Blog Tour: ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS by Tigris Eden

Yeah, I know… it’s not Monday… but the lovely (and very busy) Tigris Eden couldn’t be here on Monday. So we’re rearranging the days of the week, just for her, and her fantastic debut, ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS Blog Tour!!!

When writing I tend to listen to a lot of music. My tastes are eclectic and run to the extreme. It really depends on the mood I’m in. Music and writing have always been a part of my life. Before I even realized how vital it was to me I was in my room banging on pots and then trying to mimic what I created on paper.  The inspiration comes from a thought and then the music pushes me forward.  Often times that can be in the reverse as well, I could hear a song and then get an idea.  It’s a constant motion that goes around and around. There are literally millions of thoughts in my head, some have made it to paper, and others have died in my brain.

When writing Enslaved In Shadows I listened to a select group of musicians. It ranged from Jay Z and Kanye to Chevelle. But my muse would be Fink. There is something about the man and his words that are so powerful and moving you can’t help but get inspired. The idea of Enslaved came from Maroon 5’s Secret. I was in the car when the song came on and I got this idea of writing about a one night stand that turns into something more. That was thought at the time and from there spun the story of Draven and Jesminda.  Originally there were no paranormal aspects to it, but as the story progressed it just seemed like the right thing to do.

After I heard Secret I only listened to it one more time and then when on to compile my list of music that would get me through the journey. And what a journey it was. There was a lot personally happening outside of the writing and that as well contributed. My father was in the hospital, my day job sucked and it felt as if nothing normal would ever go right.  But every night I came home and sat at my computer and wrote. That was my therapy. I sat one book aside and then started and completed this one. All the while listening to my tunes, I think iTunes thinks I’m their biggest fan. I spent hundreds of dollars on some of the items and that includes Fink. I heard one of his songs… This Is The Thing. I was completely hooked.  Normally when you hear one song it’s usually one or maybe even two I like on the entire album. This was not the case with Fink. I bought the album that This Is The Thing was on and was completely blown away! So I bought all his albums the next day. LL was not happy about that, but he quickly stopped the tongue lashing when I explained how moved I was by the artist. LL who some of the bloggers know as Latin Lover is my Hubs. And when I say he loves the nerd in me I am so not joking. I was literally clapping and smiling ear to ear as I explained why I had to have all of the albums from Fink.  Just for the record he is also my muse for the upcoming book of Burned. You will see why at the end of that story. (I LOVE FINK).

Writing and music is my therapy and it helps me deal with some of the day to day hustle and bustle of real life. The two together cannot be broken apart. Well not for me anyway!  Here is a list of music I listened to while writing. Some of it relates to the story others are just fuel for my fingers. You will also note that there are some songs mentioned in the story. I didn’t listen to them all but some of them did make it to my play list. It’s a long as playlist and I hope the links below work if you’re interested.

For every copy of Enslaved In Shadows sold during the first two weeks of release 50% of sales will go to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Fiona Apple – Sleep To Dream
Doris Day – Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Fiona Apple – Sullen Girl
Fiona Apple – Shadowboxer
Fiona Apple – Criminal
Fiona Apple – Slow Like Honey
Fiona Apple – The First Taste
Fiona Apple – Never Is A Promise
Fiona Apple – The Child Is Gone
Fiona Apple – Pale September
Fiona Apple – Carrion
Fiona Apple – Love Ridden
Fiona Apple – I Know
Fiona Apple – Waltz (Better Than Fine)
Fiona Apple – Why Try to Change Me Now
The Pierces – Secret
Natalie Imbruglia – Pineapple Head
Damien Rice – Volcano
Fink – So Many Roads
Fink – Who Says
Fink – Nothing Is Ever Finished
Déjà Vu – Uninvited
Seal – Fast Changes
Seal – Dreaming In Metaphors
Seal – Don’t Cry
Seal – If I Could
Seal – Kiss From A Rose
Seal – Crazy
Seal – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
U2 – With Or Without You
U2 – Beautiful Day
U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
U2 – Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Sting – Shape Of My Heart
The Police – Message In A Bottle
Sting – Fragile
Sting – Gabriel’s Message
Sting – Send Your Love – Dave Aude Remix Edit Version
Sting – Sacred Love
Sade – No Ordinary Love
Sade – By Your Side
Sade – Is It A Crime
Sade – Cherish The Day
Sade – Jezebel
Sade – Nothing Can Come Between Us
Sade – King Of Sorrow
Sade – Pearls
Sade – Haunt Me
Chie Nagatani – Moonlight Sonata
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Greensleeves
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Clair De Lune
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Fur Elise
Relaxing Piano Music Consort – Love Story
Enya – Caribbean Blue – Remastered 2009
Enya – Boadicea – Remastered 2009
Enya – Watermark – Remastered 2009
Enya – Storms In Africa – Remastered 2009
Enya – Book Of Days – Remastered 2009
Enya – The Memory Of Trees – Instrumental
Seal – If I Could
Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack – On The Beach
David Draiman – Forsaken
Chester Bennington – System – Clean Album Version
Deftones – Change [In The House Of Flies]
Jay Gordon – Slept So Long – Clean Album Version
Static-X – Cold – Radio Mix   aka Deep Freeze Mix
Kidneythieves – Before I’m Dead
Chevelle – The Red
Bill Withers – Lovely Day
Nina Simone – Feeling Good

Fink – So Many Roads
Fink – Who Says
Fink – Nothing Is Ever Finished
Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix – Explicit Version
Déjà Vu – Uninvited

Fink – This Is The Thing – Acoustic
Fink – Pills In My Pocket – Acoustic
Fink – Q & A – Live On Byte FM, Berlin 09
Kanye West & JAY Z – No Church in the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean)
Jay Z – Ni**as In Paris
Maroon 5 – Secret
Marsha Ambrosius – Sour Times
Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away feat. Busta Rhymes
P.M. Dawn – I’d Die Without You
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
The Minions – Minion Mambo
Zero 7 – Home
Zero 7 – Mr McGee
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
Zero 7 – Distractions
Zero 7 – I Have Seen
Zero 7 – Warm Sound
Zero 7 – Passing By
Zero 7 – Morning Song
Zero 7 – Today
 – Track 12
 – Track 10
 – Track 05
Radiohead – Everything in Its Right Place
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (BBC Radio One Evening Session – 15/11/00)
The Pierces – Boring

Thanks for having me on your blog!


*You’re very welcome, my dear… Thanks for sharing so many fantastic music ideas!! So… ladies and gents… have you ever gotten so completely wrapped up in a song or a band that you just HAD to have everything from them?? Tell Tigris and I about your MUST HAVES for a chance to win an ebook copy of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS!!*


  1. Comment by yganoe:

    My summer must haves…my swing on the deck, lots of diet decaf iced tea, and an awesome book!

  2. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    Congratulations Tigris!
    My must haves include air-conditioning at the top of the list. I hate the heat. Plenty of ice water, iced mochas (daily), and good reads.

  3. Comment by Tigris:

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂 And Vicki you are a vampyre now I see! LOL Love it! Yvette its all about the sweet tea! ♥ Thanks for commenting!

  4. Comment by Julianne:

    I like Seal’s Kiss From A Rose too. There isn’t a band I like that I have a MUST have list from. But I did like The Lord of the Rings first movie, and I did a lot of searching on ebay for items with Legolas on them. I got posters, magnets, pins, keychains, postcards, candybar wrappers, stamps, pictures signed by Orlando Bloom. So I guess that’s my must have. 🙂
    I’d really love to read Enslaved In Shadows.

  5. Comment by bn100:

    Nice list of songs. No music group is a must have for me.

  6. Comment by Joanne B:

    Thanks for the great song list. I heard a song from James Morrison(I Won’t Let You Go), fell in love with it then I had to get everything else he had.
    Congrats on the new release. The book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.

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