Review: A MATCH MADE IN HELL (Nicky Styx, #2) by Terri Garey

matchmadeinhellAuthor: Terri Garey
Release Date: June 24, 2008
Pages: 373
ISBN #: 9780061136160
FTC Disclaimer: Book was purchased by reviewer with no publisher or author involvement.
Twenty-something, Goth/vintage bad gal Nicki Styx has a hot doctor boyfriend, a great business, awesome best friend, sees ghosts and helps disgruntled spirits cross over into the other side (while trying not to make herself look like a fool or mental hospital escapee to living humans) and she was adopted in her hometown of Atlanta, GA. Out of all those things, the one that might come to bite her in the ass the hardest is the fact that she was adopted…and that her boyfriend, Joe Bascombe, is actually in legal separation from his wife, who is off in the Peace Corps., saving the world. What do those two things have to do with each other? Maybe everything.
Nicki’s first customer in her vintage clothing shop is a ghost–a Southern lady who begs her to find the site of her car crash and rescue her daughter, whom she believes is still alive. When Dr. Joe arrives on scene, it isn’t the bloody mangled mess in the car that shocks Nicki, it’s his admission: the unconscious woman she saved? It was his ex wife…and her long-lost twin sister.
Nicki unlocks more than just family secrets as she gets to know her plain Jane sister, Kelly–she unlocks Hell itself when sexy Sammy opens a store across the street from hers. She spurns his advances (even though the Billy Idol look-alike is sexy as all Hell) and realizes what she’s getting into when a spirit she refuses to help follows her to her and Kelly’s grandmother’s house in Savannah. (…Or would that be grandfather…?) Sammy follows, too, and Nicki learns that whatever Samael wants, Samael gets…even if it costs her her love, her new-found family…and even her own life.
A Match Made In Hell took up more of a sexual bent, but it also upped the ante for being scared out of my wits and also succeeded in breaking my heart more times than I can count in all of its pages. I am usually not a fan of stories involving Satan, so I was worried this might take on a Satanic bent rather than simply remaining paranormal, but the morals in this story and the strength of the characters made my worries dissipate.
There is family drama, love drama, ex drama, ghost drama, demon drama and a lot of personal crises of faith in yourself and faith in humankind overall. This is a drama, made light by Nicki’s witty attitude and the sexual playfulness between her and Joe.
Kelly is a great character and gives a little spice with her ghost-hunting boyfriend, Spider (who probably watched too many Ghost Adventures marathons on Netflix!) and of course we can’t forget Grandma Bijou…the most eccentric and delightful of them all.
Nicki is a great heroine and needs no knight in shining armor to rescue her, and Sammy is the most delightfully delicious villain I have ever read about.
If you like a little darkness in your romance, pick up this book and you won’t regret a single second of time spent.

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