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I’m tickled to have this week’s author, Sara Humphreys, with us. Not only does she have some awesome shifter books out (with a vamp series coming later this year), but she’ll be one of the featured authors at next year’s Coastal Magic Convention!! Now we’ll get to see a little of what inspires her stories.

SaraHumphreysMusic to Spark the Muse

by Sara Humphreys

I love music. It can stir the soul and spark all kinds of images in the mind. The right song can whisk me away to far off places, times long past or fantasies of the future. As a writer, I find music to be a great source of inspiration both while writing and while thinking about writing. Actually, since I’ve started writing for a living, I realize that a good deal of time is actually thinking about what I want to write. However, the kind of music I listen to while actually writing is not the same as when I’m thinking about writing.

I have one word for you. Lyrics.

I can’t listen to music with lyrics when I’m actually writing because it pulls me out of the story. It’s too tempting to sing a long and have my own private karaoke party. So, when I’m in the chair at the computer, I can only listen to instrumentals. Instrumental music is great because it sets the mood and surrounds me in a way that allows me to totally fall into my story.  I find Pandora to be the best resource. I have two channels in particular that are my “go to” stations.

If I’m writing love scenes, then it’s the New Age Instrumental channel, which is super mellow and blends into the background.

If I’m writing a fight or battle scene then I tune in to the Rock Instrumental channel. It gets me fired up and provides that same cocoon from the world.

However, if I’m thinking about writing then I love to listen to songs with lyrics. For each book, I create a soundtrack that reflects the relationship between the hero and the heroine.

UNDONE, the fourth Amoveo Legend novel, is Pete Castro and Marianna Coltari’s story. These two are a combustible pair and butt heads from minute one. Pete is human and he knows all about the Amoveo. He works for Marinna’s brother and much to his dismay, has been assigned to protect Marianna from the Purist Amoveo. Marianna is a pureblood Amoveo from the Bear Clan who doesn’t want a human babysitting her. She has no desire to be involved in the civil war brewing between Purists, Amoveo who want the race free of human blood, and the Loyalists, Amoveo who believe their race must evolve and mate with humans or risk extinction.

UndoneHere’s their soundtrack:

That Kesha song is the one I had on repeat. The opening scene of UNDONE is in a nightclub, which is owned and operated by vampires. Marianna hides out there because while the Amoveo and vamps have a truce, it’s always touchy at best. However, her best friend, Olivia Hollingsworth owns the club and is the head of an all female vampire coven. So what better place to have fun and try to avoid overbearing Amoveo men?

I should mention that UNDONE is a crossover book, which introduces my vampires in NYC. The vamps get their own series starting this summer with TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE.  It’s the first book in the Dead in the City series and it comes out in August. The soundtrack for that book is much grittier than any of my Amoveo books…but then again…so in New York City. The first book is Olivia’s love story and since readers get to meet her in UNDONE, I hope they’ll check out her book in August.

TallDarkAndVampireHere’s the soundtrack for TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE:

How about you? Does music inspire you? Leave a comment and one person will win an audio version of UNLEASHED (Book #1 Amoveo Legend) Contest open now, until Sunday night (6/16) at midnight, pacific. Please leave your name and email in your comment. Winner will be notified on Monday, 6/17. Good Luck, everyone!!

Dream on….

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  1. Comment by Sara:

    Thanks for hosting me today 🙂

  2. Comment by Phyllis Marshall:

    I love the choice of songs for each of your books, Sara, but especially for TDV!! They really speak to the feel of the entire book in my humble opinion. Music is integral in the creative process as it lets our imagination take flight. It can bring a scene to life as you envision your characters either seducing each other, making love, fighting or contemplating!

    Off to share this!

  3. Comment by Sara:

    Thanks so much, Phyllis xx You’re the best 🙂

  4. Comment by bn100:

    Sometimes it does

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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