Release Day Giveaway: FORGET ME NOT by Shannon K Butcher

I love love love, did I mention I LOVE Shannon K Butcher’s writing. I’m a HUGE fan of her Sentinel Wars series, and if you haven’t been reading them, you definitely need to get on that!! 🙂 Today Shannon’s entering a whole new world. FORGET ME NOT is the ebook introduction to a whole new story, and I’m SO excited to see what amazing new things she’s got planned.

The last thing Adria expects to find when she arrives at her vacation rental is a man in her front yard—unconscious and stark naked. But something else sets him apart from most strangers. He is no ordinary man. Toren is new to Earth, framed for a crime he didn’t commit and banished to this planet to serve his sentence. He’s desperate to return to his planet, because the magic that is part of him will soon disappear, and along with it, all of his memories. Adria is his only hope to help make his escape for home—and as fate would have it, his reason to stay.

You can find FORGET ME NOT at all your favorite ebook retailers today!!! (Perfect flight material for your trip to Authors After Dark! Or, a nice way to spend the time if you’re not on your way to New Orleans.)

To help celebrate the new release, we’re gonna give someone a shot at an autographed copy of one of Shannon’s backlist titles! If you haven’t started the Sentinel Wars series yet, here’s your chance. If you’re not caught up with the Edge series, now’s the time. AND… Shannon is also including a handmade (yes, by her) glass bead bookmark!!

So… let’s predict… does Toren stay? Does he find a way home with Adria? Or do we have to wait for book 2 to find out??? One commenter will be randomly chosen Monday night (8/13) at midnight pacific. GOOD LUCK!!


  1. Comment by *Le me:

    Great! The more books the better it is 🙂

  2. Comment by Kimberly S:

    I hope it takes a few books before we find out!

  3. Comment by Donna Bonsall Ippoliti:

    I would love to read your book.

  4. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    This might be fun ;). Thank you.

  5. Comment by Cathy M:

    I am betting he stays.

  6. Comment by Mary Preston:

    I have not begun the Sentinel Wars series yet, so I can’t really say.

  7. Comment by bn100:

    The book sounds good. He probably finds a way home.

  8. Comment by Tina B:

    Sounds like a great read! I think he finds a way home with Adria. I don want him to lose his magic or memories. But I guess I will have to read it to see. 😉

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