Words & Music Monday (errr… Tuesday) with Kendra Leigh Castle

WordsAndMusicMondayHappy Tuesday, everyone!! I know, I know… this is a Monday feature. But there was a weirdness yesterday, and it’s getting posted today. So put away your calendars and just roll with me, ok? Thanks, lol 🙂

Today’s guest has a slew of awesome books to choose from already, but is celebrating a brand new series debut. THE DEMON’S SONG is the first in a new series by Kendra Leigh Castle, and it looks really, really good. And with a title like that, I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask her to talk music with us. I was THRILLED to find out what the inspiration for her main character was, as it’s a favorite of mine. I’ll share more below…

kendraphotoThe Demon’s Song

By Kendra Leigh Castle

Every time I write a book, there’s at least one song that inspires me, matching up so well with something I’m working on that I end up playing it over and over again. Sometimes it’s a character’s theme song, sometimes it’s part of a general soundtrack. In the case of my new book THE DEMON’S SONG, first in the Hearts of the Fallen series, one particular song set the entire book in motion.

La Malagueña Salerosa is a very old Mexican song that’s been redone many times, though I’d never heard it before stumbling upon the version by a band called Chingon on one of my “wandering around Youtube” nights. Now, I already knew that Phenex, the hero of the story and the former Angel of Song, would be sitting in a vampire club playing guitar and singing, but I was at a loss about the details. I’m such a pantser that I was still piecing together his personality at the time, so I wasn’t sure what he’d favor—Springsteen? Fall Out Boy? What? I hadn’t expected he’d be a flamenco fan, but the second I heard this song, I knew he was, and that he’d have a black acoustic guitar, and that his heroine would be a beautiful Latina. All that from one song, and I don’t even speak Spanish (I was actually a French major for my first two years in college)! Still, it was the perfect starting point for my story about the fallen Angel of Song, a being who grew to resent the ugliness humanity was capable of, so at odds with his music, until he let his wings go from white to black. Now, on the run from Hell and doing mercenary work for Heaven, Phenex is thrown together with the one human woman who might be able to remind him that music isn’t the only thing worth loving.

The Demon's SongIt’s always been interesting to me, how one piece of music can suddenly make a story come together. The Demon’s Song has other music I associate with it…Phenex and Sofia’s love song is In Your Arms by Claire Tchaikowski, for example. But flamenco guitar is at the heart of the story, sexy and sinuous, and perfect for Phenex and Sofia as they begin their own sort of dance. I love looking around for music to inspire me…I never know what I’ll find! And sometimes, a particular song shapes a work like nothing else can. So tell me, what songs inspire you?

Kendra Leigh Castle is the author of numerous paranormal romances, including The Demon’s Song, first in the Hearts of the Fallen series. She lives in Maryland with her family, where she can usually be found wearing ugly pajamas and drinking too much coffee. She can also be found on her website, www.kendraleighcastle.com,as well as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


I was so excited to see that Flamenco was such an inspiration for Phenex in this story. I’ve been a huge fan of Spanish guitar for a long time, and love finding new music in the genre. For the record… my two favorite musicians right now are Jesse Cook (Rattle and Burn) and Ottmar Liebert (Barcelona Nights).

Big thanks to Kendra for sharing some inspiration with us. Now… what do YOU all think of flamenco?? Click the links… take a listen… 🙂

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