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I love days when we see books and music meet. My weekly “Words & Music Monday” posts show that, but sometimes awesome authors like Shawntelle Madison allow us more time to see just how important that partnership is. Shawntelle joins us today as part of her KEPT (Coveted, #2) release blog tour, and I’m so excited to have her here!


Good Music Makes Me Happy

There’s just something about music. It could be that particular song, that plays again and again in my head and brings scenes to mind. That was the way I was with when I wrote Coveted and Kept. Whether I’m working on something dark or light—whimsical or brooding, I prefer to have music in place to help set the mood. Not to say I haven’t written in silence, but if I have my protagonists beating up bad guys I most certainly wouldn’t use some let’s-hold-hands-and-make-world-a-better-place music.

To be honest, my tastes are eclectic. During high school I lived in a small town in Iowa. During my freshman-sophomore year, I remember reading science fiction to an oldies rock station. (If I hear Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love, I always think of a particular set of science fiction books. It’s rather neat how the mind associates music with books.)

Reading and writing though are two different activities. I found that I couldn’t work with my standard set of songs. It took a certain kind of music to evoke emotions that compelled me to write scenes—or even whole books. Unfortunately, the classic rock I listened to during high school didn’t give me those write romance/urban fantasy/ummm whatever genre feeling. I write paranormal, so I need that creepy, dark, let’s get-it-on with a hot werewolf dude stuff. One of my favorites–I love her music, is Me’shell Ndegéocello.  Favorite tracks below:

Her music has such raw feeling and I’m just compelled to write. Another one I enjoyed was Massive Attack. They do a lot of trip hop. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but all it takes is the right song at the right time and I feel something that makes my fingers want to get the scene out. Even if it’s a song I would not listen to while in the car, if it has that “vibe”, I’m more than willing to listen to it to fall into the moment. =)

Do you have a playlist in your head when your head when you read certain books? I’m always looking for new tracks to add to my playlist! Check out my playlist for Kept and Coveted. Share some of your favorites.


So… ladies and gents… leave a comment below with a song that reminds you of a particular book or series. Or… if you’ve already read COVETED, do you have a song that Shawntelle should add to her playlist?? One commenter will win either COVETED or KEPT (please specify which in your comment, also specify if you’d rather have ebook or print). Contest runs through Sunday night, Dec 9th, midnight pacific! Can’t wait to hear all your suggestions! Good Luck!!


  1. Comment by Barbara E.:

    Maybe I’m strange, but I don’t really associate music with books. I really get into the story, but it doesn’t have a soundtrack for me. I have Coveted on my TBR shelf, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet – I’d love to win a copy of Kept in print, then I could get all caught up on the series. 😀

  2. Comment by readsalot81:

    Hmmm.. good question. I like this song “Headstrong ” by a band named Trapt. The song makes me think about the two lead characters, Kate & Curran in Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels’ series.

    I have a signed copy of Coveted (gotten at RWA! ) so a print copy of Kept would be fabulous!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Comment by bn100:

    Don’t think of music when I read.
    I’d like a print copy of Kept.


  4. Comment by Filia Oktarina:

    I never hear or think music recently, i love silent when reading. I never asociate music and book, so i don’t know sountrack to any book i read.
    I’d love to win a copy of Kept in print, thank you 🙂

    filiafantasy at gmail dot com

  5. Comment by Na S.:

    There are songs that I reminds me of certain scenes in a book. I can’t recall any right now but when I hear it the characters do come to me. I like seeing what songs authors associate with their books and often try to listen to them to see a connection.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a print copy of KEPT.

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