Review: NIGHT WALKER (Night Series, #1) by Lisa Kessler

NightWalkerTitle: Night Walker (Night Series, #1)
Author: Lisa Kessler
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Pages: 266
ISBN #: 978-1-62061-231-6
Disclaimer: Received book as contest prize.


He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her…

Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.

She’s haunted by dreams of her own death…

After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she’s drawn to him in ways she doesn’t understand.

They’ve waited in the shadows for centuries…

Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies re-emerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he’s ever loved again.

Reincarnation. Blood. Sex. Murder. Those are all the main ingredients to Lisa Kessler’s “Night Walker”, the first book in the Night series, and they make for one amazing vampire story.

The story is about one thing, once you get straight to the heart: true love. Father Gregorio Salvador, in 1775, gives up the priesthood to be with his one true love, a native heathen named Tala, a lovely girl with “the moon in her eyes”; a phrase Gregorio uses to describe the crescent moon in one of Tala’s eyes.

Tala is brutally raped & murdered by one of Gregorio’s fellow priests, and he then chooses to give up the sunlight and his mortality to see her again in another life. Thus, he becomes not a vampire, but a Night Walker, doomed to walk at night and drink the blood of the living to stay alive.

Travel to today. Kate Bradley has just broken up with her cheating finance, and returns home to San Diego to straighten out her life. While at a local church, Mission de Alcala, she meets a sexy, mysterious man named Calisto Terana in the cemetery, to whom she is extremely & unusually attracted to.

When Calisto (Gregorio) sees the moon in Kate’s eyes, he knows that the moment he has waited over two ventures for had come: his Tala lives again.

They could live happily ever after, if not for a few obstacles: Calisto’s overbearing assistant Betty, the disturbing dreams Kate has always had, depicting her death back in 1775, Calisto’s Night Wallet status, and, oh, right, the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo is still looking for Calisto, and well stop at nothing to keep him from turning Kate into a Night Walker herself. And, just who is this Jose that Betty is suddenly infatuated with?

Lisa Kessler penned not just a vampire novel, but one that merges religion, love, un-death, hate, and all the goods and evils of the human soul. If you love dark, sexual, fast-paced vampiric love stories, I highly suggest you pick up this book, and also its sequel “Night Thief”, from the amazingly talented Kessler.


You can find her on her website and on Twitter at @LdyDisney

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