Words & Music Monday with Victoria Schwab

Welcome to Monday, my lovelies!!



Today’s guest, Victoria Schwab, is anxiously awaiting her new book, THE ARCHIVED, to be released tomorrow!!! I managed to talk her out of a few minutes of her time to share her character / couple playlists!

3099544I actually assign every song to a character/pair of characters in the book, so beside each song I’ve put the character/pairing! I think it can be fun to see, so here we go.
10929432So… a little insight into some of the characters and relationships in Victoria’s story. (And added cool points for including a HP OST song!! I’m really curious about that now!!!) I’ve read her first release, THE NEAR WITCH, and I can’t wait to try THE ARCHIVED!! Congrats, Victoria!!
Are there any of these songs that have YOUR curiosity piqued about any of the characters??

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