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Blog Tour: TIME HEALS by Dina James

Posted March 26, 2013 By Jennifer


I’m SO happy to be a part of Dina James’ tour for TIME HEALS!! I really loved ALL WOUNDS, the first book in her Stranger Things novels and couldn’t wait for more of the story… TIME HEALS didn’t disappoint! Be sure to check out my review, HERE 🙂

In celebration of release day, Dina is giving away TONS of cool prizes! (She’s knitted a gorgeous cowl, something that Rebecca has in the book!) Be sure to check out her site, in addition to the other sites who are joining us for the tour. Everyone will have prizes to share (books and teas and fangs, OH MY!), and everyone will have fun info about Dina, and the Stranger Things world.

13110384Monday, March 25th – My World…in words and pages

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Wednesday, March 27th – Bitten By Books

Thursday, March 28th – The Book Life

Friday, March 29th – The Between series author Kerry Schafer’s blog

Tuesday, April 2 – Two Chicks on Books

Wednesday, April 3 – Good Choice Reading

Thursday, April 4 – Literary Escapism

Friday, April 5 – Demons of Oblivion series author Skyla Dawn Cameron’s blog

For MY part… today we’re giving away a print copy of TIME HEALS!!! Huge thanks to Mundania Press and Dina for offering this prize!! One of the main themes in the story is finding your place, and learning how the choices you make effect the world around you. For a chance to enter for a print copy of TIME HEALS, you can leave a comment about one of the best choices YOU’VE made in your life. A choice that changed your life, or simply made you smile… but a good choice you made. I’m excited to see everyone’s comments!!  *ALSO… for a second chance to win… share the info about the blog tour (and TIME HEALS) on the media of your choice! I’m so excited about this series, and this book, and I want to help spread the word 🙂 Simply leave the link to your blog post, tweet, tumblr, pinterest, or facebook share, and you’ll be entered for another chance to win!* And I’m excited to share TIME HEALS with all of you!! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!!

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Author: Dina James
Series: Stranger Things Novels, #2
Format: Trade Paperback, eBook
Pages: 198 Original
Release Date: March 26, 2013
ISBN #: 978-1-60659-337-0

*I was given this copy by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.*

TIME HEALS is the follow up to Dina James’ YA debut, ALL WOUNDS. I loved the characters, how they interacted, and how they worked to fill the roles they were given in the story. To me, TIME HEALS is very much a book about finding a place, and making choices about how to live in that place. Here’s the synopsis from…

Rebecca MacDonnell is strange. More than that, she’s a Stranger, a human born with the ability to use her own life’s force to heal ethereal beings. Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, goblins, and other things thought only imaginary all need help sometime, and when they do, they come to her.

Some things, however, are beyond help. Something is stalking all Ethereals, great and small. Beings of every race are fleeing a terror no one will acknowledge, let alone name.

At seventeen, Mistress Healer Rebecca is still learning to manage her power. She must learn to control it before it controls her.

Unless it’s already too late.

When her burgeoning ability gets away from her, that which heals turns to harm and drives her loyal man-wolf bodyguard Billy straight into the arms of the unknown horror.

Unlikely new friends are her only hope to finding out what’s happened, and she must enter new – and dangerous – territory in order to do it

I was happy to be back with Rebecca, Syd, Ryan, Nana, and Billy. At this point in the story, Rebecca has become a bit more comfortable with her Healer calling, but still has a lot to learn about using and controlling her gifts. And what could be a better motivator for figuring things out than finding someone she loves incapacitated and dying of unknown causes??!!??

My only complaint about the book is that, while I’m sure it probably mimics the frustration *IF* this were to happen in real life, there seemed a lot of time between when Billy was found, and when Rebecca finally had a course of action and followed through. Having said that, she didn’t know WHAT to do… that was part of the story, her figuring out how to help him… it just seemed like it took a long time for her “rescue” to get started. But once it did… WOWZA!!!

Something this book does NOT lack is imagination!!!! I absolutely LOVED all the new characters, and the return of some of the original side characters. They’re all so full of personality and they really add a fantastic layer of fun and adventure to the story. (I want a little plushy doll of Nothlet… no… I’m serious… Dina, make this, and I will buy it!!) The relationships that are formed throughout this book are really incredible. Everyone has their own journey, their own goal, but they all work so well together to help the “greater good”. The “greater good” that has to be wrestled from a very interesting (read: ewwwwww!) source. Like I said… NOT lacking in imagination!!!

Throughout the story, we’re brought back, time and time again, to the idea of choice. The point where the character has information, and finds himself or herself dealing with the consequences of their actions. TIME HEALS a fantastic blend of whimsy, adventure, and self discovery. And who doesn’t want to ride a spider, snuggle a sexy/sweet Master Vampire, have lunch with a tree nymph, or play a game of “kick the heads” with a hellhound pup??

I’m so happy with where the characters are at the end of this story. Of course there is more learning for all of them to do. There were choices made, and there will be ramification of those choices (I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of those demons!!), but at the close of TIME HEALS, the lessons have been learned from THIS adventure, and I feel confident they’re ready to handle whatever Dina throws at them in DEATH KNELL. (Although, I have to admit, the title makes me nervous!!)

If you haven’t read ALL WOUNDS… you should DEFINITELY get on that!!!! The Stranger Things series is a quick read that will draw you into its world, I suggest everyone have them on their TBR list!!!


** Check out my spot on Dina’s TIME HEALS Blog Tour, and talk GOOD choices to win prizes!! **

** Check out the Blog Tour for TIME HEALS for chances to win all kinds of cool stuff!!! **

** Check out the cool prizes Dina has on her own blog, AWESOME prizes!!! **

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WordsAndMusicMondayThis week’s Words & Music Monday post comes from an author I had the pleasure of meeting at this year’s Olde City, New Blood mini-con. I’m happy to be included in the blog tour for Rosalie Lario’s second book in the Demons of Infernum series, MARK OF THE SYLPH. (Look for it on April 2nd!!)

blog tourWords and Music Monday with Rosalie Lario

Most writers will tell you that music is an integral part of writing. Whether they listen to it or not while writing, music sparks the creative muse. It coaxes our characters into speaking to us, and helps us weave the story thread.

Music is key for me when I’m in the stages of plotting a story. I’ll start off with the very basics of a character: who he is, what he does, and what his objective is. From there I’ll listen to music to help me shape his personality, his drive, the way he treats others.

Once I’m done plotting, I generally stick to white noise to actually write the book. Every author is different, but I’ve found that if I continue to listen to the playlist I’ve created for my characters and story, they’ll keep droning on in my head until I lose all sense of focus. So instead I tend to refer back to the playlist only when I need a boost getting back into the characters’ heads. But still…I can’t imagine the process of writing without the involvement of music.

So, for fun, I thought I’d talk today about the playlist for my newest release, Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum #2), and also offer entry into my release contest which features some awesome prize pack giveaways. First, here’s a blurb:

MotS-500pxHalf-demon Taeg is desperate to free his pregnant sister-in-law, who is spellbound to an indestructible book that will create an army of the undead. He is convinced that an ancient sword can destroy the book and the spell forever, but this relic has been hidden for a millennia by a powerful glamour. The clock begins to run out on his search when an old rival goes after the book and Taeg’s family in his quest for revenge.

Librarian Maya Flores has a secret: she’s immune to magic and is well aware of the supernatural beings prowling the streets of New York City. Haunted by a brutal demon attack that took her family, she is on a one-woman mission to destroy the evil demons who did it—and any others who get in her way.

Maya is Taeg’s best hope for uncovering the sword. Unfortunately, she wants nothing more than to kill him. As he fights for her trust and to save his family, she is forced to face the truth that not all demons are evil. And the worst part? She might be falling in love with one, too.

I tend to group my playlist into theme songs for the main characters and for pivotal scenes within the story. Here they are:

Maya’s Theme Song: Wrong by Depeche Mode; I Want You by Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello (this one is so powerful)

Taeg’s Theme Song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Love Story Theme Song: I Put a Spell on You by Nina Simone (with occasional interludes featuring the Marilyn Manson version of the song); As the World Falls Down by David Bowie (from the awesome movie Labyrinth)

Action Theme Song: Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson (kick-ass!)

I want to thank Jennifer for inviting me here today to talk about my writing playlist. And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter contest below! Here’s where you can find the other stops along the MARK OF THE SYLPH tour, with more chances to enter and win!!

Tour Schedule

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 April 23rd, 2013

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 April 24th, 2013

Once Upon a Twilight

 April 25th, 2013

Passionate Book Divas

 April 25th, 2013

Poisoned Rationality

 April 26th, 2013

Books and Things


Enter To Win!!

Prize Pack Photo3 Prize Packs (3 Winners from within the US) and 1 book retailer gift card worth $20 for an international winner.

Prize Pack Includes:

  •          1 autographed copy of Blood of the Demon (Demons of Infernum #1)
  •          1 autographed copy of Mark of the Sylph (Demons of Infernum #2)
  •          1 autographed copy of For Love of an Angel (Fallen Warriors #1) ~ 35,000 word novella
  •          1 ruby heart angel-wing necklace (like the one worn by the heroine Ruby in Angel’s Kiss, Fallen Warriors #4)
  •          1 nifty double-sided, tasseled bookmark
  •          1 Blood of the Demon refrigerator magnet
  •          Virtual XOXOs from Rosalie (lol…priceless)

INT Giveaway

  • $20 Gift Card to the Book Retailer of Winner’s Choice
  • More virtual love from Rosalie 🙂

rosalieFormally trained as a corporate and real estate lawyer, I practiced law for 5 years before finally admitting to myself that negotiating contracts wasn’t nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. As an avid reader of romances and supernatural stories, I knew I wanted to write urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  Tales of vampires, demons, and other supernatural beings ensued.

I’m currently working on the Demons of Infernum series, a series of paranormal romance novels featuring four sexy half-demon brothers and their reluctant heroines.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son in our home state of Florida, as well as searching out things that go bump in the night. I still haven’t found any, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

If I ever do find evidence of the supernatural, it remains to be seen whether I’ll jump around in excitement, or run screaming in terror (but I’m betting on the latter)!

Find Mark of the Sylph on:



Barnes & Noble

Book Depository


Find Rosalie at:





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Today I get to bring you a new paranormal pairing that I’m really excited about!! Poppy Dennison and Mary Calmes have teamed up for CREATURE FEATURE, releasing tomorrow, March 20th.

CreatureFeatureDiagnosis Wolf by Poppy Dennison

Thanks to his good-for-nothing brother, Andrew Hughes is up to his eyeballs in debt and needs a job fast. When a nursing position opens up in Myerson, Arizona, Andrew has no choice but to take it, despite a warning about how difficult a patient Caleb DiMartino can be. Andrew can deal with a little trouble—but Caleb’s strange family, the armed guards, and the unknown cause of Caleb’s mysterious illness may be beyond his skill set.

Landslide by Mary Calmes

For three years, paranormal courier Frank Corrigan has been working for incubus demon Cael Berith. Cael knows Frank is his mate, but Frank is pretty sure Cael doesn’t even like him, never mind want to spend the rest of his life with him, so their personal relationship is at an impasse. When Frank’s sister, Lindsey, gets bitten by a werewolf she’s sleeping with—and possibly witnesses a murder—Frank rides to her rescue. If he’s lucky, he might just save his love life too.

Big thanks to Poppy, who took some time to share a little about the book.

PoppyDennisonFirst things first… I LOVE the cover of CREATURE FEATURE!!! Was it something you and Mary designed to keep with the “old school monster” idea, or was that a gift from Dreamspinner?

Thanks Jennifer! Mary and I are both thrilled with the cover of Creature Feature. We knew we wanted the cover to look like an old horror movie poster and pitched the idea to Dreamspinner. Our cover artist, Paul Richmond, loved the idea and helped us conceptualize it. We decided to feature Andrew, the character from my novella on the cover, and I think Paul did an amazing job!

Speaking of Mary, how did this collaboration come about?

You know, that’s a great question! I had to ask Mary because I honestly couldn’t even remember. Last year, Mary and I were gabbing about ideas for upcoming work. I’m a HUGE fan of Mary’s paranormal series and we thought it might be fun to do something together. We tossed a few ideas back and forth and decided to do two stories set in the same town, but otherwise our own creations. It was fun to see how different our world building became!

Can you tell us a little more about Andrew, and how he finds himself involved with Caleb?

Andrew is a down on his luck nurse. He’s looking for a job and is taking temporary work as an at-home nurse. He gets a call for a “difficult” patient and soon comes to find out that his mysterious patient is a werewolf! Caleb can’t shift and Andrew sets out to discover what’s causing his illness and how to fix it.

Your other books feature characters who KNOW about the supernatural and are a part of that world. In this book, you get to have a “reveal”. Was that fun, or difficult to write?

It was SO MUCH FUN! I’ve got a couple favorite scenes in the book, and one of them is the scene where Caleb begins to shift for the first time. Andrew, as you can imagine, freaks out! He thinks he’s finally lost his marbles. Want a little sneak peak?

Andrew checked Caleb’s pulse and blood pressure as unobtrusively as he could. Still higher than Andrew wanted to see. Adding the notes to his makeshift chart, Andrew frowned. Both numbers were higher than the day before, and they’d been high enough to cause some concern then. Andrew tapped his pen against the notebook. In any other circumstance, he’d request calling in the doctor at this point. That probably wouldn’t go over well with Alfonse, though.

Caleb groaned and began to curl up on the bed. The muscles in his arm rippled in a way Andrew had never seen before. He ran his hand over Caleb’s bicep and jerked it back when the muscle flexed and bulged under his grip. Caleb’s eyes opened. They glowed. And not in a weird trick-of-the-light kind of way. His eyes were literally glowing. An amber yellow. Andrew took a hurried step back and swore. Caleb reached out his arm and grabbed Andrew by the wrist.

“Holy shit!” Andrew tried to jerk away, but Caleb’s grip tightened. And then claws dug into Andrew’s skin. “Fucking hell!”

Andrew tried to unfurl the claws from his skin, but Caleb squeezed harder.

The door opened, and Alfonse rushed into the room. He growled.

“Fuck me sideways!” Andrew screeched and continued to try to pry his blood-slicked wrist out of Caleb’s hand. The dark pointed nails were embedded in bloody trenches in Andrew’s skin.

Alfonse grabbed Andrew and held him still. “Quiet now,” he muttered against Andrew’s ear. He reached out and grabbed Caleb’s wrist and gave it a quick squeeze. “Caleb. Release him.”

Caleb whimpered, his claws tightening in response to the command. Andrew hissed as blood began to flow more quickly down his arm from the wounds.

“Caleb, don’t make me ask again.” Alfonse’s voice deepened, and Andrew shivered. His tone brooked no disobedience. Caleb released his hold, and Andrew took a few frantic steps back. Alfonse stepped closer to his son and leaned in close. Andrew couldn’t make out the mumbled words, but they didn’t matter.

Is this planned as a standalone story, or might we have more from these two in the future?

At this point, it’s a standalone. You’ll have to see if you can sweet talk Mary into doing round two!

Speaking of your other books, you’ve got book three in your Magic Triad coming out soon. What can we expect in SOUL MAGIC?

Soul Magic is the final book in the Triad trilogy. This one packs a pretty big punch. It continues Simon and Gray’s story from the first two books, but is also the long-awaited book for Cormac. Fans have been after me since the first book to learn more about the mysterious vampire, and I hope I’ve delivered. In this book, we finally discover the identity of the Triad and learn why the attacks have been occurring. We also get a glimpse of the Council of Mages, who are not exactly fans of the decisions Simon has been making. You can expect lots of action and probably a tear or two!

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Any exciting news, any fun facts?

Let’s see…exciting news…well, I’m about to have my very first niece! She’s due right around the time of Soul Magic’s release. I have five nephews so I’m thrilled about having a niece to spoil rotten. Writing wise, I’m super excited to have four books coming out this year. After Creature Feature and Soul Magic, I have another paranormal novella scheduled for this summer. That one is a standalone with an entertainment lawyer/liger as its main character. After that, it’s Wild Magic—a spin off to the Triad series. Nothing better than a crazy busy year!

About Poppy Dennison
A sassy southern lady, Poppy Dennison developed an obsession with things that go bump in the night in her early years
after a barn door flew off its hinges and nearly squashed her. Convinced it was a ghost trying to get her attention, 
she started looking for other strange and mysterious happenings around her. Not satisfied with what she found, 
Poppy has traveled to Greece, Malaysia and England to find inspiration for the burly bears and silver foxes that 
melt her butter. Her love of paranormal continues to flourish nearly thirty years later, and she writes steamy love 
stories about the very things that used to keep her up all night. If her childhood ghost is lucky, maybe one day 
she’ll give him his own happily ever after.

You can find out more about Poppy’s books on her website




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Words & Music Monday with Cassandra Clare

Posted March 18, 2013 By Jennifer


One more day, my lovelies!!! We’re one day away from the release of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS by Cassandra Clare, the conclusion of The Infernal Devices trilogy, and another piece in the whole Shadowhunter Chronicles puzzle. I’m so excited to find out what’s happening with Tessa, Will, Jem, Magnus, and the rest of our crew.

A while back, Cassie posted the playlist for Clockwork Princess on her site. I asked if I could share something here, to help celebrate CLOCKWORK PRINCESS’ release, and she sent me the list, but annotated it with which characters/couples the songs related to. I was excited to get to see the matchups, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Check after the listing for a way you can enter to win a copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS and a signed bookplate from Cassandra! It has to do with a character who DOESN’T MAKE IT through the book!!

cass-clareClockwork Princess playlist (and couples or characters the songs remind me of)

Libertines: Music When the Lights Go Out


Is it cruel or kind
Not to speak my mind
And to lie to you
Rather than hurt you?

And alarm bells ring
When you say your heart still sings
When you’re with me
Oh won’t you please forgive me

Snow Patrol: If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It


And I knew the beat since it matched your own beat
I still remember it from our chest to chest and feet to feet
A fire a fire, you can only take what you can carry
A pulse your pulse, it’s the only thing I can remember
I break you don’t, I was always set to self destruct though
The fire the fire, it cracks and barks like primal music.

Bright Eyes: Perfect Sonnet

Tessa — thinking about all her choices

Lately I’ve been wishing I had only one desire
Something that would make me never want another
Something that would make it so that nothing matters
All would be clear then

Foster the People: I Would Do Anything for You

The Lightwood brothers and their love lives

Every day is a battle I face
Strange life I live
But it’s what you’ve decided
I give it all into your hands
Do what you will with me
And I’ll I smile when you speak
Remember all those times
I was hoping for something?
And shaking my head
From all that I’ve done
But you never left me

Elliot Smith: Alameda

This is really a song about addiction, so I always think of Jem.

Thinking about your friends
How you maintain all them in a constant state of suspense
For your own protection over their affection
Nobody broke your heart
You broke your own because you can’t finish what you start

Cake: Love You Madly

About knowing the people you love. Charlotte and Henry.

I don’t want to hold back
I don’t want to slip down
I don’t want to think back to the one thing that I know I
Should have done

I don’t want to doubt you
Know everything about you
I don’t want to sit across the table from you
Wishing I could run

The Weakerthans: Left and Leaving

Magnus – since his whole life is about leaving and being left by those who die.

My city’s still breathing (but barely it’s true)

Through buildings gone missing like teeth

The sidewalks are watching me think about you

Sparkled with broken glass

I’m back with scars to show

Back with the streets I know

Will never take me anywhere but here

Zero 7: Destiny

Jem and Will – “when I’m weak I draw strength from you.” Brotp!

The journey’s long, and I feel so bad.
I’m thinking back to the last day we had
Old moon fades in to the new
Soon I know I’ll be back with you
I’m nearly with you, I’m nearly with you.

When I’m weak, I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down you breathe life over me
Even though we’re miles apart, we are each other’s

Exit Wounds: The Script


And it hurts so bad
That I search my skin
For the entry point
When love went in
And ricocheted
And bounced around
And left a hole when you walked out

Grizzly Bear: Knife

Gabriel & Gideon Lightwood and their troubled family

I want you to know
When I look in your eyes
With every blow
Comes another lie

clockworkprincessBlock Party: I Still Remember

Will/Tessa/Jem – so many should haves.

And I can see our days are becoming nights.
I could feel your heartbeat across the grass.
We should have run.
I would go with you anywhere.
I should have kissed you by the water

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

Of Montreal: Wraith Pinned to the Mist

Spoilery, but about the conundrum of being immortal when the person you love isn’t

Maybe I’ll never die,

I’ll just keep growing younger with you,

And you’ll grow younger, too.

Now it seems too lovely to be true

But I know the best things always do.

Regina Spektor: All the Rowboats

Jem and his violin 🙂

But the most special are the most lonely,
God, I pity the violins

Passion Pit: The Reeling


And all at once i feel this, oh how it clings to me
it reels and calls me towards it, confounding destiny
and i can feel the madness inch by inch
the more i run the more i am convinced
a color all these like the branches glimpse
just like the saddle in the foggy mist

Yo La Tengo: Tears are In Your Eyes


Although you don’t believe me, you are strong
Darkness always turns into the dawn
And you won’t even remember this for long
When it ends all right

Modest Mouse: Ocean Breathes Salty

This one is about a character who doesn’t make it. 🙂

Your body may be gone, I’m gonna carry you in.
In my head, in my heart, in my soul.
And maybe we’ll get lucky and we’ll both live again.
Well I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Airborne Toxic Event: Wishing Well


So you stand on the corner
Where the angels sit
And you think to yourself,
“This is it, this is it,
This is all that I have
This is all ll I can stand

Sufjan Stevens: Casimir Pulaski Day


In the morning in the winter shade
On the first of March, on the holiday
I thought I saw you breathing

All the glory that the Lord has made
And the complications when I see His face
In the morning in the window

All the glory when He took our place
But He took my shoulders and He shook my face
And He takes and He takes and He takes.


So… can you picture those songs with those characters??? Big thank you to Cassie for sharing her matchups with us!!!

ShadowhuntersandDownworldersNOW… there’s one song listed that’s about a character who DOESN’T MAKE IT through the book!!!! We all know Cassie revels in breaking our hearts almost as much as she does in making them smile. So, lets have a little fun with this before the poor person’s demise. Who do YOU think the song is about??? Comment below with the NAME of the character you think the song is about, and your prize choice ONLY. Please do NOT include any other information about the story or the character… JUST their name. Comments are open for this until midnight EASTERN. This way there’s no chance that people who’ve already read it can enter. The winner will be chosen randomly from all those who guess the correct character. Drawing will be no later than March 23rd, and winner will be notified no later than March 24th. Winner will receive EITHER a print copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS or a print copy of SHADOWHUNTERS AND DOWNWORLDERS and a signed bookplate from Cassandra!!

So… let the speculation begin!! Good Luck!!

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