Review: REVENGE by Gabrielle Faust & Solomon Schneider

13495271Authors: Gabrielle Foust & Solomon Schneider
Release Date: January 12, 2012
Pages: 264
ISBN #: 978-1935460398

This novel falls under the category of “urban fantasy”, as there is not much romance but certainly a lot of fantasy and paranormal elements. Very enjoyable!

“Revenge” by Gabrielle Faust & her co-author, Solomon Schneider, is one popular novel! Its fan include “dark” celebrities such as Zak Bagans of TV’s “Ghost Adventures” and Michael Vampire, mastermind behind the metal band Vampires Everywhere. It was Vampire, in fact, who first recommended her work to me a year ago. I knew Ms. Faust was good, but I had no idea what journey I would be taken on as I read about Marcus Glenfield’s REGRETFUL descent into depression, murder and, eventually, suicide.

Since suicide is a sin, Marcus finds himself in Hell, replacing Desiderium as the Demon of Regret. When he returns to Earth, he finds that Lucifer’s second-in-command, Belial, plans to take his human fiancée, Brenda, as his Unholy wife, Marcus loses his demonic composure and winds up punished in the deepest depths of Hell… until he is mysteriously rescued by a little girl and a human man with a reptilian claw, forged in his many battles in the very land they are trying to claim as their own: Purgatory. Angelee, the child, is no ordinary nine year old, however: she is the kidnapped daughter of Brenda and Belial! “Revenge” is horror fantasy unlike anything you will ever read, as you learn that Shakespeare was on the right track when he asked Horatio if there was more than Heaven & Earth in his philosophy. The reader of this novel finds out there is a whole lot more: Purgatory, Hell & its Legions, the Archangels’ quarters just outside Heaven’s Gates & a mysterious King and Queen who want to create a plane of existence all their own.

In short, this novel is unique, gripping and one of the best pieces of modern literature I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I give it 5 stars! More from Ms. Faust can be found here: More from Mr. Schneider can be found here:


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