Review: THE DARKEST GATE (Descent Series, #2) by S M Reine

dg-webAuthor: S M Reine
Release Date: May 4, 2012
Pages: 322
ISBN #: 1230000118943
FTC Disclaimer: Book was purchased by the reviewer, with no publisher or author involvement.

After reading Death’s Hand by SM Reine, I knew I had to read the rest of The Descent series, so I downloaded the next novel depicting Elise Kavanagh’s adventures in being a kopis: The Darkest Gate.

During the last novel, we were told bits and pieces of how Elise and her aspis, James Faulkner, met–she had been lying unconscious in a cold, rural place in Russia, surrounded by twelve dead angels when she was sixteen–and she and James became reluctant allies.
We also heard about the strange tattoo-like symbols on both of Elise’s palms. She wore gloves 24/7/365 so as not to keep them exposed whatsoever for human, demon or angel eyes to see. In this novel, what those symbols represent, how she got them and why she was in a field with a dozen angels are all revealed to us.
The novel splits between 2009 and 1999, coalescing around another kopis and aspis duo–Mr. Black and his witch, Alain. In 1999 he pays Elise, the greatest kopis in the world, an unimaginable sum of money to retrieve a bowl for him from an underground chamber that very few but Elise herself can enter. James doesn’t want her to do it, but they need the money to survive, as being demon hunters and spell-casters doesn’t exactly pay the bills.
It was the biggest mistake of her life because, after Mr. Black tries opening a forbidden gate, He gets wind of Elise again for the first time since she was sixteen. Who is He? We learnt that He is Whom Elise has been hiding from (and the angels), but that is all we know outright. The novel leaves the reader to guess for quite a while, though I must admit the options are slim to decide who this mysterious being is.
In 1999, Elise and James stop Mr. Black from opening the gate, and believe they have killed him.
He and his witch lived, and now he wants to use Elise again, or kill everyone she knows and cares about–James, her roommate Betty and her boyfriend, Anthony, to start. Not to mention ruin her accounting business and make her life a living Hell.
So what does Elise do? Side with him…or an even greater enemy?
This novel takes things to a whole new level, revealing mysteries that Ms. Reine had given to us in Death’s Hand, and creates yet more intriguing plots and subplots in this novel. New characters are introduced and we get to meet the much-hyped about Night Hag face-to-face. New characters are introduced (like the gorgeous yet mysteriously dangerous Thom) and we learn so much about old characters, as well.
Relationships are tested–James and his girlfriend, Stephanie; James and Elise; Elise and Anthony; Elise and Betty–and secrets about why Elise won’t ever “settle down” into a “normal” life with Anthony or any other man are learned.
This novel, like the last, is about the never-ending battle between Good and Evil and, like the previous one as well, leaves us in a cliffhanger until the next installment in the series.
I wish I could go on and on, but I cannot permit myself to give any more spoilers than I already have!
For the official blurb, and an excerpt of THE DARKEST GATE… visit S M Reine’s site HERE!!


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