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Good Monday, my lovelies!!! I’m SO happy to be bringing you this post today, because it means that BREATH, by Jackie Morse Kessler, will be out TOMORROW!!!! Those of you who’ve been with me for a while will KNOW how much I love this series. The Riders of the Apocalypse quartet is full of amazing mythology, beautiful storytelling, and will carve out a place in your heart. They’re DEFINITELY on my MUST READ list. (Check out below how you can win a FULL SET of the quartet, and the gorgeous cover art posters!!)

Today, Jackie gives us a little musical insight into the series narrator, and fourth member of our Riders… Death.

jackiemorsekesslerOn BREATH, Death And Music

Β By Jackie Morse Kessler
One thing about having a main character who looks, sounds and sings like Kurt Cobain: You know that Nirvana will be on the book’s official soundtrack. In the case of BREATH, I specifically name or reference these Nirvana songs (and yeah, okay, some of them are covers, but they’re all on the Unplugged In New York album — which, if you haven’t listened to it or seen the video of the concert, please go do that; it’s cool, I’ll wait).
Oh Me” – This sums up who Death is. Well, sort of. If you squint.
Something In The Way” – With this one, it’s less about the lyrics and more about the moody, foreboding feeling of the music.
Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam” – This is sort of the theme playing when Death and Xander are on the balcony.
All Apologies” – Self-explanatory, I think.
breathe_250But even though Nirvana plays a big role, there are two other songs that hugely influenced me when writing BREATH. The more important of the two is “Snuff” by Slipknot. There’s one line specifically that acted as a springboard for me when coming up with Death’s origin: “Angels lie to keep control.” I heard that, and I was like, YES OMG YES THAT IS SO ABOUT DEATH. I had no idea **how** it was about Death, but it knew that somehow, it was.
The other song is “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin. The entire song speaks to me about Death. Hey, one of the lines is “Leave the lost and dead behind” — how could this not speak to me?
One thing I don’t have is a theme song for Xander. If, after you read BREATH, you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.
And one last plug for the Unplugged in New York album – really, listen to it. Chills. πŸ™‚
coverposterartSo… Thanks to the awesome people behind Jackie’s Rider’s of the Apocalypse series, we have a FULL SET of all 4 books to give away, along with the gorgeous cover art mini posters!! (WOW!!!)
To enter, simply share the link to this post, and comment below that you’ve done it. You can post to twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, goodreads, or your own blog (with credit back to this blog). Any sharing you do is fair game. Comment below (we’re working on the honor system here, folks… so please be sincere) after you’ve shared, and POOF, you’re entered πŸ™‚ And trust me… YOU WANT THIS PRIZE!!!
Winner will be chosen and announced after midnight, pacific, on Tuesday night, April 16th.
And don’t forget to check out the other sites helping celebrate BREATH’s release. The next stop on the release tour is StoryMen.usΒ . You can find all the stops HERE.
Good luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by Lisa Kessler:

    Great post!!! For some reason I have this urge to go listen to Unplugged in New York… Hmmmm…. LOL

    Congratulations on the new release!!!

    Family rocks!!! πŸ˜€


  2. Comment by Jessica Noreault:

    I posted it at Twitter! :3

    This series looks really good, I will need to get it eventually!

  3. Comment by hollybindurham:

    I cannot even begin to express in words how badly I want this set!!!! I’m one of those who’s way more on the A side of YA than the Y side, so I’ve only just come back to YA lit in the past year and a bit. In that time, I’ve heard some AMAZING things about this series! It is, quite simply, EXACTLY what I would have wanted to read when I was actually more Y than A πŸ™‚ And I promise you, when I was actually at the age of the target market for YA lit, they just didn’t have books like these!! That’s one reason I jumped back into YA with both feet at the beginning of last year, because it’s so much different than when I was growing up. So I would love love LOVE to win this set, and I will have my fingers crossed until the contest is over!! And, no matter what, I will read this series very soon. I actually kind of like coming to a series late sometimes because I’m one of those who will gladly read all the books back-to-back – which I can do now that book 4 is out πŸ™‚

    Also, Jackie, I am a HUGE Nirvana fan…that’s one phenomenon that arose when I was at the perfect age to experience it, love it, and watch history being made!!

    Finally, I tweeted about this post! Here’s the URL: https://mobile.twitter.com/hmbryan/status/325066657569570817

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  4. Comment by hollybindurham:

    So, I realized the other day that not one of US who.commented below got our comment in before the stated deadline of midnight Apr 16 (how did I miss that note?!)…does that mean that you just didn’t draw a winner for this tour stop? πŸ™ Oh well, it was still a great post to read, thanks for featuring Jackie and this series!!

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