – Shape Of My Heart
The Police – Message In A Bottle
Sting – Fragile
Sting – Gabriel’s Message
Sting – Send Your Love – Dave Aude Remix Edit Version
Sting – Sacred Love
Sade – No Ordinary Love
Sade – By Your Side
Sade – Is It A Crime
Sade – Cherish The Day
Sade – Jezebel
Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us
Sade – King Of Sorrow
Sade – Pearls
Sade – Haunt Me
Chie Nagatani – Moonlight Sonata
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Greensleeves
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Clair De Lune
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Fur Elise
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Love Story
Enya – Caribbean Blue – Remastered 2009
Enya – Boadicea – Remastered 2009
Enya – Watermark – Remastered 2009
Enya – Storms In Africa – Remastered 2009
Enya – Book Of Days – Remastered 2009
Enya – The Memory Of Trees – Instrumental
Seal – If I Could
Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack – On The Beach
David Draiman – Forsaken
Chester Bennington – System – Clean Album Version
Deftones – Change [In The House Of Flies]
Jay Gordon – Slept So Long – Clean Album Version
Static-X – Cold – Radio Mix   aka Deep Freeze Mix
Kidneythieves – Before I’m Dead
Chevelle – The Red
Bill Withers – Lovely Day
Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Fink – So Many Roads
Fink – Who Says
Fink – Nothing Is Ever Finished
Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix – Explicit Version
Déjà Vu – Uninvited

Fink – This Is The Thing – Acoustic
Fink – Pills In My Pocket – Acoustic
Fink – Q & A – Live On Byte FM, Berlin 09
Kanye West & JAY Z – No Church in the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)
Jay Z – Ni**as In Paris
Maroon 5 – Secret
Marsha Ambrosius – Sour Times
Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away feat. Busta Rhymes
P.M. Dawn – I’d Die Without You
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
The Minions – Minion Mambo
Zero 7 – Home
Zero 7 – Mr McGee
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
Zero 7 – Distractions
Zero 7 – I Have Seen
Zero 7 – Warm Sound
Zero 7 – Passing By
Zero 7 – Morning Song
Zero 7 – Today
 – Track 12
 – Track 10
 – Track 05
Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (BBC Radio One Evening Session – 15/11/00)
The Pierces – Boring

Thanks for having me on your blog!


*You’re very welcome, my dear… Thanks for sharing so many fantastic music ideas!! So… ladies and gents… have you ever gotten so completely wrapped up in a song or a band that you just HAD to have everything from them?? Tell Tigris and I about your MUST HAVES for a chance to win an ebook copy of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS!!*

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I LOVE when Jess and Shia come to visit!!! They always bring some fun chatter, are always entertaining, and things seldom goes as planned, lol. The crew is back this time to get us ready for the newest H & W Investigations book, STALKING THE OTHERS (July 3rd). Stick around after the chat for a chance to win one of 15 copies that Kensington is giving away!!!

Hello there!  Jess Haines here.  I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series (HUNTED BY THE OTHERS , TAKEN BY THE OTHERS, DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS , and the upcoming STALKING THE OTHERS).

Shiarra has been having a pretty bad time of things lately. She’s here with some of her friends (and otherwise) to tell you about it. This time, the ladies are discussing their latest relationships, and how they got into—or out of—them.  Over to you, Shia!


Shiarra:  Do I have to talk about this?

Chaz:  Yep.

Sara:  I’m not sure I want to discuss why Arnold and I started dating. That’s pretty personal.

Royce:  Am I supposed to cover this topic? I’m not sure there are enough hours in the day for me to list my conquests.

Shiarra:  That’s disgusting.

Royce:  Ms. Waynest, you can’t possibly expect me to have been celibate over nearly two millennia. Don’t be a prude. Or, worse, naïve.

Arnold: I think it’s more like none of us want to hear about all the chicks you boned and then drained dry. Though I imagine if I was a chick, that would be a pretty awesome way to go.

Sara:  Honey, that’s just rude.

Arnold:  Sorry. It’s true, though.

Shiarra:  This is so not even close to fair.

Royce:  Unfortunately, no one ever dictated that life would be fair.

Chaz:  Tell me about it. Make one little mistake, and—bam!  You’re paying for it for the rest of your life.

Shiarra:  That “mistake” was anything but little, and wasn’t the only one you made.

Chaz:  How many times do I have to apologize for that?  You know I wasn’t trying to hurt you.

Royce:  If I may interject—

Chaz:  Shut your face-hole, you walking corpse.

Royce: I’m allowed to have an opinion, you flea-infested imbecile. Thanks to your indiscretions, and your idiocy and lack of foresight, I am not cleaning up your pack’s messes in the media.  I’d show a little respect, were I you.

Chaz:  Yeah, well, you’re not. And I don’t need your help.

Arnold:  Guys, you’re both looking a little fang-y there. Might want to chill out.

Shiarra:  Or take it outside and kill each other, for all we care.

Sara:  Actually, I care very much. I’d like to see Chaz put away for his crimes, not torn to pieces.

Shiarra:  I don’t know about that…

Chaz:  What makes you think the leech would win?

Royce:  You would never best me in battle. I’ve led legions into war before your ancestors learned how to walk on two legs instead of four.

Sara:  You’re getting pretty upset for a guy who’s been around for halfway to forever. I’d think you’d be more patient.

Arnold: Or at least a bit more cold and heartless. Heh.

Royce:  If you had any notion of the amount of time and money I’ve spent cleaning up the messes Ms. Waynest and her former beau have left behind them, you might be a little more understanding of my lack of patience in this matter.

Shiarra:  Not that I’m keen to agree with Chaz on anything, but I have to admit I don’t think either of us asked for or need your help.

Royce: If you had any notion of what it is you’re turning away, you might not be so quick to spurn me, Ms. Waynest.

Shiarra:  If you’d tell us what the heck you’re doing and why, we might not be so quick to tell you to take a hike, Mr. Royce.

Arnold:  She’s got a point.

Royce:  I have been making efforts to keep these messes out of the media, or at least put as much of a positive spin on the involvement of Others as possible when left with no other choice.  The trail of bodies, damaged property, and humans claiming damages to their mental health due to the messes you have involved yourself in, Ms. Waynest, are no small matter. Your actions affect many, not just those closest to you.

Sara:  So why the heck are you going out of your way to make it right?  It’s not like she was dating you.

Royce:  No, but she did sign a contract binding herself to me. That investment would be worthless if she was either dead or locked away in prison for the remainder of her natural lifespan.

Shiarra:  Nice to know you consider me an “investment”.  Ugh.  You realize I’m a person, not a thing, right?

Arnold:  Vampires are weird like that.

Royce:  I suppose you consider yourself better, mage?  As I recall, the only reason you involved yourself in her affairs was because you felt you had something—several somethings—to gain.

Sara:  Our relationship had nothing to do with that.

Royce:  Are you quite certain, Ms. Halloway? I can’t help but see that his timing in seeking to woo you was rather fortuitous, given the circumstances…

Arnold:  Yes. She’s certain. You don’t know anything about us, so stay the hell out of it.

Chaz:  The leech might have a point, there, sparky.  You did put the moves on her pretty quick, considering everything that went down right before Shia ended up in the hospital.

Sara:  Not you, too!

Shiarra:  Shut up, Chaz.  Your opinion means even less to me than the vampire’s right now.

Arnold:  Wow. Didn’t think that was possible.

Royce:  Neither did I.


You can learn more about Shiarra and the rest of her friends in HUNTED BY THE OTHERS.   For the next stop on the blog tour, be sure to visit the official STALKING THE OTHERS blog tour calendar!

You can also visit me on the web:




Thanks again for having me and the gang over, Jennifer!


*Alright everyone!!! I warned you… things can get a little “interesting” around Shia’s bunch… I love when they come to visit, but I’m real glad I put the sharp objects away before they got here, lol!!

So… who’s wants to win a copy of STALKING THE OTHERS from Kensington Books??? Click through the Rafflecopter links below to enter, and watch Jess’s website for the announcement of winners.

You don’t have to comment to enter the contest… but in the spirit of this chat with Shiarra… I’d love to hear some of your sweet or funny “get together” stories. Share the love (PG for this, guys, lol) in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, and GOOD LUCK!!

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Hi everyone!! Today we’ve got a “special guest” joining us for a little bit of fun. Cicely Waters is an owl shifter and a wind witch (in Yasmine Galenorn’s Indigo Court Series). Like most gifts, these abilities come with responsibilities. Cicely has her hands full these days, trying to save herself, her family, and the rest of humanity, from the half fae, half vampire, 100% evil Queen of Winter, Myst. Last we saw Cicely and her crew (at the end of book 2, NIGHT VEIL), they were holed up and regrouping, readying themselves for their next move. Soon we’ll find out what that move will be (in July 3rd’s NIGHT SEEKER), but in a rare moment of down time, I managed to take her mind off what’s to come for a quick “This Or That” conversation. Everyone needs a break now and then, and Cicely has certainly earned a few smiles. Below are the answers to our chat… and the chance for YOU to check her impulse on a “This Or That” question of your own. (With prizes!)

1.      Vacation House – Sunshiney State or Mountainy State: Mountainy State

2.      Favorite Season – Spring or Fall: Fall

3.      Snack Food – Cupcake or Fruit: Cupcake

4.      Music – Evanescence or Linkin Park: Evanescence

5.      Days Off – Keep Busy or Chill Out: Keep Busy

6.      Gadget – iPhone or eReader: iPhone

7.      Date Night – Dinner/Movie or Concert/Club: Concert/Club

8.      Relaxing Reads – Magazines or Books: Books

9.      Facebook Games – Love ’em or Hate ’em: What’s Facebook?

10.  Board Games – Scrabble or Pictionary: Scrabble

11.  Class Reunion – “So There” or “Not A Chance”: Did not go to high school!

12.  Practical Jokes – Pranker or Prankee: Forget it—hate ‘em.

13.  Creepiest Critter – Spiders or Flying bugs: Spiders

14.  Hottest Hollywood Hottie – Chris Hemsworth or Matt Bomer: Chris Hemsworth

15.  Worst Part Doing Laundry – Folding or Putting Away: Folding

16.  Movie Sequels – Watch ’em or Don’t Watch ’em: Watch ‘em

17.  Worst Fate – locked in Jareth’s oubliette or swept away by “The Nothing” : Um…what’s the Nothing?

18.  True Love – Destiny or Determination: Destiny

19.  Travel – Drive or Fly: Drive

20. READER’S CHOICE – OK everyone… in the comments below… ask Cicely a fun This Or That question. Throughout the day, either she, or if she’s busy, someone from her camp (probably Yasmine Galenorn) will pop in to leave her answers. And have we got a prize for one lucky commenter. Yasmine is offering a $10 gift certificate to either or (winner’s choice), and I’ve got a *signed* 8×10 print of the NIGHT SEEKER cover (minus the words) from cover artist extraordinaire, Tony Mauro!!! So… leave your This Or That question for Cicely… look for your answers later today… and for an email tomorrow to see if you’ve won!! (Please leave your email in your comment so I can reach you.) I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, Good Luck!!!

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Words & Music Monday with Lauren Dane

Posted June 4, 2012 By Jennifer

Writing and Music by Lauren Dane

Music is an integral part of my writing process. I use music to set a tone, to keep me on track when I am interrupted and need to get back into the book after having to pause to edit a different one.

Every one of my books has a tracklist. I make them up as I go along, usually starting back in the plotting and synopsis stage and it continues all the way through edits.

Chaos Burning is a dark paranormal romance so the music also tends to be dark and haunting.

The song I return to when I think of Chaos Burning is Mumford and Sons – After The Storm (for many reasons, some readers won’t know until they finish the book)

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears. Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.


There is darkness, yes, but beyond that there is love and connection. There is courage and because of these things, they triumph. Both as a people, as together as Lark and Simon.

Speaking of Lark and Simon. Lark is a badass. She’s a quirky warrior who has flaws, but she knows who she is and she owns it.  I love that about her.  She’s also got a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to dealing with Simon, who is a great big pushy alpha male.

No Doubt’s Just a Girl is a song on my tracklist that I’d play a lot when I wrote her.

Simon is a male she figured she’d never want or need. He’s way out of her league and not her type. And yet, she falls for him anyway. Because she can’t help it and because he wants her and will do everything he has to to make her his.

KT Tunstall’s Difficulty became the Lark ponders Simon as she falls in love song…

Making my way into places
Only been seen on your darkest days
Breaking my heart to take a walk
Into your jungle
What can I do in this world for you
If difficulty is my friend
Keeping me company when I know
I don’t need it

And then Simon. Talk about badasses. He’s a Lycian prince. A being from the other side of the Veil where packs of men who shift into giant beasts (think huge werewolves). He’s six hundred years old and has spent five hundred of those years at his father’s right hand as a warrior. He’s seen it all. Done it all and up until Lark stumbles into his life, he thinks he knows exactly what his future holds.

I listened to a lot of Rage Against the Machine when Simon was on the page, as well as Jay Z and Queens of the Stone Age.

Rage Against the Machine – Roll Right

She turns all that on its ear and while he’s disconcerted at first, he grows to like it. To enjoy the chase and seduction to claim this female he’s grown to love so fiercely.

This part of the book always brought out The Black Keys’ Howlin’ For You –

As a bonus, the video is totally awesome, LOL.

And when it’s over, and they’ve triumphed and yet paid a high cost, it’s their connection that holds them together. I did listen to The Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t it Be Nice and Marvin Gaye and Tami Tyrell’s Ain’t No Mountain, but if I had to pick one song that encapsulated the dark and edgy feel to Simon and Lark – it has to be Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Maps.

Chaos Burning Tracklist (songs in no particular order)

32 Flavors – Ani DiFranco

No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses

Wouldn’t It Be Nice – the Beach Boys

Up the Neck – The Pretenders

Tattooed Love Boys – The Pretenders

Us – Regina Spektor

Lonely Lonely – Feist

Howlin For You – The Black Keys

Thistle & Weeds – Mumford and Sons

After the Storm – Mumford and Sons

Snakecharmer – Rage Against the Machine

Tire Me – Rage Against the Machine

Roll Right – Rage Against the Machine

Down Rodeo – Rage Against the Machine

Go With The Flow – Queens of the Stone Age

No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age

Setting Son – The Chemical Brothers

Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones

How Soon is Now – Echo and The Bunnymen

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tami Tyrell

C’Mere – Interpol

On To The Next One – Jay Z

99 Probems – Jay Z

Dirt off Ya Shoulder – Jay Z

Just a Girl – No Doubt

Cradle Will Rock – Van Halen

How Soon is Now – The Smiths

Why Bother – Weezer

Hash Pipe – Weezer

Difficulty –  KT Tunstall

Living After Midnight – Judas Priest

Nicest Thing – Kate Nash

Milkshake _ Kelis

Hockey Skates – Kate Edwards

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Go – Tokio Hotel

Blow Up the Outside World – Soundgarden

Blow – Kesha

Walcott – Vampire Weekend

Forget Her – Jeff Buckley

Machinehead – Bush

I Can’t Take It – Tegan and Sara

**You can find more information about Lauren, CHAOS BURNING, and the rest of her novels at her website and chat with her here!/laurendane or

Lauren has graciously offered up a copy of HEART OF DARKNESS to one lucky, random commenter!!! All you have to do is comment below with any lyric, from any song, that reminds you of a character or book. I can’t wait to see what words in music bring to mind words on a page for all of you!! Contest is open until next Monday. Good Luck!!!

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