Review: DEATH’S HAND (Decent, #1) by S M Reine

Urban FantasyAuthor: S M Reine
Release Date: October 21, 2011
Pages: 258
ISBN #: 9781467977517
FTC Disclaimer: Book was a free download, obtained with no publisher or author involvement.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again–whenever I read a new book by a new author I am ravaged with skepticism and a sinking feeling I will hate what I read. I need to learn to stop thinking that way!

I found Death’s Hand by SM Reine as a free download, and realized the rest of The Descent series was also available in ebook. I downloaded all three novels, meaning to read and review them one-by-one, provided I found the first novel worthwhile. The description said it was about a female demon hunter and those who know me know I love anything to do with humans battling demons and angels (if you’re a fan of the TV show Supernatural on the CW Network, this novel is for you, by the way!), so I figured it had to be inventive, to say the least. I just hoped it wasn’t simply about a hot girl going around in skintight, skimpy leather clothing, chopping heads off and getting laid by demons and humans!
It began with a story of a flashback of the male lead, high priest of a coven James Faulkner, finding the female lead, demon-hunter Elise Kavanagh, in the middle of a field full of twelve dead angels, freezing and on the brink of death, so he rescues her out of loyalty to her parents, who were very high-ranking demon hunters themselves.
That began their bond, even though Elise hated the idea of trusting anyone when she was seventeen, and they became partners in crime, so to speak, hunting demons and casting spells. Elise became the top exorcist in all of the witch community, saving souls all over the world. In time, they bonded to each other, becoming kopis (Elise) and apis (James) [sword and shield]. Their bond made fighting evil that much easier because they could combine their powers to stop anything…well, nearly anything.
After a battle with the Goddess of Death (AKA Death’s Hand, one of the most powerful hellborn demons) where she nearly dies, Elise decides to retire from hunting and James agrees, thinking it will be nice to be “normal”–he could run his coven in one place and not worry about where he would sleep the next night or where his next meal was coming from.
But then a coven member’s daughter becomes possessed and Elise must exorcise her or leave a five-year-old to die and remain a demon’s vessel for eternity.
But there is no such thing as a run of the mill, easy exorcism, is there? The Death’s Hand is back…this time not for her, but to find her true vessel: the most powerful witch in the world. With one kindhearted move, Elise goes from retired to active in the blink of an eye, when all she really wants is to work out with her roommate Betty and test the waters of love with her new boyfriend, Anthony.
But whether or not she fights, Elise may very well wind up losing the most important person in the world to her.
Death’s Hand is a truly amazing novel, one I could not put down once I began reading. From honest, believable characters (Especially Elise and Anthony), to mentions of the Night Hag and her nightmares, fiends and demons, possessions of live humans and corpses alike and a heavy dose of action, this novel was a page-turner!
There was a little romance, obviously, but it took a backseat to friendship and the paranormal and occult. Elise’s budding relationship with her neighbor Anthony makes for a great sub-plot, but it is the devotion and loyalty that Anthony shows her when he finds out she is an exorcist and demon-hunter that makes this bit of tenderness in a tough novel so wonderful to read.
If you like tough female leads, witchcraft, demons, possessions and raw emotions all wrapped up into one exciting, bloody package, this is the book for you!
You can read an excerpt from DEATH’s HAND on S M Reine’s webite, HERE.
You can download this book, the first in the Decent series, for free HERE.


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