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Hello there, my lovelies!!! Today we’re joining author Wendy Sparrow along her FROSTED Blog Tour. I really enjoyed FROSTED, and Wendy has a beautiful prize (info below) to offer someone introduced to Jack & Kate during this tour.


WendySparrow-4 (2)Short, Sweet, and Frosted

Like most writers, I started writing because of how much I love reading. Actually, I think I stopped calling what I do “reading” a long time ago…it’s definitely devouring. I read a lot. Last year, I stopped sleeping entirely and read 393 titles. Classics, Nonfiction, Poetry, Sci-fiction—and, of course, my favorite reading—lots of romance.

When you’ve spent the day wrangling kids and you can’t sleep at night, you need to read about happily-ever-afters. In 2012, I had two guilty pleasures (which I felt very little guilt about—to be honest.) I rediscovered my love of contemporary romance and I fell hard—head over heels—for anthologies and novellas. I read nearly two dozen anthologies last year and many stand-alone novellas.

More often than not, I find perfect sweet goodness in anthologies, but there’s always the threat of filler stories—or maybe you don’t need a bunch of stories—you just want one to snack on. With the ebook market taking off, publishers are choosing more and more to put teasers and stand-alone novellas out for eager readers who have just a few commute hours to spend…or just that time you’re waiting for piano lessons to be over…or when you start reading a book at midnight knowing you’ll never put it down without finishing it.

Okay, so I do feel a bit guilty about all the times I did that last year…and already this year…and will continue to do. Crap. I’m such a repeat offender when it comes to staying up eye-ball-bleeding late.

Several of the big romance publishers, including Entangled, have separate lines of novella ebooks. (Ever Afters and Flirts with Entangled.) Readers of the world, we are free! We’re no longer chained to a brick of a book that we’ll go blind before we finish it. No! We can sit down with a novella and a cup of hot chocolate and not postpone life indefinitely—long enough—but not indefinitely.

And seasonal and holiday stories are often better suited to a shorter format. When I sat down to write a story about the myth of Old Man Winter—who is actually young, hot Jack Frost, a novella was the perfect length. I could set it primarily in a contemporary setting, Denver Colorado, and avoid all the world-building of novels. The stories of romance novellas seem to revolve around more emotional conflicts. You don’t have time to stretch out long-range, slow-building action and mysteries. You’re not introducing a full cast of characters in an epic drama.

Frosted 1600It’s a boy and a girl…and them getting together.

Forget their friends.

Forget their poignant family epiphanies.

You can fall in love in a couple hours and then sigh…and look at the clock…and scream because it’s three a.m. and you know you’re going to be chasing the kids off to the bus in your Mountain Dew pajamas while they’re carrying pop-tarts. Not that I’d know. I’ve heard.

So, for this month of stepping out of your box, check out the novellas out there. And if you happened to check out a certain novella where the Jack Frost myth takes a turn for the romantic…well, that would just be the frosting on my cake. Maybe yours too. (It’s called Frosted, by the way. If you didn’t know that, all that clever word play was totally wasted.) (And once you explain jokes they’re really less funny, aren’t they?)

Thanks for letting me sneak on the blog for today and good luck on expanding your genre horizons.

Wendy Sparrow

@WendySparrow on Twitter


So, ladies and gentlemen… how do YOU feel about novellas and short stories?? Are you happy with a quick(ish) storyline that starts and wraps up in the length of a break in your day? Or do you prefer the standard length, full blown stories that require locking yourself away for a few hours of uninterrupted reading? If you DO enjoy novellas… what’s your favorite standalone?? I’m making a novella TBR list, lol 🙂

41pQJm6umILCommenters who answer the question above, will be entered to win an ecopy of FROSTED!!! And check out this lovely Blue and White Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Necklace (in Sterling Silver)!! Wendy’s giving this away to one commenter along the blog tour. (Click the rafflecopter link to enter to win it.) Be sure to leave a comment here to enter to win the ebook. Contest ends at midnight, pacific, on Friday, March 1st (the last day of the blog tour). Also, make sure you check out the other stops on the tour!!!

Click Here To Enter To Win The Snowflake Pendant

Good Luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    I like both. Novellas are great when I want a nice fast read that fills in back story. My only thing is they have to be complete. Thank you.

  2. Comment by Yadira Alonzo (@yadkny):

    I like both too! I guess it just depends on my mood… sometimes I just need something quick and relatively painless and other times I like the long journey. Depends on how much time I have too.

  3. Comment by Mary Preston:

    I mostly prefer full length novels, but sometimes a shorter read is exactly right.

    I don’t have any favorites.

  4. Comment by bn100:

    Don’t mind novellas, but prefer longer books.


  5. Comment by Marlies Anastasia:

    I enjoy both. Sometimes I do not have the time to for a whole novel and novellas hit the spot.

  6. Comment by Arely Z.:

    It depends on the day. I love novellas, but sometimes they seem way too short and I want more. Other times I don’t have time for a novel but want to read something new. Either way I love them 🙂

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