Spring Blog Carnival!! *Daisy Chain Story Booth*

carnivalbannerHello, my lovlies!! Spring is in the air, and what better time for a carnival?? THIS carnival, however, you can attend without bugs flying around, the chance of rain, or losing all your coins to those clever-but-impossible crane games. We’ve still got lots of interesting booths to visit, fun activities and challenges, and PRIZES to win!!!

My booth at the 3rd Annual Spring Blog Carnival (hosted by Candace’s Book Blog and Pure Imagination) is a “Daisy Chain Story Booth”. It’s really like a “round robin” style of storytelling. Each commenter will leave ONE sentence that continues the story from the commenter before them. I’ll start with the premise, and give you the first sentence, then… it’s off to the races!!! The idea is to get as creative as you can, while still keeping the storyline connected from one sentence to the next, much like you would daisies in a springtime daisy chain. Please keep in mind, however, that YA blogs are participating, and therefore younger readers may stop in here. I’d love to see some paranormal elements included, and even some romance if the story grows that way, but please keep things PG-13, at most.

To add a bit more fun to the game, my delightful friend Karina Cooper will be stopping in from time to time, to add sentences!! And all of YOU who comment will get a chance to win one book in Karina’s Dark Mission Novels or her St. Croix Chronicles. In addition, the winner will also win the lovely daisy chain bracelet shown here…


You can leave as many sentences as you like… but only one per comment, and please, no back to back commenting. Snag your friends to play along, or just build off the random commenter before you. Each sentence will give you one entry to win a Karina Cooper book of choice and the bracelet. Contest starts now, and ends at the close of the carnival on May 12th.

Thank you all for stopping by my booth… be sure to check out the rest of the booths in this funtastic blog hop for more activities and prizes:

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To begin our “Daisy Chain Story”…

The grass in the meadow crinkled under the heavy boots of the hunter, daisies grinding to a flowery mash as she made her way to the entrance of the carnival.


  1. Comment by Karina Cooper:

    The needle-sharp fragrance of crushed petals did little to combat the stench of fried bread, exhaust from choking, laboring motors, and the faint tang of vomit from one too many extreme ride patrons heaving into whatever garbage can was closest.

    (What, and leave this on a HAPPY note? Perish the thought! Have fun, everyone. 🙂 )

  2. Comment by June M.:

    The scents of the carnival –foods, drinks, other people–did little to mask the smell of her prey.

    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  3. Comment by delilah:

    The first one that caught her eye was a willowy teen girl draped over a carousel horse as if she wished to be anywhere else, as if she were constantly waiting for someone to arrive who never actually arrived.

  4. Comment by Tara Augustyn:

    She approached her slowly. Running the simple human dialouge she would use through her head before she made her move.

  5. Comment by livvvy75:

    As she drew nearer, the girl’s head snapped up, her warm topaz eyes meeting my own.

  6. Comment by bn100:

    As quickly as the girl’s head snapped up, it quickly snapped back down.

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. Comment by Annie:

    I blinked twice, the jolts of electric adrenaline pushing me toward movement and I felt my solid muscles contracting until the same stench of crushed petals broke through my concentration and my entire being focused to the pungent smell to my left.

  8. Comment by Karina:

    That wasn’t the typical carnival smell—that wasn’t even a typical non-carnival smell, not unless the nature of fun had changed drastically.

  9. Comment by Aly P:

    As soon as I turned toward it, I felt something appear at my back.

  10. Comment by Mary Preston:

    Now I could sense the menace on all sides. No hope of a rescue from outside. It would all come down to how much I wanted to live & what I was prepared to do!!

  11. Comment by mikilectureaventure:

    I shouldn’t have come so unprepared…i was feeling the tension building while frantically searching my purse so something useful


  12. Comment by mikilectureaventure:

    oups ” searching my purse FOR something useful.” ( english isn’t my native langage^^;;)

  13. Comment by Karina:

    Gum? No. Paper clip? No. Ah-ha! Found it—my military-grade mace, about three shades of illegal and banned for civvies. I may be a hunter, but even I couldn’t take on this many in one go.

  14. Comment by Sarah Kalaitzidis:

    Suddenly a hand came up behind me and was placed over my mouth “I was looking for you” the voice said low and i knew right away who it was.

  15. Comment by Sarah Kalaitzidis:


  16. Comment by Ashfa Anwer:

    I spun around, my heart thudding with fear, my eyes wide open with shock. ” No it can’t be Him, not him…..”

  17. Comment by Katie:

    When I spun around, I found myself looking into those dark, beautiful eyes that I had once thought lost.

  18. Comment by thebooklass:

    At that moment he meant the world to me. Nothing was going to tear us apart.

  19. Comment by BookAttict:

    As his eyes began to change and his fangs lengthened he whispered, “I’m not sure whether I want to kill you or kiss you.”

  20. Comment by Aly P:

    I recovered quickly and replayed acerbically “I am not so sure either after what you put me through!”

  21. Comment by Anubha:

    He stealthily glided her and dramatically spun her in his arms

  22. Comment by Anubha:

    Edit: He stealthily glided towards her and spun her dramatically in his arms

  23. Comment by Kristina:

    He leaned in and she felt his hot breath on her neck.

  24. Comment by Tiffany Horton:

    “I’ve missed you” he muttered, and in that moment she felt her heart stop.

  25. Comment by Karina:

    “Yeah, well, your aim sucks,” she muttered, but her stubbornness was melting away—like it always did where he was concerned.

  26. Comment by Giaochau:

    She trips over the crumpled can of soda into what seemed like a warm wall, but when she looked up grey eyes stared back at her.

  27. Comment by utauhoshii:

    She recognized those eyes. She actually loved them, didn’t she? But somehow, something frightens her. Why? I mean he is…

  28. Comment by utauhoshii:

    Sorry, forgot the rule….

    “She recognized the eyes, well, she actually loves them but they still frightens her.”

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