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Today’s Words & Music Monday feature is actually a stop along Kerry Schafer’s BETWEEN Blog Tour. I’ve been so excited for this book to come out, and tomorrow is the day!!!! Be sure to check out the other stops along the tour for cool posts about dreams, and doorways, and dragons… and chances to win a copy of BETWEEN! (You can click the banner image below to see the full list of tour stops.) At the end of Kerry’s post here, you’ll find out how you can win a copy at this stop 🙂


Soundtracks to Live and Write By

My writing life has three distinct genres of soundtrack.

Soundtrack Number One: Ambient Music. This emerges spontaneously from the people living in my house and has nothing to do with my own writing needs or preferences. There were times during the writing of Between when one of my kids would be playing the piano downstairs while the other one played the electric guitar upstairs in a completely different key. Not conducive to writing! But there were also moments like this:

Soundtrack Number Two: Music I Write To. I nearly always write to music. When the house is empty it plays through the stereo. When there is an Ambient Soundtrack playing (see number one) I put on noise cancelling earbuds and cue up the iTunes. My usual music while writing Between was very heavily Mark Knopfler oriented. (Okay, I confess: most of my music is heavily Mark Knopfler oriented. I’ve been told I’m a little obsessed). I own most of his albums, starting with the Dire Straits classics, on through albums where he went solo or worked with other artists like Emmy Lou Harris and Chet Atkins. I’m also fond of Nora Jones and Sara MacLachlan for writing music. This has nothing to do with the mood of the book, and everything to do with the fact that I a) love the music and b) know it so well I don’t need to listen to the lyrics.

A selection from the writing playlist, taken straight off my iPhone:

I don’t always have a song for each character, but in Between there are a few.

Things are pretty tough for Vivian – she’s used to being the one who is in control, who solves the problems, who knows what is going on and takes care of everybody. And all of a sudden she’s caught up in a reality she doesn’t understand, somewhere between waking and dreaming. This song really fits for her: Somewhere in Between by Lifehouse

As for Zee, he is a warrior-poet, and the two sides of his nature are always fighting for supremacy. He has two songs:  Starry Starry Night by Josh Groban and Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

For Isobel, Vivian’s mentally unstable mother, it’s Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Soundtrack Number Three: Survival Music. These are songs that get me moving, lift my mood, or coax me into singing along. If I’m discouraged with the writing, or too tired to write, music will often fix me.


So, my lovelies… my question for you… what is the theme song for YOUR life?? I can’t wait to hear what songs describe the wild and wonderful people you are. One random commenter will win a print copy of BETWEEN from Kerry’s awesome publisher!! Please leave me the name of the song, and the artist. If you’d like to leave a link, too… that would be cool. I want to hear them all 🙂 This contest will be open until Feb 5th, which is the date the blog tour ends. Be sure to click the banner at the top of this post to check out all the other blogs participating, and enter at each of their sites to increase your chances of winning!! (Oh, and Kerry’s got a contest happening on her site, here, that ends TOMORROW!!) Good luck, and lets see those theme songs! 🙂


  1. Comment by Denise Tompkins:

    If I have to pick one song for my life’s theme song, it’s “Some Night” by Fun. Here’s the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQkBeOisNM0

    I’m not a soldier, though I respect them. I’m not a lover left behind, though I respect them too. I’m just me. The lyrics touch something in me every time I listen to the song (cough-manytimesaday-cough). Hope you enjoy it too.

  2. Comment by bn100:

    stronger by Kelly Clarkson

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