Words & Music Monday with Jennifer DeLucy


It’s still Monday… It’s still Monday!!!! Sorry for the late posting tonight… but I’m so happy to be bringing you this week’s author. I’ve been a fan of Jennifer DeLucy’s writing for a very long time. I was THRILLED for her when SEERS OF LIGHT, the first book in her Light series, was published. I’ve been fangirling her ever since. The trilogy is now complete, and I can’t wait to see what else she’s got to share. What makes her so perfect for this feature is that she also CREATES music, both for her books, and for the pure enjoyment of it.


We all love music. It’s the one universal thing that touches, impacts, motivates or heals us, and on top of that, it inspires us, as well…especially the artistic types.

In writing, music is kind of a key tool for staying in the mode for me. When I’ve lost my motivation, it can do a lot to kick start the juice again, and when I’m in the flow, the right songs can lift the frequency to a fever pitch.

This is especially true for me, since I was raised a musician.  And when I say raised, I mean it. I was literally sitting on my mom’s lap, learning to speak and sit up straight while she played the piano, watching her pluck away at the guitar, listening to my grandfather sing Nat King Cole throughout the house… it was an upbringing of music. I had no choice but to take it on as a second language.

So music and song goes hand and hand in the creative process for me.  Each book in the Light Series, for instance, had an accompanying playlist that was nearly as important to me as the novels, themselves.

And on top of that, each book had a theme song, which I composed for use in the book trailers:

It remains an undeniable compulsion to write music for my novels. And I didn’t stop at trailer songs. I’ve written pieces for a few of the characters, as well, because once a story gets under my skin, I feel like I have a lot more to express about it than words can completely provide. Check out the music and you’ll get a good idea of the mood of the books and the lives of the characters in a whole new way.

I’ll bet a lot of you understand what I mean—even if you don’t write music yourself.  Music is the wordless expression of the soul, the ultimate creative parallel to words, so it’s perfect for use in constructing a novel when you need that extra boost to carry your muse over a hump or keep her flying high.  And playlists also add so much to reader experience, I think. Just in recalling how much I’ve enjoyed the music lists provided by my favorite authors, I can attest to that being the case.

We’re becoming a multi-media, multi-sensory culture. As we evolve, I’m pretty convinced that readers want to experience a story on every emotional level possible, so yay for music! It’s a perfect non-invasive companion to the visions in our heads.  And yay for those readers who listen to these compilations, because it only makes the experience that much better.

Later guys, and keep on reading/listening!



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