Character Q&A – “This or That” with Cicely Waters (from Yasmine Galenorn’s Night Seeker)

Hi everyone!! Today we’ve got a “special guest” joining us for a little bit of fun. Cicely Waters is an owl shifter and a wind witch (in Yasmine Galenorn’s Indigo Court Series). Like most gifts, these abilities come with responsibilities. Cicely has her hands full these days, trying to save herself, her family, and the rest of humanity, from the half fae, half vampire, 100% evil Queen of Winter, Myst. Last we saw Cicely and her crew (at the end of book 2, NIGHT VEIL), they were holed up and regrouping, readying themselves for their next move. Soon we’ll find out what that move will be (in July 3rd’s NIGHT SEEKER), but in a rare moment of down time, I managed to take her mind off what’s to come for a quick “This Or That” conversation. Everyone needs a break now and then, and Cicely has certainly earned a few smiles. Below are the answers to our chat… and the chance for YOU to check her impulse on a “This Or That” question of your own. (With prizes!)

1.      Vacation House – Sunshiney State or Mountainy State: Mountainy State

2.      Favorite Season – Spring or Fall: Fall

3.      Snack Food – Cupcake or Fruit: Cupcake

4.      Music – Evanescence or Linkin Park: Evanescence

5.      Days Off – Keep Busy or Chill Out: Keep Busy

6.      Gadget – iPhone or eReader: iPhone

7.      Date Night – Dinner/Movie or Concert/Club: Concert/Club

8.      Relaxing Reads – Magazines or Books: Books

9.      Facebook Games – Love ’em or Hate ’em: What’s Facebook?

10.  Board Games – Scrabble or Pictionary: Scrabble

11.  Class Reunion – “So There” or “Not A Chance”: Did not go to high school!

12.  Practical Jokes – Pranker or Prankee: Forget it—hate ‘em.

13.  Creepiest Critter – Spiders or Flying bugs: Spiders

14.  Hottest Hollywood Hottie – Chris Hemsworth or Matt Bomer: Chris Hemsworth

15.  Worst Part Doing Laundry – Folding or Putting Away: Folding

16.  Movie Sequels – Watch ’em or Don’t Watch ’em: Watch ‘em

17.  Worst Fate – locked in Jareth’s oubliette or swept away by “The Nothing” : Um…what’s the Nothing?

18.  True Love – Destiny or Determination: Destiny

19.  Travel – Drive or Fly: Drive

20. READER’S CHOICE – OK everyone… in the comments below… ask Cicely a fun This Or That question. Throughout the day, either she, or if she’s busy, someone from her camp (probably Yasmine Galenorn) will pop in to leave her answers. And have we got a prize for one lucky commenter. Yasmine is offering a $10 gift certificate to either or (winner’s choice), and I’ve got a *signed* 8×10 print of the NIGHT SEEKER cover (minus the words) from cover artist extraordinaire, Tony Mauro!!! So… leave your This Or That question for Cicely… look for your answers later today… and for an email tomorrow to see if you’ve won!! (Please leave your email in your comment so I can reach you.) I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, Good Luck!!!


  1. Comment by Mel Thomas:

    Since Night Myst you’ve been through hell. If you could put everything on hold for a week (wouldn’t that be nice?) what would you do, who would be with you and where would you go?

  2. Comment by kylanath:

    Choosing cheese: goat cheese or bleu cheese?

  3. Comment by Sarah Weiss (@MightyMouse118):

    Fav weapon- Fan or blade?
    rachelcaineassistant (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Comment by Billie-Renee Knight:

    Shoes – heels or sneakers?

  5. Comment by Shadow:

    Great post!
    Coffee or Hot chocolate?

  6. Comment by Pam Mandigo:

    Classic car or classic Harley?

    Love the post!!

  7. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely speaking: I’d go on a trip up to a mountain lake, with Grieve, Rhiannon, and Chatter. Where we could just hang out, camp, walk through the forest, and have fun. It would be spring–I miss the spring and summer so much right now.

  8. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Hmmm…um, neither? I’d rather have a good gouda.

  9. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Obviously, Fae. I’ve had my fill of vampires enough to last me a lifetime, and since I’m part Uwilahsidhe (Fae), then I think I’d rather stick to my own kind.

  10. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    A mix of both. Can’t beat CCR for road music, but I also like Nirvana.

  11. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: My fan. I love my fan. The obsidian blades scare me, even though I’m pulled to them.

  12. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: can I have both? Mix them to make mocha???

  13. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Classic car, of course. 🙂 My Pontiac GTO is a classic.

  14. Comment by Deana:

    This is a great post. I am very much looking forward to finding out what is gonna happen in Night Seeker!!! My question…..

    Jeans or Dress????


  15. Comment by Trish:

    Ice tea or hot tea? Herbal tea or regular tea?

  16. Comment by Trish:


  17. Comment by Deana:

    mysticjaguarflower AT gmail DOT com

  18. Comment by Christina B:

    If Cicely could team up with an Otherworld Sister would it be Delilah, Camille, or Menolly?


  19. Comment by Vanessa Primer:

    Bagels or donuts?

  20. Comment by lavendersbluegreen:

    Wheatless in Seattle or Udi’s?

  21. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Jeans and tank top, mostly.

  22. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Not so much a tea person. Herbal, if I drink it. 🙂

  23. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: I’d probably prefer to be around Camille, we have magic in common, and she’s not a vampire.

  24. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Donuts! Cake donuts, especially chocolate covered, powdered sugar, or the cinnamon-spice covered ones.

  25. Comment by Yasmine Galenorn:

    Cicely: Um…how about McDonalds? 🙂

  26. Comment by Morgan Vogel:

    given time and what not an issue, would you rather go rock climbing and bungee jumping OR sky diving and white water rafting?


  27. Comment by Jennifer:

    Thanks for all the fun “This or That” questions, everyone. The contest is now closed. I’m about to email the winner…


    I hope you all enjoyed this little break in the mayhem with Cicely. Be sure to keep an eye out for NIGHT SEEKER on July 3rd!! And if you haven’t started learning about the Indigo Court… Start with book one in the series, NIGHT MYST.

  28. Comment by Deana:

    Thanks so much!!!

  29. Comment by Tagati:

    Hm, seems like we have a lot in common. So, here’s my question, “moggies or doggies?”

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