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WordsAndMusicMondayHappy Monday, my lovelies!!

You all know how much I love hearing about the songs behind the stories. Today is a special treat, because THE CURSED author, Alyssa Day, is sharing a fun snippet where music ended up right on the page. Here’s a sneak peek from tomorrow’s brand new release, book 1 of the new ‘League of the Black Swan’ series.

0425255778Nothing normal ever happens in Bordertown—the interdimensional fold hidden beneath, behind, and between the streets of Manhattan where the demon, Fae, and human worlds collide. Bike messenger Rio and hot, sexy, immortal wizard Luke realize exactly that when they’re called upon to return an egg to its mother, who just happens to be a duck the size of a city bus. Music plays a crucial part, as you’ll see below:

Excerpt from THE CURSED by Alyssa Day, releasing May 7, 2013!

The duck picked that moment to take another run at her. Rio turned and ran, or at least that’s what she told her body to do. Her feet were stuck in the muck, though, so she managed one step before she fell flat in the crap again.

The actual, literal, crap.

“I’m going to kill you,” she told Luke. “I’m going to kill you slowly, and I’m going to enjoy it. And then I’m going to stand in the middle of a carwash for an hour.”

The duck headed for Luke with murder on her mind.

“I think she has fangs,” Rio shouted.

“She doesn’t have fangs. Ducks don’t even have teeth. Do they?”

The duck slipped in its own mess and fell on its fat feathery butt, and Rio felt triumphantly vindicated.

“Ha! How do you like it?”

“You do realize you’re asking questions of the duck, right?”

Rio sneered at him. “It’s only crazy if I expect the duck to answer.”

Luke hid behind the egg when the duck got to its feet again.

Distract her,” he shouted again.

“Distract her? Distract her? Are you out of your freaking mind? How am I going to distract a duck bigger than a house, when you have her baby in your stupid wizard hands?”

“Try singing,” Luke suggested, as he tried to maneuver the egg the last few feet up and over the edge of the nest.

Rio screamed and waved her arms frantically when the duck began to turn toward Luke again.

“Over here, you sorry excuse for a bird. Your mother has webbed feet. Your father made Donald Duck look smart,” she yelled at it, and then she turned to stare at Luke.

“Sing? Sing what?”

Luke kept pushing the egg, but he started laughing uproariously. “How should I know? Sing something about ducks.”

If she ever got out of this mess alive, she was going to kick a certain wizard’s butt for him. She stood up as tall as she could, threw her arms into the air as if she were conducting an orchestra, and started singing at the top of her lungs.

“Be kind to your fine feathered friends, for a duck may be somebody’s mother,” she belted out, keeping an eye on Luke’s progress.

He very nearly had the egg tipped into the nest.

“Living alone in Bordertown, where it’s always weird and bizarre,” she sang, still at the top of her lungs.

The duck suddenly spread her wings and squawked, blocking Rio’s view of the nest. A horrible sound ratcheted up, almost loud enough to drown out the duck’s quacking, and Rio wondered if the duck had killed Luke. She also wondered if she’d be all that sad about it, right at that exact moment.

She wiped more muck out of her face, still singing, and looked around. Luke had finally levered the egg into the nest, the duck sat happily on top of her progeny, and Luke was standing about a half-dozen feet away from Rio, watching her sing like a fool and laughing his ass off. She did the only thing a woman could do in a situation like that.

She walked up to him and knocked him down on to a particularly nasty, reeking pile of duck shit.

Take that!! And that was John Philip Sousa, baby!”

Then, with every ounce of dignity she could muster, she picked her way out of the park and headed for the nearest car wash, or Niagara Falls, whichever she reached first.

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