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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a review of VAMPIRES & COWBOYS, by Hank Edwards. Today, Hank’s got a new release (non-paranormal, ROUGHED UP) and I thought we’d take a few minutes to get to know him just a little bit better. Thanks to Hank for taking time to answer our standard “author intro” questions.

HankEdwards_author_p_lr-210x3151)     When you write, do you prefer quiet, or do you listen to music? If you like music playing, what is your preferred genre? Do certain characters have their own personal “soundtrack”?

I am an interesting breed of writer in that my preference for music changes by the week/day/hour. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Anyway, I do enjoy listening to music, and it’s usually film scores. Songs with words can be distracting to me as I’m trying to conjure up words of my own. My favorite playlists are the Star Wars soundtracks as well as Jurassic Parks (such driving tempos!), and lately it’s been the music from spaghetti westerns as I work on my Venom Valley series. Never really thought of character soundtracks, but each book has a different energy, so I try to choose music appropriate to what I’m writing.

2)     Where do you write? In an office, at the dining room table, at a local coffeeshop? Do you prefer to write alone or with a group? If you write with a group, do you also read/critique each other’s work?

I write mostly in my home office on a desktop iMac, but sometimes I bust out the laptop and sit on the living room sofa, where one or both of my cats usually joins me. I mostly write alone, but have participated in sprints with my online writer family, the Story Orgy. We’ve been together as a group for over two years now, and just this year stopped posting free reads to our blogs every Monday (it got to be quite a lot of writing!). We still hang out and talk on Facebook in our private group, and post to our group Story Orgy blog as well.

3)     How do you prepare for release day? Are you calm and focused, or do you get stressed? Do you like to make promotional appearances or stay at home to watch lists and numbers?

I’m pretty calm about release day, but it is exciting. The energy leading up to the release is a lot of fun, and I like planning the promotional materials with my partner, who is a graphics genius. I like promotional appearances, but really don’t have the sales numbers for that, yet. For now I post on blogs and keep the chatter up on social media.

4)     What was your favorite Halloween costume (or other costume party costume)?

Years and years ago, in the late 70s (yes, I am that old), my Mother and sisters made me a Great White shark costume because I was obsessed with the movie Jaws. It was great, and I got a lot of comments and photos as I went trick or treating. Couldn’t see crap through the thing, but it was awesome.RoughedUp_coverlg

5)     If you could go anywhere on vacation (and not interfere with your deadlines), where would you go, and what 3 items (besides food and clothes) would you bring with you?

I would go to Greece and cruise around all the islands. That is my big dream vacation. As for three items, I’d have to take my iPad for reading, camera, of course, and sun block because I am a pale skinned red head who burns like Vesuvius if I’m in the sun too long.

6)     What song best describes your life? If you can’t think of one, who would you want to write/perform a song just for you?

Best song to describe my life is “Don’t Stop Believin’” because I love the song, and I try to stay optimistic. It’s tough sometimes, but I’ve been very lucky in my life, and I like to remember the good things rather than the bad.

I would love for Mary Chapin Carpenter to write / perform a song just for me. She’s got an amazing voice and such a beautiful way with words. Love her.

7)     If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would be it and what would you do all day?

Sir Gerard Fogg from “Destiny’s Bastard.” I fell head over heels in love with that man as I wrote him. He is sexy and loyal and brave and strong and sensitive and a knight in the king’s royal army from 1456 England. I would ask him all about medieval England in between sweaty wrestling matches. Whew! That man.

8)     What world record would you love to set for the Guinness Book of World Records? (Remember, they take ALL KINDS of interesting talents into account. Some world records include *fastest 100m sprint, barefoot, on ice = 17.35 secs… *fastest pumpkin carving of a face = 24.03 secs… *longest distance pogo stick jumping = 23.11 miles)

Fastest selling book to make it to the top of the NY Times bestseller list. Imagine that!

9)     If you could have one word removed from the English language, from all dictionaries and out of everyone’s vocabulary, what would it be, and why? If you could ADD one word, what would it be?

I would remove IMPOSSIBLE because it limits people’s dreams and thinking.

I would ADD romantilicious to describe a hot, romantic, caring man.

Cowboys & Vampires Cover10)  What is one thing about you that your friends know and you would love your readers to know as well. Or… if you’re in a giving mood… what is one story that your friends LOVE to talk you into telling that you don’t generally volunteer?

When I was two or two and a half, my two older sisters decided to play catch with me off the front porch of our family’s house. One of them TRIED to toss me to the other over a PRICKER bush but I didn’t fly very far, fell straight down and banged the back of my head on the concrete porch as I went down into the pricker bush where I remembered seeing SPIDERS!!! I can remember very vividly sitting on the damp ground screaming because I knew the spiders were going to come get me. I had a huge goose egg on the back of my head for days, and I think that’s the reason I’m a writer today… it knocked something loose inside my head. 🙂

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