Rec My Weekend #4 – THE SUBMISSIVE


Rec My Weekend is a new weekend feature here. A new way for me to share something I’ve discovered this week, or an old favorite. And a way for YOU to help me increase my already-taller-than-me “to be read” pile. Because, really, there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY BOOKS!! Feel free to share your “Rec My Weekend” recs in the comments below! And if you’re a blogger who’d like to join in… there’s a linky link tool below.

The_Submissive_featureThis week’s rec is a story I read and LOVED online, that has happily made it’s way to my bookshelf!! Tara Sue Me’s THE SUBMISSIVE was a story unlike anything I’d ever read, and it completely captivated me. I’m not much of contemporary romance reader, and even less of an erotica reader. Of course, I have read both, with varying degrees of interest and enjoyment. THE SUBMISSIVE is the first part of a trilogy, told from the Abby’s point of view. Book two, THE DOMINATE, is told from Nathaniel’s point of view. And the final book, THE TRAINING, continues from the ending of these, and finishes out their story. As you might have guess from the titles, the story also involves a sub/Dom relationship. That kind of relationship is not part of my lifestyle, but this series creates such a clear picture of how it can work for some couples. It’s an emotional, compelling story about two people who work to make their relationship exactly what they need it to be, and how they’re BOTH stronger for it.

When this book came into my store (I work at Books-A-Million) this week, not only did I snatch up the first copy, but I sold the other copies we had (a measly 4!!) before the end of the day. I love, love, love this story, and I just HAD to make it my rec this weekend. As an added bonus, Tara will be at the Book Bash author signing in Orlando in a few weeks, so I’ll get to fangirl her IN PERSON!! (Fair warning, my dear, I have a tacklehug with your name on it!!) If you’d like to check out a sample, Tara has an excerpt available on her website, HERE!

So… I’m all ears, guys… what are YOU all reading and rec’ing this weekend??? And do you think you’ll be adding THE SUBMISSIVE to your TBR?

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