Review: YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I HAUNT (Nicki Styx, #3) by Terri Garey

3474915Author: Terri Garey
Release Date: February 4, 2009
Pages: 372
ISBN #: 9780061582035
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Another Nicki Styx book meant another trip to Borders for me in 2009…
When the reader last left Nicki Styx she was dealing with being able to see spirits and help them cross over, having a new boyfriend, meeting her long-lost twin sister who is also her boyfriend’s ex-wife all while running her own business and fighting off the sexual advances of Sammy Divine, AKA Samael, AKA The Devil…and her grandfather, who is also her grandmother. That’s a lot for a twenty-something Goth/vintage gal to deal with, but, to top it all off, she has a new paranormal phenomena to deal with: possession, in Terri Garey’s third novel, You’re The One That I Haunt.
While having coffee with Dr. Joe Bascombe Nicki see’s a malnourished young woman giving her sexy boyfriend the Eye but, when the girl approaches the table and begins threatening Joe’s life and proclaiming that he killed her, Nicki knows that this isn’t just a case of a jealous girl. This is the case of a very angry spirit.
But Nicki has dealt with angry ghosts and even angrier still living humans, and she can’t bother herself to be anything more than pissed off…until Sammy shows his chiseled face again at the scene, filming a “commercial” for his vintage record store, Divinyls, and catching Nicki and Joe off guard. So off guard, in fact, Nicki experiences something she had only thought was possible in the movies: Crystal Cowart–the ghost–enters her body, possessing her like The Exorcist. But, instead of spewing pea soup from her mouth, Crystal makes Nicki announce to all of Atlanta that she can see spirits and now Nicki has to deal with humans coming to her in need of help!
What is Sammy planning? And how is Crystal and her possession going to affect Nicki and her weak heart valve, the cause of all of her problems in the first place?
I admit, I didn’t like this one as much as the first two Nicki Styx novels, but I honestly can’t explain why. This novel dealt with life, death, Heaven, Hell, possession, love and even sexual assault. Nicki is forced to deal with her temptation and make sure that she doesn’t lose, not only Joe, but her own life in the process of getting Crystal to cross over into the Light, and it all made for excellent entertainment.
What I liked most about this novel was the commentary on the hypocritical life of people who claim to be devoutly with the Lord and yet turn around and do unspeakable things. You get a look inside of a troubled mind when Crystal opens up to Nicki and when Crystal’s actions and her family’s lawsuit forces Joe to take “leave” from his job as an ER doctor.
The romance and sexual desire between Nicki and Joe and Nicki and Sammy is still there but it takes a backseat to the psychological drama in this book. With a drug-addicted, anorexic ghost, humans missing their lost loved ones and Nicki trying to help the Cowart family get over their grief so that Joe can have his job back, one can forget that this is filed under paranormal ROMANCE…until Terri Garey decides to describe Joe’s abs or Sammy’s strong thighs.
I refuse to give away the ending, but I will say two things: it was unexpected and it literally begs for a sequel!

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